Samsung Galaxy Note9 review

20 August 2018
How time has passed - we're at nine now. Seven years after the original, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 stands before us. The numbers don't add up, no, because Samsung chose to skip the 6, and it didn't really quite work out splendidly with the Note7. But that's all in the past and we're looking ahead.

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  • Starlifedz

Mr.RANE, 26 Feb 2020Galaxy note 9 or Galaxy A71 which one is good ? (For a norm... moreNote9

  • Anonymous

Mr.RANE, 26 Feb 2020Galaxy note 9 or Galaxy A71 which one is good ? (For a norm... moreObviously note... Ar u kidding... Comparing with note 9

  • Mr.RANE

Galaxy note 9 or Galaxy A71 which one is good ? (For a normal user ) but I like note 9's s pen too

  • Uwais

Why i fell like this note9 thick?

  • Rocka

Tharangasa, 03 Jan 2020Dear all I have a question... I have note09 SM-N960F 512GB ... more

Try this and see if it helps

  • Tharangasa

Dear all I have a question... I have note09 SM-N960F 512GB Version. Blue color. My issues
01. I cannot update the software version. Currently I have 01 July 2019 patch level. Is there any other updates ????why I cannot update.
02. When I use flash for night time photos it’s not clear and having blue color shades... when I search through internet seems it is common problem for blue color note 09 version.. any comments pls.......

humaira, 29 Jul 2019can i know how to do reset network setting for this phoneTake sim card out power off and replace sin turn on that resets the internet

Ive been using this phone for over a year now and I can say it's stacking quite well, usually in the past I had storage problems with my old phones due to their lack of card slot and limited storage, but here I went for the 512GB version and boy I'm relieved

Aside from all its rich features this phones presents, I've bought it specifically for its s-pen translation feature and ability to select text with the s-pen from anywhere, very important for me since I'm pursuing another language.

My only complaint about this phone is lack of it-blaster(older notes had one), battery feels like it's on the weak side, and selfie camera is lacking greatly, but other than that it's a powerful piece of tech, and I would recommend it

  • Nn

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2019Have had the phone for just over 4 months now it is an amaz... moreJust clear the cache partition and then open the device and dial *#0228# and press quick restart, this should optimize the battery, I had a battery drain issue the 7th day of purchase and when I went to the service center they gave me a new one and I'm satisfied

  • Note9 User

jeffry, 25 Oct 2019Between Huawei Mate 20 and Samsung Note 9.. Which once bett... moreMy decision process was 1st S9+, then Note9, even though I don't use the S-Pen that often, the Note9 has a bigger screen, bigger 4,000mAh battery & improvements in the camera's over the S9+.

After the release of the Note9 (Aug '18), I waited for the iPhone XS Max & Huawei Mate 20/ Pro, for comparison, they were strong contenders.
But I decided against XS Max (greedy price) & Mate 20 Pro because of notch & no 3.5mm jack audio port.

The Mate 20 has the jack, but poor output, it has stereo speakers but not good quality or loudness.
It has expandable memory but it's Huawei's proprietry Nano Memory cards, micro SD cards won't work.
Also with the US & China situation you will have to check about future software updates from android & Google services.

The Note9 beats the Mate 20 on everything I can think of (display & audio quality etc) except for the IR blaster & low light camera, Note9 definitely wins on video.

I'm answering truthfully & honestly (but some don't), you can (& should) check everything.
The reviews are accurate, trust them & yourself more than any comment from anyone on the internet,

I got my 8/512GB Note9 with a free bundled 512GB Evo Plus microSD card last Black Friday/ Cyber Monday (November '18) from Samsung's website & it cost less than the 64GB XS Max, so it was a no brainer & I've got zero regrets so far.

Black Friday is coming round again, also consider S10+, I'm turned off with the Note10+ dropping features, but if you can get a bona fide bargain, it's your choice.

DXO Mark has Huawei Mate 30 Pro beating Note10+ on camera, but again it's difficult to recommend Huawei at the moment unless you're in China where they don't use Google services anyway.

