vivo NEX S review

29 June 2018
The vivo NEX S is an important piece of smartphone history - it will without a doubt be remembered as a stepping stone in the phone evolution. But, does that make it any good as an actual daily driver? Join us on the following pages as we try and look beyond the flashy exterior to find out.

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Shanti Dope, 14 Oct 2018The front camera could've been a larger and better sensor, ... moreCorrect me if I am wrong, but Vivo Nex S is the first device in the world to sport pop up selfie shooter. I own a NEX and the selfie camera takes average photos. However good first try by Vivo. Nothing great to talk about the image quality though. However the rear camera have improved a lot after Vivo repetedly improved the camera software with OTA updates.

  • Anonymous

Rakesh, 31 Jan 2019I am also facing same problem. Voice is not clear to hear a... moreI never had this problem. I can hear everything clearly

  • Rakesh

bari19, 03 Aug 2018Bought it a week ago, everything is excellent even the fing... moreI am also facing same problem. Voice is not clear to hear and I sent back for replacement after using 1 day. This deficiency covers all good things of the phone. Because basic function must be perfect.

The front camera could've been a larger and better sensor, especially since it's not taking any additional space on the screen.
Call me crazy, but I was expecting at least a 12MP 1/2.5" front camera here. It's definitely possible with the motorized mechanism.

  • Edwin

I found a virus in Vivo Nex S. Run antivirus software like v3 mobile security or BitDefender, Or Extract the " Lockscreen Service application with apk extractor and upload to find virus within the application through virus antivirus databases

It's the modern version of the original Galaxy S. The back of the phone is similar with that texture and camera placement.

  • Anonymous

random asian guy, 08 Aug 2018can I run youtube and instagram on this phone?is calling facility available in this phone

Flumple, 09 Aug 2018Had the vivo nex s awhile now and an very happy with it. Ba... moreBased on Jerry rigs everything, the motorized unit doesnt seem all that well protected. How is it handling moisture and dust lately? Thinking if sweat or some water goes through it could be death. Just hope its exaggeration! Anyone can comment on their experience?

Had the vivo nex s awhile now and an very happy with it. Battery life's been great, the charging speed is snappy, I actually like their skin in Android even.

It's a pity thou I haven't yet found a way to change the dedicated physical button to open Google assistant rather then Jovi yet.

There is one big issue I need resolved thou.... Google safety reports a cts profile mismatch even thou my phone's completely stock.

I haven't tried magisk yet thou since the problem is with stock so I'm not sure it can channge whatever is at fault.

Haven't gotten around to translating the fastboot Chinese menus to check bootloader is locked yet. When I do a safety and root check it does list the bootloader as unknown... Anybody had similar issue and know of a fix? I really need to be able to use banking apps + pretty sure it's why pubg won't install either...

  • random asian guy

can I run youtube and instagram on this phone?

  • bari19

Bought it a week ago, everything is excellent even the finger print scanner quite fast not as described in the review everywhere, performance is superb except the earpiece which is not a real speaker. The sound quality is mostly distorted and you can hardly understand what the other party speaking. I use Bluetooth most of the time but a sincere advice if you are not going to use a Bluetooth or wired headphone you will be very disappointed.

  • Anonymous

ZeroX, 31 Jul 2018ROG phone is the best ,-Can't be the best yet if they are not available on the market. You fail.

Uv, 30 Jul 2018It is very amazing phone....and they have lots of new techn... moreROG phone is the best ,-

One more gaming phone :v

  • Uv

It is very amazing phone....and they have lots of new screen causting tech,in display fingerprint,elevating front popup camera,in camera they have dual pixel tech....s amoled display....really nice and flagship mdl.snapdragon 845 very gud to oppo find x it is passed in durability test...oppo find x was not that much stronger...price is also very reasonable in vivo nex....

how many..i want net fon

  • bicho311

watch iphone and samsung

  • bicho311

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2018no ip68! :(so??

If the NEX S would has a bitte apple on the back, people would say "Oh, Lord Apple!". But is a chinese brand and people are complaining about is hasn't water resistance and dust certification (is obviuos the reason why not) and the mechanism maybe broke in the near future.

  • Anonym

Will this be the OnePlus 6T? Judging from the past, I'd say it's likely!