Pocophone F1 by Xiaomi review

22 August 2018
Xiaomi's announcements have been relatively predictable so far, but the introduction of a new Poco sub-brand was a surprising move. It sounds like a marketing experiment - deliver flagship specs at cutthroat prices. Sound familiar? Well, it does remind of how OnePlus came to be, but we're not sure the new Pocophone F1 is headed in the same direction. Poco is still just a brand, and not a separate company and they stand on the shoulders of Xiaomi's logistics and after sales support network.

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  • Kunal

I got disappointed with pocoF1. 1 yr of use...when i speak .. Lots of disturbance is heard to person calling... Think people don't understand when i m calling... 😥😥 .... Thinking of changing phone... Basic thing of phone.. Phone call!! That is compromised then what's use of other specs

  • Anonymous

EL PROFESSOR, 18 Dec 2019which is better pocophone f1? or black shark 1? both the sa... morePocophone got official lineages support

Poco F1, how can i set 6 digit passcode for screen lock. As I need to install InTune company portal and Intune will only works with 6 digit passcode as per our company policies

  • Anonymous

okay keyoh


which is better pocophone f1? or black shark 1? both the same price.. which phone has better after sales updates?

  • Ghost

James, 22 Jul 2019Can anyone confirm the Poco F1 can play 10 bit (Main 10) HE... moreYou have download aio codec zip for Mx player

  • PocoF1User

I used the phone for almost a year I encountered some ghost touch issues sometimes only other than that the phone is great and also have an amazing update for the software and new and updated comes can be able to play with good experience no lag no FPS drop and above all the battery is great comes with 18W Quick Charge 3.0 AWESOME>!

  • Anonymous

James, 22 Jul 2019Can anyone confirm the Poco F1 can play 10 bit (Main 10) HE... moreYes it does!

  • Anonymous

adham, 06 Nov 2019which is better ( overall) poco f1 or redmi note 8 proNote 8 pro has NFC, and more versatile cameras (wide angle), but pocophone is better for gaming with snapdragon 845, and with gcam also pretty good camera

  • adham

which is better ( overall) poco f1 or redmi note 8 pro

  • Anonymous

Is there any new version coming of pocophone very soon?

  • Danny

Best and powerfull phone,,,you can installed google pixel3 camera software and make you low light photo looks amazing,,,

  • Hossain

It’s camera is not so good

Battery Back Up Is LOW.

  • Nazmul

Azmir, 27 Aug 2019Battery Backup lowYou should software upgrade now.Then battery issues will solve.

  • Anonymous

AGKol, 22 Jul 2019Poco F1 (6/128) or Nokia 8.1 (6/128) for 18k INR and 23 k I... moreHeadshot ;)

  • Azmir

Battery Backup low

  • Kedar

Gómex01, 22 Jul 2019Xiaomi redmi note 6 pro or the pocophone?No comparison...poco is surely the winner

  • Lyaphine

planning to buy it this coming 15, was it any good with the new android 9.0 pie update?

  • Azaruddin

I brought Poco f1 10 months ago... as my point of view Poco f1 is the best flagship phone of 2018... in very low budget Xiaomi launched this kind of phone... Network system absolutely awesome... brought it without any doubt