Xiaomi Mi Max 3 review

25 August 2018
Remember when people made fun of the original Samsung Galaxy Note and its "humungous" 5.3-inch display? Oh, how the times have changed. Still, have we really come to a point where a 6.9 inch diagonal behemoth is able to avoid the "tablet" category and stretch the already confusing phablet category even further?

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  • Ahong Surahong

AnonD-632062, 25 Aug 2018Great smartphone. Awesome battery endurance, although I must say... moreI guess part of it is from the MIUI, let's hope MIUI 10 can bring the endurance rating to >120 hour.

  • Anonymous

"In that case, a budget of around EUR 300 can definitely be better spent."

Are you referring to the recently launched Pocophone F1 which has the best gaming performance on a smartphone?

Senju, 25 Aug 2018Why there is no review for Asus Zenfone 5Z which is launched mon... moreThey have different reviewing priority for different brands. ASUS sits somewhere down below on that list. My friend has that phone & i can tell you it is wonderful. Probably one of the best phones you can buy in that budget along with the OP6 & the Honor Play (I personally don't like the Pocophone, so i wouldn't recommend that one).

Nice to see some larger than usual display on a phone. Believe it or not, there's always a demand for something unusual. Just like there's a demand for compact phones, there's also a demand for over-sized phones in budget category. This phone would probably wear the crown for offering the best on that criteria. More variety is always a welcome sight!

Hmm... I wonder wwhat would happen if something that has a 6.8inch 16:9 would suddenly go 18:9... ^^;

  • AnonD-632062

Great smartphone. Awesome battery endurance, although I must say I expected something around 130 hours endurance. Well, I guess the battery efficiency of the SD 625 in the Max 2 is legendary and cannot be easily replicated.

Good camera. I like the pro mode offers ISO and shutter speed, unlike in most other mid-range phones.

Why there is no review for Asus Zenfone 5Z which is launched months before Mi Max3???

  • Zoxim

Mi Max 2 has 32sec shutter speed, manual focus in manual mode. Shame mi max 3 got rid of it.

  • Anonymous

It's like a tablet, but better.

  • Big Enough

A pic showing size comparison with other phones would be nice...