HTC TyTN II review: Kaiser of PocketPCs

5 November 2007
One of the hottest PDAs around lately, the HTC TyTN II is one feature-loaded son-of-a-gun. It's got what it takes to quench your daily communication needs, and more: HSDPA/HSUPA, Wi-Fi, 2.8" touchscreen TFT display, hardware QWERTY keyboard...

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  • malle rudolf

Ronnie, 05 Mar 2012i bought my htc tyTN II phone buy it plays videos in slow motio... moreyes i also use htc tytn II but when i tried to use the shortcut on the top extreme left of my phone which is directing me to but i recieve a warning telling me that there is a problem with the shortcut and suddenly, the phone freezes and the problem persist untill i reset the phone about 10 times. please i need a solution to that problem

  • sankarpokhrl

hii evry buddy ..i also use tytn II, but i cant use scype nd nothing here chatting from facebook so I have to faced great problem too chating i download other software for it so anybdy can help mee....? also cant my software i used ..manufacture version 6.1 ..nothing solution ...

  • Ronnie

i bought my htc tyTN II phone buy it plays videos in slow motion is this normal for this phone?

  • skeletal

ihello...can i make a video call with htc tytn ii?i got a problem that my tytn ii doesn't have a video call can i fix this problem.pleeeeeease

  • wenky26

i had this phone last year,i would like to know about the lifetime of the battery because i can use it for only 1-2hrs but the charging hours took so long..what should i do,should i replace a new battery and where can i buy 1?thanks

  • wenky26

n125kl, 21 Nov 2007I am seriously thinking of buying this soon, Just a quick questi... moreyes you can play the video in a fullscreen

  • Archie

Neo, 23 Dec 2008yes there is flight mode in Tytn2. u cn find it in comm. manager.Help me too

  • Neo

yes there is flight mode in Tytn2. u cn find it in comm. manager.

  • Anonymous

Hi is anybody know that TYTN II has flight mode or some mode same as it
i want this mode for listen to music on flight

  • raptorGT

I was cruising the net this morning and found there's a flaw with the HTC handhelds; primarily with the Qualcomm MSM7xxx chipset-based phones. There's an article about this here:­htc-mishandle-the-video-driver-controversy/

  • ta

my tytn11 touch screen crashed this morning.. reset hard reset to no avail. phone is 2 months old

  • Matt

I only have one main concern. Is Tytn II going to be supported by Windows Mobile 6.1 which is due on Feb 2008? If it's not upgradable, then it's a major letdown for me, at least.

  • A

Can HTC TYTN2 drivers firmware be update.

  • Anonymous

Hello everybody

I got the phone since a week now!! great phone i really enjoy it.
I've manage to get my wifi connection set up today. I downloaded skype for windows mobile (save into my document folder)but when i click on it to set it up i get a message saying (skypeforpocketpc) not valide for pocket pc???
what should i download??
Do i need to transfer the file to a spacial folder other than my document.
please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i;m really looking for using skype

  • Ack

I have the phone. It's o.k., but I should've waited for something better. Videos play in full screen, but it's herky-jerky at times. The camera is no better than my n93 and the video recording is just slightly better than my SE s700. The best things about it are the memory capacity, GPS, and the HSDPA.

The only thing it has over my n93 is the GPS. Touchscreen and keyboard are nice, but using the keypad is faster for sms.

  • n125kl

I am seriously thinking of buying this soon, Just a quick question, will it play videos in the full screen mode?


I rather buy a Second Hand XDA EXEC before I use this device because I know the hickups of the XDA EXEC.
The XDA EXEC has at least a 520MhZ processor than this tiny one of 400 and I do my SKYPE actualy with no lag to South Africa or any where I want to do it. The only disadvantage of the XDA EXEC over the NEW HTC TyTN is the weak signal and the clumsy way for a mobile phone.

I know you will get all sorts of people comlaining about no radio or camera is only that amount of mega pixcels.All I can say to those who are complaining,there is currently NO device that will suit me or you for what you want in a device.For me I would like to have all of a mini Laptop into the HTC TyTN,but then then th ebattery life will not make it.So the best for us is: what do we want the phone to use for???

Pictures looks MUCH better on a Canon or Nikon or Pentax and the music will sound MUCH better on an iPod and the screen of a laptop or PC will obvious be better than a 56k of a PDA.
I still use my HP Jornada 720 and Nokia 6310i for back up to my XDA Orbit.
Plan either to buy a Toshiba Libretto and Satelite Pro A200 and let them do ALL the tasks we want in a complaintfully device.I already have a Canon Eos 30D that takes GREAT shots and will listend to music on the iPod or radio on the XDA Orbit.

Phones are made to send and receive txt's and phone calls mainly,ALL the rest are BONUSES to the apps it can handle.

Keep well to ALL,those who still complain,get real life or contact me!!

  • John

can someone please tell me how the htc tytn ii screen is? does it have that nice glassy finish over the touch screen like the iphone or is it like the regular pocket pcs like the 6925? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

How can gsmarena say the cpu is sluggish?!Haven't they used applications like slingplayer,skype etc?N95 gallery took an age to load yet gsmarena give that a big thumbs up!!I own this ppc and it is fast.The benchmarks prove it.

  • NuShrike

Corrections & Comments:
o graphics acceleration hardware is built-in as part of the MSM7200 and resembles AMD/ATI's Imageon architecture. Try Googling, or­=339745 ,­aming_brochure.pdf .
o TomTom is a "Taster" version, so of course it only allows one map. How is that a main disadvantage?
o The display ISN'T transflective which is why sun-lit viewing is particularly bad
o the voice-dial button has a press, and a press-hold functionality, so there's nothing wrong with setting it up for press=Comm Manager, hold=Voice Dial
o personally, having a power button that is hard to press makes it pocket/accidental press safe. It's not really that hard to find either as it's exactly where your thumb would naturally rest
o you forgot to mention the reset hole at the bottom of the Kaiser; maybe you confused it for the microphone hole
o Windows Mobile allows the sizing of fonts from tiny to large so it's not a Window Mobile fault
o if you can see your picture gradient color banding, then you can see the difference between a 65K and 16mil color picture
o SMS length is still limited to 160 chars unless you setup for multi-SMS messages
o the built-in IMAP email doesn't support Direct Push, but add-on apps such as FlexMail can support it
o the built-in file manager allows you to access system files and folders. Try clicking "up" to go beyond "My Documents".
o Does the Wizard play VGA movies fast? TyTN can do it fairly well if you switch to GAPI, raw mode, as been discussed on the various forums. 400MHz Qualcomm IS faster than an ARMv9 OMAP processor. Have you even looked at the benchmark programs?