Meizu 15 review

07 July 2018
Fifteen is a pretty big number. Quite the milestone, one might say, from a purely numerical standpoint. Especially for a relatively small company, the likes of Meizu. But going by pure volume can’t really be any indication of quality. Experience, perhaps, to some extent. Also, it’s fairly obvious that Meizu skipped a few numbers. Actually, it staring out started counting from 15 – a special model, meant to commemorate the company’s fifteenth anniversary.

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  • Anonymous
  • KPE
  • 16 Mar 2021

I bought a mobile phone as like as two peas on the website, 10, which is new and nice. The computer has long life and quick response. It's not exactly like carton, which is exactly the same as my friend bought on the official website. But I bought it 500 yuan cheaper than my friend, though it was from the same factory as the official website, but I'm worried about buying fake products. Please help me look at it.

    Why my xiaomi cant make phone like That??? mi6 is outdated and doesn't have any more support from xiaomi

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      • Billy
      • pLZ
      • 11 Mar 2019

      AnonF-778115, 15 Jul 2018As GSMArena said : "If you feel comfortable with limited s... moreI suggest you read it again as the reviewer is talking about the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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        • Jan
        • sky
        • 10 Jan 2019

        AnonF-778115, 15 Jul 2018As GSMArena said : "If you feel comfortable with limited s... moreI always hear "but flyme is buggy" and "no software updates" etc...

        My experience is different. I have a Pro5 and never had any issues or bugs. Also updates still came until now which is more than three years after release. The battery is also still ok.

        My phone will definitely be a Meizu again.


        Alternatives are either much more expensive or ugly as hell. The Meizu 15 and 16 both look incredible and are a great package for a great price.

        Only the support and availability for the global version could be blamed (and maybe NFC), but that is not an issue of the phone but rather a strategical decision of Meizu.

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          • Jamie Young
          • t6w
          • 30 Aug 2018

          Hey guys, I am wondering whether this phone is equiped with camera2 api. I really love the option of taking photos to Raw files, yet there is no mention of that. If you guys have this device, plz answer me. thank you.

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            • Nezha best gril
            • sxr
            • 23 Aug 2018

            Pooroldude, 08 Jul 2018I stopped reading after seeing is android version but hey i... moreHi, i never thought i will see you here too.

              ipolit.matveich, 16 Jul 2018Do you really believe it? At least on aliexpress the Meizu ... moreI mean, they said it themselves

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                • AnonF-778115
                • txp
                • 16 Jul 2018

                Flyme User, 16 Jul 2018You will never love Meizu, why? cuz the Flyme Os will break... moreIs it true ?

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                  • Flyme User
                  • I@9
                  • 16 Jul 2018

                  You will never love Meizu, why? cuz the Flyme Os will break your phone, flyme full of bugs, force close apps, over heating battery, and the camera i dunno its not natural for selfie, too blur...
                  i will never buy meizu phone again, NEVER

                    Walter C. Dornez, 15 Jul 2018The Meizu X8 with a Snapdragon 710 is coming in the next tw... moreDo you really believe it? At least on aliexpress the Meizu debut prices are awful

                      I feel very comfortable with limited software support and no new software security updates.

                        ipolit.matveich, 09 Jul 2018Really nice device. Looks lovely and has descent specs. Of ... moreThe Meizu X8 with a Snapdragon 710 is coming in the next two months with a nice design and 300 follar price

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                          • AnonF-778115
                          • vgN
                          • 15 Jul 2018

                          Ojex, 14 Jul 2018The biggest weakness of this phone is : SOFTWARE !As GSMArena said :
                          "If you feel comfortable with limited support and no more software updates, it is definitely a worthwhile option"

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                            • Ojex
                            • vgM
                            • 14 Jul 2018

                            The biggest weakness of this phone is : SOFTWARE !

                              Thank you gsmarena for reviewing this phone and for your fair review. I own this phone for two months now. The Global version was not available when I bought it but the Aliexpress store I bought it from (Meizu Global Store) installed multi language and Google Play store. I can confirm that Google maps works fine and the one Google game I play also works fine, and Google maps and my Google game do update over the air. For me, I wanted a thin and light phone with good audio output and the Meizu 15 does all this extremely well. I was sad to see the less than stellar camera review; other sites have reviewed the camera on the Meizu 15 more positively, but I accept gsmarena as the gold standard review site. I like this phone very much. It works for me.

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                                • Dayaccus
                                • nMh
                                • 12 Jul 2018

                                Anonymous, 09 Jul 2018I do not think links are allowed - the seller would be "MEI... moreThank you. I've found it, I will order from there.

                                  According to google's own website , Meizu is not a certified google partner. Yet, another google site , Meizu 15 does appear in the list of devices which supports Google Play. This is a bit confusing, can anyone please clarify?

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                                    • Ojex
                                    • vgM
                                    • 11 Jul 2018

                                    This phone very negatif :
                                    - software
                                    - small battery
                                    - no nfc
                                    - no micro sd
                                    - and no, no, no...

                                    Not worth buy !

                                      The only thing Meizu lacks is customer support services.

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                                        • garron ah
                                        • Nhf
                                        • 09 Jul 2018

                                        Not sure how you guys can keep going on about how this phone and the Plus are essentially the same phone, size being the only difference. Completely different form factor, completely different chipsets from different manufacturers, image processing will probably differ as a result... My dudes. Test both.