Samsung Galaxy S9+ long-term review

25 June 2018
To find out how easy or frustrating it is to live with the Galaxy S9+, we used it as our one and only smartphone for an extended period of time and we are ready with the verdict. Once we go past the superficial aspects (such as looks), there are a lot of new things crammed into this glass and metal package, which are worth talking about. So join us over the next pages as we take a look at what makes Samsung's latest flagship tick, where it delivers more than we expected, and where it falls short.

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Min, 15 May 2020Im using s9plus for around 5 month bow , i brought the s9 at fir... moreIm using the S9 and i have a plan to buy the S9+

Is it value for money to purchase Galaxy S9 Plus in 2020 ??

  • Pradeep

Is Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is Value for money purchase in 2020.

  • Min

Im using s9plus for around 5 month bow , i brought the s9 at first , and i really impressed me by its performance, so i upgrade to s9+ with impressed even more!! Im more than happy with this phone ( gaming performance, camera , display , design) all thouse things its unbeatable, even at at 2020 the display is super sharp , sharper then most smart phones on market , camera is really good to , and i would recommend to get phone even in 2020-2021 and dont listen peoples who cry about scratching on the screen , its their problem that cant look after , and overall phone is brilliant, fast sharp , there is more + about phone then -

  • Naren

romanson, 30 Sep 2019Hello to all. I want to share my expiriance. So , i one note 9... moreI agree

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2020I've reading and following gsmarean for a long time and I had fu... moreYou must have a defective battery. Mine is 2 years old and it last for 8 hours (on medium power settings).

  • Anonymous

romanson, 30 Sep 2019Hello to all. I want to share my expiriance. So , i one note 9... moreI've reading and following gsmarean for a long time and I had full faith in them. Now after reading the review I understood that they're all fake,paid reviews.
Samsung galaxy s9+'s battery life is the worst. I have an s9+ and the battery life is nothing like they claim. Screen on time is 2hour after a year.
Last time I'm trusting gsmarena.

Hello to all.
I want to share my expiriance.
So , i one note 9 , allways owed notes...
Notes are gretatest.
Then I bought s9+ as a secondary phone.
Still i favor note more but and came to idea to sold my s9+ for note8.
Note 8 , disapointment big time.
Screen on time , no more than 3 and half hours.
So i returned on s9+ and all I can say is that phone is great.

  • Boz

I was a samsung fan until the s9. Bought in Indonesia and had problems after 9 months. Phone would not turn on. Unfortunately I was out of the country die to injury and not able to take back until 14 months of which the phone was not warranted. The phone was not covered under the country I was in either. Poor customer service for what is meant to be top end product.

  • 8raVo

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2019Avoid this phone by all means. Bought in november, since may and... moreCheck your signal and screen brightness boss

  • Anonymous

Avoid this phone by all means. Bought in november, since may and june updates battery drain has been reported to be massive, probably planned obsolescence as you cant go past 4 or 5 hours instead of the usual 7 at the time. Openes 5 tickets with samsung to no avail except usual suggestions like factory reset or temporary mode to check for issues. Mind you, i only use fb lite and instagram and this is the result regardless of my usage. Like buying a ferrari with a 10l tank to run around. Wont get another samsung if they dont fix it, and they dont seem to be planning so.

  • Charlee

Best phone I've ever had great display, im constantly busy so bixby and the reminders are very helpful. Very fast.

  • Sourav kumar

Bipu, 27 Nov 2018It is very bad phone i bought it few month ago and now find scra... morebecause u might have scratched it

Then buy Nokia 3110.. 😅😅

It is very bad phone i bought it few month ago and now find scrached in display without any reason.i don't know what to do. Customer care sevice told me you have one year screen replacement warrant. But why my new phone be scrached automatically. My friend also face the same thing.Samsung make us fool. Wast of money.

  • DottoreLuigi

Most expensive and worst mobile phone I've ever had!
I'm using bluetooth headset all the time and now shock - it can't work properly with S9+! This so called "flagship" turn off headset if you receive another call while you in the call. Be aware and stay away from this phone if you want to use it with bluetooth no matter is that headset, expensive built in car bluetooth or expensive motorcycle helmet headset!
Example: you are in bluetooth call in the car and your phone is on passinger seat. You are talking and someone calls you on the other line. This "super" mobile phone will disconnect your bluetooth headset without any sound notification that you are disconnected or that you have another call waiting (there is no ringing on headset or phone). You are continuing talking to noone or maybe other side will hear you if you are talking too loud so your phone mic can pick you up from passinger seat. You can think that other side talk nothing but that is only because he/she is switched to phone ear speaker and you can't hear it from the distance. In a meanwhile on the screen you still have call on waiting and option to answer. So, you don't know that you have call on wait until you look at the phone (that can be in your pocket, other room, bag,...). You that have two options to answer: slide on screen or press headset. In both situations you will answer call on waiting and drop other call (no option to put on hold) but call will be on phone, not on headset and bluetooth icon on the screen will be marked like the call is on bluetooth headset. If you want you can talk on the phone but if you want to talk on headset you must first tap the bluetooth icon to turn it off and than tap again to turn it on!
Imagine you are on motorcycle, talking inside your helmet and someone call you. You can do nothing, you can't know when the conversation ended and if and when you realize that, you must stop, take the gloves off...
One more thing, you can't use double tap on screen to unlock or lock phone any more (this phone).
This is PHONE and it should be used for CALLS!!! I don't need superb camera, fingerprint reader, face recognition,... if I don't have basics - PHONE that works like in 1990'!
What next to expect? Wait that Canon and Nikon lounch camera that can call someone but can't take pictures?

AlienOverlord, 25 Jun 2018Good long term review. I've experienced no lag at all as owner f... moreThis is 2018 and yet you still talk about LAG when it comes to your Samsung flagship ?? That’s how sorry ass Samsung flagships are ......iPhone users never even have to be bother with that word “LAG” since the inception of iPhone back in the stone age
You also never see stock android users like pixel or Oneplus mention about that word also because it’s non-existent just like iPhone

Superb camera & awesome look

  • Anonymous

Very bad in just one week I kept in pocket the display got scratched I don't know what to do just I putted temper glass

Best camera ever made, S9+