Sony Xperia XA2 Plus review

14 September 2018
The Sony Xperia XA2 Plus is seemingly a successor to the XA2 Ultra, bringing about a few subtle but important changes. In fact, the Xperia XA2 Plus might have been called an Ultra had it been released half a year ago. But today, it's merely a Plus in the XA2 lineup - a testament to the change in perception consumers are undergoing.

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Sony always disappointed in mid range department
Now look at this expensive shit with very old snap dragon chip,
Better options are Mi Max 3 , Honor Note 9 , Pocco F1 , Vivo V11 Pro, F9 plus & Mi 8 S. E
Goodbye Sony

On the same price bracket, theres no other choice than Pocophone F1 & Honor Play. They are conquering the mid range segment now.

Enough said.

  • Anonymous

"Xiaomi Mi A2 is one very tempting Android One handset available everywhere. It's made of metal, has a very similar 6" tall screen, it utilizes a powerful Snapdragon 660 chipset, and has impressive camera suites on both ends. The Mi A2 is almost half the price of the Sony, so there is that."


There, editor, fixed it for you.

Whackcar, 16 Sep 2018This is gonna be a tough sell due to the excessive competit... moreSony, Samsung, LG, and HTC doesn't excel well in midrange segment. They only shine in the flagship side.

  • Xhxhyy

From those benchmark score it seems that Cortex A53 slowly losing its place in the mid computational tasks. For a high computational task like jpeg processing and hdr appliance, it just can't catch up anymore. That's why Qualcomm embedded ISP Spectra right from QSD 636. But dedicated co-processor needs more resources (programming to debugging) rather than relying on the standalone processor. In 2020, Qualcomm should leave low-power processor and using only high-performance core. Just like Snapdragon 820/821.

  • Anonymous

I know a photographer that has xa2+, he says better than nokia 7+. Even with google cam the n7+ cant outperform xa2+

Whackcar, 16 Sep 2018This is gonna be a tough sell due to the excessive competit... morePretty much any company that isn't Chinese needs to rethink their mid-range lineup

  • Anonymous

xa2 is almost same price as mi a2 in my is tempting for me.but no giroscope, plus people on a forum that I trust are reporting proximity sensor issues.the procesor is not a big deal, its enough power.but for me sony is a a wierd company.

  • Anonymous

This would be a great upgrade to my XA1 Ultra, however Sony's appalling updates have put me off buying a Sony ever again. The last Nougat update broke the Wi-Fi which would lose authentication randomly until you rebooted the phone. The upgrade to Oreo fixed that but broke Bluetooth to varying degrees and Sony also forgot to include Vulkan drivers which were present in Nougat! Sony have not responded to any of my questions regarding this.

And as the review says, the 630 is too slow for the asking price. I'm not sure what's going on with Sony's pricing at the moment, especially with the XZ3. So that, coupled with faulty updates means Sony has lost a fan, something they need more than ever right now.

  • guv94

It'll be a good buy towards Christmas, I'll get one black, and one gold for my parents. They love Sony especially, but XA2 just wasn't worthy in my opinion, camera performance wasn't as good as I expected, but Plus is equivalent to XZ now. I wonder if this new camera post processing algorithm and the new UI will make their way towards the usual XA2 and Ultra.

This is gonna be a tough sell due to the excessive competition it faces. Sony needs to reconsider their midrange lineup the same way they did their flagship lineup.