Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) review

16 June 2018
'A's and 'J's, unite! We have for review the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) which takes the A8's camera and rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and fits them in a J5 (2017)-like aluminum body.

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  • Jo

I love Samsung A6! I don't have any problem using it. It has long battery life and the camera is the best. It's not lagging also don't have problem playing games on this phone, never over heat yet while playing games. I download many apps too. The price really worth it.. I don't know why others feel triggered with the Samsung brand's price. Thank you for this Smartphone i enjoy using it.

  • Dunder

I cannot understand how Samsung can hope sell this expensive pile of crap.

  • Anonymous

Nice mobile phone!

  • Mbolie Nhankert

so yu mean galaxy a5 2017 it's better than A6 2018? ??


sam-seng, 07 Aug 2018Why got notch at the back cover. Its look weird and are antenna line's!! notch? wath are you talking about?

  • Mike D

When I was still deciding which unit to get given my budget and research, it was whether to choose Huawei or Samsung. I decided to go with Samsung, in particular Samsung A6 (2018).

A6 has a great design and size for my purpose (mainly for calls and emails, no games at all).

Comparable Huawei units at the price of Samsung A6 (which is about USD 271 as of July 2018 for the 32GB variant in the Philippines) for me just don't feel right. My personal preference is that -- should be around 5.5" in screen size, should not indicate brand name at the front, and finger sensor should be at the back. At the mid-range level, this is not possible with Huawei.

On to Samsung A6, I noticed that it feels slower than my old Huawei GR3 2017 (AKA P8 Lite) which for me has a snappier UI. I just addressed this in my A6 by doing the following steps including among others:

- removing/ disabling Samsung bloatware
- removing widgets at the home page (I think this consumes some memory and battery power)
- minimising the fading effects in transitions by turning on the Developer Options in the Settings, and setting the "Window animation scale" and "Transition animation scale" to 0.5x

After the above (among other streamlining steps), my Samsung A6 now feels snappier/ faster. Nonetheless, I still prefer the Huawei UI in general.

  • sam-seng

Why got notch at the back cover. Its look weird and cheap.

  • Daniel Kip

The worst phone I have ever bought on this price. No notification lights, charging lights etc. Useless...

  • Riz

How about the battery life?

  • Anonymous

Y samsung is committing mistake?
Y didn't they keep fast charging in A6???

  • Anonymous

Gujjar, 23 Jun 2018I want to buy galaxy A6 but i'm confused with it that rathe... morea5 2017 is better if you ask me
you can get fast charging as well as ip68 protection
it looks premium too compare to the a6

Gujjar, 23 Jun 2018I want to buy galaxy A6 but i'm confused with it that rathe... moreAfter using it in a store I found that you can't hard press to use the navigation keys but they give haptic feedback when pressed.

  • Gujjar

I want to buy galaxy A6 but i'm confused with it that rather i buy A6 or galaxy A5 2017 because it has premium look and fast charhing and water resistent please help me.

  • Cawo

It unfortunatelly does not have haptic feedback for navigation keys.

  • red

Hi Guys, Anyone know how to make this phone open line to all networks.


  • Anonymous

Gandalfdenvite, 18 Jun 20185.6-inch but only 720p, that is not ok!Mali t830 mp1 can't run well on 1080 they should have at least made the gpu mp3or 4

  • Techno Proxy

Owesome phone in budget...
Battery life is better...
Camera also better....

  • from zero to hero

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2018My eyes care.That was a sarcasm, you know in 2018, 300 (or 250) euros and HD+..
Then again, S8, maybe is little older, but that last year flagship have way better resolution than HD+ (if you set) and for similar price. If is a Samsung branding a must have on phone.
Even S9 is 400-450 euros only, now.
This is a good low end device for 2018, just price is maybe to high (150-180 euros is more apeling).

  • The objective Guy

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2018Just wondering what the use of A serious of Samsung since t... moreAlthough I would not recommend this phone to anyone, I know the phones you mention are not priced the same across the world, therefore you can't always expect to get let's say an S8 for the same price as an A8 (2018).
In the US this is possible because lots of high end phones are sold through carriers and rebates are still a thing, you can pick mint shape iPhone 7 for 350 USD or a mint shape S8 for around 400.
No way I'd recommend an S7 these days. Most of these phones have a tired battery (unless you purchase a new one, which won't be that cheap after all) and are nearing the end of the road for updates. I'd gladky pick an A5 or A7 from last year or maybe a regular A8 though, those enjoy great SW support from Samsung and are not that expensive anymore. Of course there are lots of value priced options from other brands that are worth looking for

  • Anonymous

from zero to hero, 18 Jun 2018Me Is not that bad phone, design is also ok, here is 240 ... moreMy eyes care.