If I were looking at a smartphone right now I'd compare Samsung, Huawei, Apple & OnePlus.

Good luck whatever you choose, & only buy from trusted sources that have a good return policy & check with the manufacturer that your 24 month warranty is intact.

Here's some Note9 links:

14 AUGUST 2018:
& check via 'Source' link (some display panels have continued to improve since this).

Samsung Galaxy Note9: Specifications & Review: 20 AUGUST 2018:

Note9 (before camera updates incl. Night mode) V's Mate 20 & Note 10+:


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And soon maybe the GSMArena Galaxy Note9 long term review ;)

  • jeffry

Between Huawei Mate 20 and Samsung Note 9.. Which once better.. Can anyone help? Tq

  • Note9 User

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2019Have had the phone for just over 4 months now it is an amaz... moreWell that sounds like a seriously dangerous fire hazard, please don't charge that device until you get it repaired/ replaced, where did you buy it from, was it brand new or previously owned or refurbished?

It sounds like a repair has been carried out in the past but the battery has been damaged in the process, it should've been replaced with a new one.
I've had my Note9 since November '18 with no problems, it's guaranteed for 2 years & battery for 1 year under warranty.

Please contact Samsung Support for advice & only use Samsung authorized repairers, details are on their website.

  • Solver

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2019Have had the phone for just over 4 months now it is an amaz... moreThank me later. Reset to factory defaults and setup again. Do Not restore anything except Google data!!! No backup restore!!! This will fix it. Don't have time to give details why it happens. Cheers mate!

  • Anonymous

Have had the phone for just over 4 months now it is an amazing phone bar one major thing ...THE BATTERY..the phone drains and over heats ..from fully charged to 50% after 3 phone calls ..
I woke up this morning after charging the phone over night to find a burn mark on the screen......

  • Anonymous

RezaGhkh, 26 Aug 2019I can't choose between s10 and note9.Can anyone help? S10

  • Marsha

My Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen is frozen. Cannot turn it off..

  • Ali

I have a problem in my phone note 9 I have not received any notifications from my email gmail from inside the security folder and I have not reached a solution at all

I can't choose between s10 and note9.Can anyone help?

  • Note9 User

Dear GSMArena, please can you do the Samsung Galaxy Note9 long term review.

It would be especially useful to those whose want to compare it against the new Note10(+).

Kind regards & many thanks for your great work.

  • Note9 User

Malaysian Man, 19 Apr 2019I owned a Note9. Is it normal if the screen on time is just... more5hrs SOT is quite low & if you're having to charge your phone twice a a day that definitely is not normal, I could only charge it once every 2 days if I had to, but like most people I charge it every night when I go to bed with an approx. average of 50% battery left & I usually charge it before it drops below 20%, but I didn't to qualify this comment.

I think of each function like Torch, if I'm not using it or I've finished with it then I turn it off or close it, like GPS, Mobile Hotspot, when it starts getting dark I switch to Night mode.
Swipe down twice from the top of your screen to access your control panel icons to turn anything you not using off, swipe left to check the 2nd pane of icons to turn off anything not needed.

Take a look what's using your battery:
Swipe down & tap the Settings cog (top right hand corner), scroll down & tap Device care, tap Battery, here you can see which apps are using the most battery, you can tap on the worst offender(s) & choose to automatically put that app to sleep when not in use.
Back to 'Battery' you can see Power mode, I keep mine set on Optimised, but would change if I needed to.
Back to 'Battery', tap the 3 vertical dots (top right hand corner), tap on the Settings popup bubble to go to App power management, all options are on & you can can add any Sleeping apps to make sure that they never run in the background.

Back to 'Battery', tap on the 'Battery usage' bubble (top centre):
Here you can see what's using the most.
Screen= 10h 36mins 59% & then Android system= 10%.

1 day 18h on battery & I've got 3% left.

Also your battery is guaranteed 1 year from purchase, if it's faulty you can get it replaced by Samsung for free.