Xiaomi Mi A2 review

02 August 2018
The Xiaomi Mi 6X has finally gone global and we have a play date with the international Mi A2. Some big shoes it has to fill - the Mi A1 was such a well-rounded yet affordable smartphone that it would regularly feature in our review conclusions as the main alternative for a wide range of competitors. Can the Mi A2 top that?

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  • abolfazl
  • amV
  • 08 May 2019

The camera is not good in night at all

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    • Anonymous
    • 7P0
    • 03 May 2019

    BRD, 19 Nov 2018I bought this phone for my mother about a month ago. Found ... moreIts a very good mobile phone greatest mi a2 lite

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      • Armada
      • aXL
      • 05 Apr 2019

      Update system automatically
      And when restart it
      Never come back to work

        i have this phone, fast and stylish and with android p the battery life became great.

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          • Alex
          • mi9
          • 01 Mar 2019

          Does somebody can confirm if this phone works well with android auto and/or mirrorlink in car. Thanks

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            • Abs
            • Dks
            • 31 Dec 2018

            Mi A2
            I have it and found a good experience
            Xiaomi has already said that longer battery is not provided in ny high end camera focus phone .
            Audio jack is not given due to basics of camera aperture and the fade mode is brilliant as i compare mi vivo V11.
            Anyway it is a great experience to use A2 and the phone is totally cudos. Finally i love using it

              I love this Xiaomi Mi A2 phone very well for great camera shot and lowlight effect. But the battery and screen is not that good for me. But overall this is great

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                • philip
                • PAX
                • 18 Dec 2018

                i used to be xiaomi fan but xiaomi ruined mi a2(good camera phone) with less battery and no 3.5 mm head phone jack.Now i love asus zenfone max pro m2.(good phone overall)

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                  • amit
                  • gML
                  • 15 Dec 2018

                  xiaomi mi a2 review is very nice. I am get all things of your posts. you are great.

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                    • Sunilk1996
                    • vGA
                    • 11 Dec 2018

                    Started with Redmi Note 3, then Redmi Note 4, Had high expectations from Xiaomi so bought Mi A2 but got disappointed, Got update now not getting any incoming call dispay except the ring tone, so had to wait till the call ends to look for CLI. Poor battery.

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                      • punjabijatin
                      • 7k6
                      • 01 Dec 2018

                      all mobile problem mi a2 battery small but ok i like mi a2 besssssssssssst smartphone

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                        • Anonymous
                        • RId
                        • 20 Nov 2018

                        Just got the latest update of android pie, excellent!

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                          • BRD
                          • 0xJ
                          • 19 Nov 2018

                          I bought this phone for my mother about a month ago. Found great deal - 200$ for 64gb global version. I wasn't expecting much, just a decen't midranger for someone who is nor excited about newest tech, but this phone is really amazing... Great camera, fast as hell, decent screen, pure Android. For someone who don't play games and don't need 4k amoled, the Mi A2 is everything such person really need (although sd660 should be sufficiet for games).

                            All I can say to this phone is great camera, GPU,and CPU except only to the battery because it's drain fast.

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                              • Vicky
                              • Dks
                              • 28 Oct 2018

                              Just Brough this model from amazon I think it'd nice and sleek mobile phone

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                                • UnknownAV
                                • tZj
                                • 22 Oct 2018

                                Kunal Raj, 21 Sep 2018Good day. I have questions to those who owned this phone be... more1) 4 / 5 stars good and clear enough to read some article

                                2) lowlight 3.5 / 5 stars, no problem for taking bright logos photo.

                                3) 4 / 5 stars with enough sunlight, i can take a bunch of jumping photo without blur issues...

                                4) 3 / 5 stars will lost focus if the object moving fast

                                5) 3.5 / 5 yes, its good... but take longer time to focus when the light is low.

                                6) 4 / 5 i'm not a phone heavy user, i found that no far it is no lag for normal use after i own it for 2 months like Insta, facebook, whatsapp, chrome, running apps, youtube and those basic apps...
                                overall its a good phone consider its price and spec provided, but not so recommended for those user that prefer flashy theme and UI, they can overcome it by download some third party launcher from Google Play Store. Yea, everything is on Google...

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                                  • Jf
                                  • fCL
                                  • 19 Oct 2018

                                  Have mi a2 AI camera??

                                    I think It's good for his camera, however I am also disappointed because the screen is not good quality, Android one

                                      I prefer the new Nokia 7.1.
                                      Seriously, a premium like midrange phone that really stands out its own! (Notch and chin aside)

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • KZ8
                                        • 08 Oct 2018

                                        mi a2 have powerful camera,LCD full hd,ram 4g..but baterry only 3000Mah and not slot for mirco SD..very disappoint