Apple iPhone in and out: The next step

9 November 2007
Apple iPhone isn't exactly the best kept secret in the world. The odds are it's either on your Christmas wish list or you may as well already have it. Love it or hate it, the iPhone has set the bar pretty high in terms of interface and user-friendliness and, almost six...

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  • Android Man

all those years gone by. and the iphone needs itunes to do things. just apple making have to use apple software for your apple.

Thats why i got shot of my Iphone, world of freedom open source Android is the way. If they put Jully bean on the iphone 5. you would have the worlds best phone. as this is not the case.

  • S%M

Shimwah Mubanga, 03 Jul 2012I apple has been the only favourite in my life i love apple... moreApple has been the world most respected icon and is the most half for those who love gadgets.

  • Shimwah Mubanga

I apple has been the only favourite in my life i love apple very much for every gadget they introduce i always get entertained.And i always wish to do my best and join them.

  • G banger

Andy Burgin, 09 Nov 2007One of my favorite mobile webpages got pulled off because t... moreHaha the market showed you 5 years on

  • Marty

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2007I guess to everything there are pros and cons,the iphone is... moreI atcually found this more entertaining than James Joyce.

  • Jimmy

Anonymous, 14 Nov 2007There are no phones as these in my country I wish I had on... moreI'm impressed! You've managed the alosmt impossible.

  • zAHID

hI....I have an I-Phone to sell...anyone interested...Aed 2200/- contact me on 050-5765101 (only for UAE customers, as other's maynot be able to see & decide if they want to buy

  • o2 emplyee

love it, i play with all the new handset as they come in for sale, this handset is amazing, i have paid 450.00 gbp each for 2 as i lost one, once you have this you will never need another phone, just update, why complain about something most of you havent used?????

the cons are outweighed by the pros, con blue tooth, pre better email than a black berry, con no 3rd party apps, pro who needs them with app store, con locked to o2, pro locked to o2 LOL....

  • Anonymous

Really to me Iphone is just another branded object from apple (i'm a Microsoft lover) but the phone does seem like a very good one but it's already been copied out onto other phones so i don't see the point of buying the original if you can get others just like it for such a cheaper price and usually upgraded specs.

  • Anonymous

i have used nokia n95, n95me sony ericsson w900,w910 etc w900 was my fav cell phone but after i bought an iphone i hav felt the difference beetween iphone n other phones iphone is the best after u use u it u can feel the difference trust me Iphone rocks!!!!!

  • Abdool

1- Bluetooth incapable to send files
2- When recieving a call in standby mode, no REJECT option that appears, only SLIDE TO ANSWER
3- While writing a message then pressing home button, what u've wrote is just evaporated
4- Speaker is just too weak, a shame for such device
5- The uploaded pics in PHOTOS are transformed from high resolution to low
6- No Hotmail as an option

  • Anonymous

iphone rocks.

  • vignesh

in spite of your useful article, does the safari browser support flash? thats a major drawback if you are going to use the iphone to surf as most of the sites that we view today are all built in flash.

  • Anonymous

I was wondering if anyone has heard anything or know if there will be a newer generation of iphone?

  • desperate for an iph

does anyone know when is it available in asia??

  • Leif

Well, no doubt that iPhone is a big success in the states but in the United Kingdom the sales of this hyped products is not a success yet.

Please feel free to read my further comments on why iPhone is not a success in Europe:

Best regards,


  • mj

unless u have one or use one don't Belive the rubbish you read !
Go into any o2shop and they will gladly show you what the iPhone has offer
specs on paper mean nothing ! The phone is just awesome its fun ,easy to use .
my god I'm so stressed out listening to the utter tosh that's spouted on all mobile sites .
I work for a mobile network and can honestly say that the iPhone is the best phone I've ever used
it makes the n95etc look truly stone age

My advice do anyone is try one for yourself
I am happy with mine
infant this comment was written on my iPhone !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

I guess to everything there are pros and cons,the iphone is cool but there are many mishaps, surely for a phone that is so expensive one doesn't expect to go through those hassels.I am disappointed with the features, I thought with all the raves this phone would have countless features. The most upsetting thing about the iphone is that out of the blue at times if freezes,I've tried resetting the phone but nothing happens.

  • Anonymous

the more I read and research on it, the more I find it lacking in functionalities compared to the HTC touch. yes it has a great finger workings, but no bluetooh stereo, no SMS forwarding, restrictions to specific carriers, have to wait till early next year to get other applications to work on it, not surprising if someone else comes up with a iphone alternative (killer is too ambitious a word) without the restrictions. I'll live with my touch for now.

  • Anonymous

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