Samsung Galaxy Note9 review

20 August 2018
How time has passed - we're at nine now. Seven years after the original, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 stands before us. The numbers don't add up, no, because Samsung chose to skip the 6, and it didn't really quite work out splendidly with the Note7. But that's all in the past and we're looking ahead.

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  • Daredevil

Malaysian Man, 19 Apr 2019I owned a Note9. Is it normal if the screen on time is just 5 ho... moreSame here. That's it.

  • Mark

In battery test, what browser does gsmarena use for testing? Is it the stock browser? Or do they use certain browser so to have the same load or consumption as other phones when running the test.

  • Malaysian Man

I owned a Note9. Is it normal if the screen on time is just 5 hours? I used my phone for youtube, social media and an hour of gaming. Mine is Exynos version. To be honest I have to charge my phone twice a day! Can someone answer ?

  • Note 9 Dhaka

I didn't get the pie update

  • Anonymous

About how long do these phones last within hours and minutes.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2019Need your help in buying a new phone. I'm torn between note9 an... moreEven though price is high i think it's worth it since you're already embedded into the apple ecosystem. Seamless integration between your other apple devices. You can always buy the phone on a payment plan making it easier to afford. I have the iPhone XS Max and let's just say you will not be disappointed with the user experience. Performance is buttery smooth... so go for it.

  • Hasnat Dhaka

Without any mishandling, whatsoever, songs aren't playing more than 1 to 2 minutes from yesterday. I bought my Note9 in September last year.

  • Hasnat Dhaka

After new update, photo edit in Secure Folder is missing white color. Please reinstate white color in photo edit option in secure folder.

  • Note9 User

maher, 25 Jan 2019This phone has a real hardware issue lot of users reported the s... moreSounds like a hardware issue, make sure that you contact Samsung customer support to get it fixed under warranty.

  • Note9 User

I saw about the camera freeze, because it's fix was included when I got my Note9 in November, you say about the weird problem of Google Play Store not being visible, if you mean that it's disappeared from your home screen, then from the Home screen, swipe up to access your app drawer & you'll see it there.
You can do a long press on the Google Play icon to drag a copy of it back to your home screen.
Hope this helps, otherwise you can ask for help in the GSMA Note9 Community:­ews-9163.php
Or contact Samsung customer support by phone or email.

  • maher

This phone has a real hardware issue lot of users reported the same which is :

Buzzing sound when using 2x Zooming on the camera resulted a blurry picture on the camera, and i want return back until you cancel zooming,

  • Andy

This phone has multiple issues. I'm using this phone 26 October 2018 and my 1st month experience was kinda okay. In second month this phone start giving me bunch of problems such 1 second delay when you camera application or when you launch instagram or tinder. In 3rd month, camera starts lagging, while recording a video the camera lags here is YouTube link:
I also wrote an email to Samsung and I got the reply that 'please hard reset your phone' woww! Are you kidding me? I don't have much time to backup my data into my computer and then restore it, but well anyhow I didn't this and to very honest this whole process took 3.5 hours and video lag problem is solved now.
And right now there is Wierd problem in this piece of crap, Google Play Store is not visible and thanks to the all Korean developers for this.

I recommend everyone who read this comment please don't buy this crap piece. Invest your money buying another phones. This is definitely NOT.

  • Note9 User

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2019Need your help in buying a new phone. I'm torn between note9 an... moreOkay, 1st, size wise you wouldn't really compare the Samsung Galaxy Note9 to the Apple iPhone XS, you'd compare the Note9 to the iPhone XS Max:
Check that they fit in your pocket when standing & sitting down (go into the shop or your network carrier, if the phones are securely bolted down, then try a case for each:
Compare & read the reviews (which give you a really good insight & are fair, unbiased & accurate) for each & realize what is most important to you:­1=9163&idPhone2=9319

Also this review comment section is 6 months old now, (when the Long Term Review is released then that comment section will become busy) you will get a better response from the User Comment sections (some user responses maybe be biased, so take those with a pinch of salt.:

Copy & paste your enquiry comment here:­ews-9163.php
& here:­ws-9319.php

A factor worth mentioning is, if your planning on your mobile device to communicate to your Mac & iPad then the XS/Max maybe best for you (I tried to Bluetooth some JPEG's to my iPad & frustratingly it wouldn't work).
Good luck, whatever you choose : )

  • Anonymous

Need your help in buying a new phone. I'm torn between note9 and xs. The price of the iphone is just way too high and I've been an android user ever since. I do have a MacBook pro and iPad air. i think this is the best time to get an iPhone but I'm not sure about the price and how it performs. Pls help planning to buy this week. Thanks in advance

  • Note9 User

SquadBoi, 29 Dec 2018No S845 is proven to be the more efficient and more powerful chi... moreThe Note 9 review unit is Exynos with 97H battery endurance rating.

SD 845 maybe more efficient, I don't know, but Exynos is faster & I'm very happy with battery performance, which has always lasted me more than 24h (the highest duration that I've achieved so far is 2d 16h with 5% (2h 29min) left, 8h 59m 43% of the battery used on Screen time, so yeah it should easily last anyone a day, and I'm sure this is the case with the SD version too).

Snapdragon's Adreno 630 GPU has the upper hand with graphics.

Both are great in handling heavy multitasking & heavy apps without a slowdown.

Performance: Synthetic benchmarks:­ew-1805p6.php

LilSweetLin, 21 Aug 2018Is the 97H battery endurance rating for the Exynos Note 9, or th... moreNo S845 is proven to be the more efficient and more powerful chipset of the two

Philansel7, 23 Nov 2018Note 9 won the Best Smartphone of 2018. After weeks of testin... moreYou can disable bixby

  • Expert

MirzaSohail, 16 Nov 2018Galaxy Note 9 or Huawei Mate 20 pro...? Suggestion please! Sn... morealso Galaxy Note 9

  • Maze

Loved you review. I have (gulp) a Galaxy S5. The camera is a 16MP so I was wondering why the step backwards to a 12MP? I now the pixels are bigger so the dynamic range is better but there is less detail on the note 9 vs the s5, perhaps the s5 is just special?

  • Anonymous

You have tested the exynos versione or snapdragon version?