Nokia 6.1 Plus (X6) review

21 August 2018
Nokiaís return to the smartphone market with Android hasnít exactly set the sales charts on fire, but the company has steadily been making progress, with a constant stream of new and relevant devices. The latest one we have today is the Nokia 6.1 Plus, an entrant in the ever-popular mid-range segment.

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  • AK

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2019It's a great phone. I just wish the bezels were smaller and the ... morenice look

  • Anonymous

It's a great phone. I just wish the bezels were smaller and the notch is pretty ugly too. A waterdrop notch should make it more bearable. I especially love the compactness of the phone which you really can't find these. I just wish it was even smaller

  • Faraz

Nice work my Nokia second sill phone my Nokia 6.1plus

  • mdias

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2019Never buy Nokia.Outdated software and camera.ha ha ha...

Good joke!

  • Anonymous

Well like all previous comments about charging port...well after 7 -8 months of usage, it started to happen too. Occasionally the phone do charge, others it simply disconnected and connected again when others it simply didn't charge at all.
Changed to a Motorola one.

Nokia has fall and is way behind of what it used to be true standards of quality. Honestly HMD not bad but is stlll way behind
I'll stick with motorola

  • Anonymous

Never buy Nokia.Outdated software and camera.

  • Mimogizio

Indu, 23 Jul 2019There is an issue with the charging port..Indeed it's very bad in that issue I bought it 5 months ago and taking good care of it and it gave me that charging problem and had to change the whole charging circuit but two weeks later got worse

  • jaganverappan

so good

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2019It's unexpectedly shut down after buying 2 days. Too sad.Return the set

  • Wasim

Indu, 23 Jul 2019There is an issue with the charging port..Same here

  • Indu

There is an issue with the charging port..

  • Khan

I am from Pakistan . I have bought this phone 1 week ago. This phone is just amazing. Very soft and smooth touch display. There is no issue related to heat up or hanging up. The battery time is good. Except for the charging time it takes 2 hours to full the battery which is I think is slow as compared to other phones.

  • Irvan

Anyone knows how to move apps from internal memory to microSD in Nokia 6.1 Plus.? Mine uses Android 9

  • Mr.Irate

Radioactive, 26 Feb 2019can someone give me steps to hide apps on the phone...m talking ... moreAndroid one or stock android doens't have the option to hide apps. Install a launcher skins available in playstore so that the installed apps can be hidden.

  • AG

Sam, 05 May 2019Worst product within 6 month phone has facing error of not recei... moreIf you are planning to buy Nokia phones.Please be careful.They have come to market with 6.1 Plus phones have multiple bugs and faults like battery charging Mic not working,over and above services in India are in very poor State.Spares are not available with them. One has to wait for more than a week.I came across many who are frustrated and repending.
after purchasing this Nokia Phone. Please think twice.

Sam, 05 May 2019Worst product within 6 month phone has facing error of not recei... moreJust don't update Messages App.

  • Sam

Worst product within 6 month phone has facing error of not received OTP again & again given to service centre. Neither co. Nor service centre is serious. Format mobile & with in 1 week problem remains. Request Nokia lover use local or Chinese products but not buying Nokia. Wastage of money & more important Data.

  • Niraj Kumar

Within 3 months of purchase of Nokia 6.1+, its touch screen starts malfunctioning.
Your service center does a lot of politics and takes more than one months to just repair that. Even for that repairing, we suffered a lot - written 4-5 emails and so many calls to Nokia center. Now, just after 2 months that phone stops working (even when that phone was on the almirah for that duration). Now the same service center demands 1800 with a reason for water damage (surprising)!!! After that, we went to another service center, they demanded 12500 for the motherboard. As, according to their observation, the motherboard was not working. Now, I am realizing that It was only my bad decision to purchase such a bullshit phone

  • Anas

There is an issue with the charging port.

  • PramoDh

Hi, it has been a week since I brought this device. Overoll performance is way better than i expected. Camera quality is perfect. No heating issue. And customer service is perfect. I communicated with nokia customer support twice and they really did a good job by solving my issue in a very short time period. Also it runs with Android one which means I'll be able to get android updates atleast for 2 more year which is pretty cool. Battery size is quite small and if you are a gamer or using social medias highly then you must keep a power bank or carry your charger 😜 but for me battery last for one day.