Meizu 15 review

07 July 2018
Fifteen is a pretty big number. Quite the milestone, one might say, from a purely numerical standpoint. Especially for a relatively small company, the likes of Meizu. But going by pure volume canít really be any indication of quality. Experience, perhaps, to some extent. Also, itís fairly obvious that Meizu skipped a few numbers. Actually, it staring out started counting from 15 Ė a special model, meant to commemorate the companyís fifteenth anniversary.

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Really nice device. Looks lovely and has descent specs. Of course I would prefer M15 lite because of the pricing, but it is too high for SD625 phone. Maybe next year I will order one for 200 USD. But for now I will go with Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 despite of the fact I hate how huge and ugly it is.

  • Anonymous

Dayaccus, 09 Jul 2018Can you point to that store please with a link, and is it really... moreI do not think links are allowed - the seller would be "MEIZU Online Store" - searching "Meizu 15 global" should find it as the first result.
The global one supports EU LTE bands too- B1/3/4/5/7/8/20
Sometimes a lowered price is first visible on mobile version of the site (as in, accessed from a smartphone browser, not pc), now both are showing 369.69 USD for black 64GB for me.
They do drop it quite a lot lately- either 10 or 15$ last week,

  • Dayaccus

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2018It's for 370 usd on Meizu official aliexpress store- price has b... moreCan you point to that store please with a link, and is it really the official store? Thanks.

  • Fly agaric

It's a fantastic design for my liking. I love it and I will get one as soon as the pricing gets below 300$ range.
The camera isn't up to the modern flagships level, yet still it's probably comparable to Galaxy S6 level, which is enough for me. Additionally we get excellent zoom.
Even though, the screen is 5.46, the size remains slightly more compact than for.ex. Galaxy S6/S7 - what's not to like in here?

  • Kangal

Great device 7/10.

However, Meizu stuffed up a few points:
- Doesn't ship with Android 8.1 Oreo (No Project Treble)
- Second nanoSIM doesn't double as a microSD card slot
- Lack of NFC
- Below Average 3000mAh unit (should've gone to 4,000mAh)

The big thing they couldn't fit into the budget but would've been great:
- no IP68 waterproofing
- Rear-camera bump isn't flush
- Great software optimisation for the rear-camera (eg Pixel 2XL)
(it has the IMX380 hardware which is much better than the IMX362 sensor)

Things that Meizu did good but was expected:
- Good Snapdragon SoC
- Good AMOLED Screen
- Good battery life
- Good styling

Great points to commend Meizu:
- Great size (much better screen-to-body ratio of notch-phones)
- Great build quality (rear is NOT glass, not fragile)
- Great port selection (USB-C and 3.5mm aux)
- Great loudspeaker quality
- Great front-camera
- Great price (USD $370)
- Great software (FlymeOS is much better than SmartiOS, EMUI, MIUI, TouchWizz, Sense) yeah, that's why it is 7/10 and not 9/10 !!

  • LP2

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2018mid-design, mid-screen, mid-chip... in 2018-19 means NO.You missed the opportunity to say "mid-2018".

  • MyFaner

Well see how it go, Ok !!!

  • Anonymous

A few questions:
How does the camera compare to something like Nokia X6 / Honor 10 or P20 Lite?
Does the 15's camera support slow-mo at lower resolutions? If yes- what framerate?

  • ovi

Android 7.1.2 in mid 2018? They must be joking.

Because Meizu 15 has a smaller 16:9 AMOLED display whereas LG G7 has IPS LCD and a larger 19.5:9 screen.

  • Anonymous

mid-design, mid-screen, mid-chip... in 2018-19 means NO.

jimmy, 08 Jul 2018no, i have the device, its camera from Sony. Its a fantastic dev... moreEvery camera sensor on these day smartphone are generally came from Sony, Omnivision, and some from Samsung or Toshiba.

Sadly Sony itself never polished their soft-processing on their own smartphone, so that's why even its sensor is big, Xperia line never known for its camera quality.

  • Dolle

Why is Meizu 15 battery life listed as a positive superb with 77hrs,and listed as a negative con and only average for the LG G7 with same 77hrs?

  • Dolle

Nice phone,but which one is better,samsung s7 or this? S7 faster? Android 8,same battery life. Water proof and cheaper?

  • jimmy

Jamesschwarz987, 08 Jul 2018Great phone. That SD660 and a 1/2.3" camera is perfect for me, e... moreno, i have the device, its camera from Sony. Its a fantastic device. compact beast.

Nougat??? When half of 2018 is already gone? And Android P is on its way?

  • Pooroldude

I stopped reading after seeing is android version but hey its Meizu afterall. What to expect anyway eh

  • Anonymous

Android 7.1 on a newly launched phone in th middle of 2018 ? Come on..

In the display tests page u said "comparing it to some non Samsung panels like G6 and One Plus 5". But One Plus uses Samsung SAMOLED on all their phones since One Plus 3.

  • Harish Singh

i like this