Xiaomi Mi A2 review

02 August 2018
The Xiaomi Mi 6X has finally gone global and we have a play date with the international Mi A2. Some big shoes it has to fill - the Mi A1 was such a well-rounded yet affordable smartphone that it would regularly feature in our review conclusions as the main alternative for a wide range of competitors. Can the Mi A2 top that?

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sudharsan, 13 Sep 2020MI A2 Android 11 Update RelaseYou sure ?

    My best phone
    Android one

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      • Anonymous
      • IWS
      • 12 Mar 2021

      Will, 19 Jul 2020For some reason the pictures I keep taking a blurry and the... moreIt's actually because the mi a2 has bad image procesing. The actual camera lens is good but after processing the image looks bad. This is only noticable in lowlight tho if given proper lighting the camera quality shows

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        • Anonymous
        • 56F
        • 04 Dec 2020

        sudharsan, 13 Sep 2020MI A2 Android 11 Update RelaseMi a2 android 11 updated not relized

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          • sudharsan
          • D0d
          • 13 Sep 2020

          MI A2 Android 11 Update Relase

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            • Will
            • kEJ
            • 19 Jul 2020

            For some reason the pictures I keep taking a blurry and the ones you've shown look clean and crisp. What gives?

              Rabiul hosen, 25 May 2020My phone is xiaomi a2 lite. Two days ago,my phone was bein... moreTry factory reset your phone but before doing it keep backup all your data but if you are not a technical person better visit service center .

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                • Rabiul hosen
                • 6p}
                • 25 May 2020

                My phone is xiaomi a2 lite.
                Two days ago,my phone was being shutting down though my phone's chage was 70 %.
                And from then I am suffering same problem and my phone's battery doesn't work like past.Charge being lost quickly and when charge go to 60-75%, phone get shutting down automatically.

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                  • star11
                  • Hks
                  • 09 Apr 2020

                  MI A2 is good phone but there is no Radio in built app, also no memory card slot and 3.5mm headphone jack.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Hks
                    • 09 Apr 2020

                    MI A2 is one of the best mobile phone in this price range when I bought in September,2018. But there is problems like no Radio, no memory card slot.

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                      • Nimesh sinjali
                      • XME
                      • 15 Mar 2020

                      After updating phone in android 10 i got problem with earphone.With type "c" cable earphone doesnot work.please fix this problem.

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                        • Rei
                        • CxH
                        • 13 Jan 2020

                        Anonymous, 11 Nov 2019This mobile is the best .... But the problem i have is tha... moreBro... You can root your phone and install substratum. You will gain best themes

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                          • Anonymous
                          • ftK
                          • 09 Jan 2020

                          I bought the Mi A2 in August 2019. The camera was amazing but 5 months later it doesn't take great photographs like it used to and it used to freeze when I bought it initially. And the blokeh potrait part of the camera sometimes blurs the person and not the background. Overall, it's a good phone for it's price.

                            Well it seems the selling feature of pure Android One simplicity is a hoax. The MiA2 gMail attachments are no longer accessible, and Google Chrome crashes on download. This has been a problem for a month. Zero acknowledgements from Xiaomi or from Google that the problem even exists. Such a pitythat such a sweet phone has zero support from the mfr.

                              When will mi a2 get Android 10 xiaomi miui got game turbo why Android one not getting game turbo xiaomi only concentrate on miui give us Android 10 as quick as possible

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                                • Anonymous
                                • U@E
                                • 11 Nov 2019

                                This mobile is the best ....
                                But the problem i have is that the features...i mean it's settings i don't get the best feature which other Xiaomi mobiles give
                                For example: themes, fonts...etc ....
                                I hope i get those features so that i gave no issues with My mobile

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                                  • 4nita
                                  • X%p
                                  • 24 Aug 2019

                                  Have Xiaomi mi A2 since last September, good phone, I never use Android one and I love it! Camera is pretty good (rear and selfie both are great) low light mode can be improved but overall good, for me the camera has good color/not oversaturated, screen some said is pretty dimmed (yeah it's not really bright vs my redmi note 7), phone fast working, micro SD and 3.5mm jack are not important for me (hey, if you use headphone like crazy you will lose your hearing early! No memory card at first was a prob, but I think 64gb is enough) Battery is normal (I'm not gammer tho, but it's enough for me) and Android one is a BIG plus, because it's updated monthly! And you have Pie (and Q, and R, etc) faster than other phone 😄 and it's getting cheaper and cheaper in my country

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                                    • cmcm
                                    • dU%
                                    • 29 Jul 2019

                                    Looked good until I saw there's no headphone socket, or memory card slot - won't be buying it.

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                                      • LSQRLL
                                      • Mh%
                                      • 12 Jun 2019

                                      I feel it's pretty ok for the price works well the main camera is bad honestly but the selfie one is ok the screen is pretty sensitive though you will get the unwanted mistake every now and then but the battery life is really good really happy about that

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                                        • ubI
                                        • 11 Jun 2019

                                        Xiaomi mi A2 new update