Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) review

16 June 2018
'A's and 'J's, unite! We have for review the Samsung Galaxy A6 (2018) which takes the A8's camera and rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and fits them in a J5 (2017)-like aluminum body.

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Let me sum up the conclusion: This smartphone isn't suited for people who wants an upgrade, especially on the performance department. So to those people using older J series smartphones with EXYNOS 7870, if u want to find an upgrade, it is time to move on to another brand. Clearly, the best brands to choose low-end and mid-end smartphones are HUAWEI, XIAOMI, NOKIA and Motorola or even Sony too (Do tell me if I didn't mention some other brands). Pretty much, those who still wants to stick with SAMSUNG's budget smartphones with the same EXYNOS 7870 are those who just want to upgrade on the looks, that's all

  • Mr. Extreme

Still overpriced for its own sake. Usual Samsung midranger.

Just because of the GPU, DOA even for midrange.

  • Techy you

You guys are super biased with other phone manufacturers
For others you have a rating like maximum 3.5 or 4 stars but for Samsung you have nowhere mentioned it
Very partial review..... as always

  • Rao N

With this specs price is on higher side
SD soc 636 models are available for more or less same price or even lesser price. Samsung should think it seriously and also take the competition more seriously from Honor and oppo vivo Lenovo

  • Anonymous

better buy s7

So my sentence still lives on with this device.
"I only care on Samsung's flagships, not their midrange trash phones."

  • Anonymous

Exynos 7870, what a epic failure

  • Nexus user

You can't write that this J6 runs Android 8.0 Nougat; Android 8.0 is Android Oreo...

Samsung midranger are generally good, but it's always the same thing that holding it back, chipset
But considering the type of people who buy this phone, oy doesn't matter to samsung, it sell

I feel like Samsung doesn't know what's doing in the mid range department, in Romania the phone is 1500 lei (350$). With those money you can buy last year's AT 2017, with the same amount of RAM, a faster CPU, the Exynos 7880, a 5.2 1080p display, a USB-C port, fast charging and IP68 water and dust resistance. I think they put this price just for looks, because it has that "infinity display"...

  • Anonymous

Way way overpriced. The LG G6 can be had for less..
Insane pricing.

pointless device...

  • Funmap

The A6 Plus seems like a much better deal with Dual Camera, FHD+ Display and Always On Display. Maybe you can test this too? Still, the prices for both phones seem too high and god knows why there are so drawbacks compared to the A5 2017 series.