HTC TyTN II review: Kaiser of PocketPCs

5 November 2007
One of the hottest PDAs around lately, the HTC TyTN II is one feature-loaded son-of-a-gun. It's got what it takes to quench your daily communication needs, and more: HSDPA/HSUPA, Wi-Fi, 2.8" touchscreen TFT display, hardware QWERTY keyboard...

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  • Anonymous

Hi there, thanks for the great review. Do you have any benchmark on the CPU and graphic? I'd to see how well it perform compare to the other devices on the market. Thanks.

  • meshal

hi there i just wanna know if someone is talking in the phone and i call nia the Tytn II does it will show the call waiting that we have in almost all phones?

  • Anonymous

you can shortcut to the alarm clock from the home screen by clicking on the big time clock rather than going through the settings menu

  • Lukas

I do not like Windows Mobile because it is very unstable. However, Symbian is not better, pity to say. Nokia N95 hacks as often as a Win Mobile device

  • lightsabre

e90 waaaay better saving up for it....will get it as a christmas gift to myself heh heh....yes i know it had a lotta probs but theyr mostly solved from what i hear