Razer Phone 2 hands-on review

10 Oct 2018
Everything about the Razer Phone 2 seems familiar, yet improved and refined. An experience quite similar to upgrading your computer's GPU or swapping your console for the next version - both notions which gamers are accustomed to and comfortable with. Still, the question remains as to whether the upgrade job was enough to mend all or at least most of the issues we found with the original Razer Phone.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-632062, 11 Oct 2018Most specs seems good. I guess it did not add one of the most im... morethey have razor earphone that are built for this so botton up, razor remove headphone jack .problem. razor make earphones for razor 2 . problem fixed

  • DokPH

Sp3ll, 22 Oct 2018Omg the design is just terrible. How can you not learn from the ... moreThere is a reason why the design did not change much. Remember that there is a laptop dock which uses this phone as the entire think center for the unit. Cheers..

  • Sp3ll

Omg the design is just terrible. How can you not learn from the first generation. It looks like the same as before.

I hope the Razer company keeps making these, so by the time Qualcomm has 5 nm and 3 nm SoC options, it'll be super fast, have extremely loud speakers, super bright screen, and a battery that will last 3 to 4 days per full charge "_" . Peace and chicken grease all :-] .

s-pen pusher, 12 Oct 2018oled tech is not capable of 120Hz refresh rate yet. once you hav... moreNot only that, but it allows higher brightness and also LCD will not suffer from burn-in.

LCD does have advantages, and should not die yet.

  • BigLeak_08

I just need a bigger screen....5.7 is almost somthing to compare to with these 6.1-6.5inch screens

  • s-pen pusher

Razer Phone 1 Owner, 14 Oct 2018The design maybe not be everyone but as a Happy owner of the fir... moreyes, that was what i have been preaching about the razer phone 1. i could even say that once you get used to the 120Hz refresh rate, anything lower than that appears to be such a jarring experience. such is the case when i am switching between my razer phone and note 8- even just scrolling web pages on the razer phone 1 is smoother than everything else.

  • Razer Phone 1 Owner

The design maybe not be everyone but as a Happy owner of the first model, I welcome new features of this. For those saying the 120hz is a Gimmick, you should actually see one in person and be blown away by how smooth it is. The speaker grills maybe ugly but they are loud and give a good media experience, trying watching a Dolby Atmos video and listen to 360 sound! Fans of the iPhone 4/5/Se will love the design of the phone, I have speaker grills any day than a Fugly Notch!

  • BetitoTj

For a mobile gamer to have everything it really occupies, it is necessary to have at least these 4 things to avoid connectivity problems and latency failures.

1.- Input 3.5mm for hearing aids so that the audio works correctly, that of sharing the type C input to charge and to connect some hearing aids is very bad idea.
2.- Connectivity to television via Mhl as they had several high-end phones from past generations.
3.- A gamepad with powerbank of minimum 6000mha and that can be connected via the type C connector so that there is no delay between the controller and the game.
4.-It is necessary to have a slot for memory card, I currently have a 128gb memory card with movies, emulator roms (MAME, SuperRetro 16 and Happychick) besides having a lot of my music, it is better to have all that in an external card so as not to saturate the cell phone internally and make it slower.

I believe that the Rogphone complies with everything it deals with except for the memory card slot.

  • Fade.

The 120Hz refresh rate is still slightly a gimmick. There are not that many apps and games to fully support it yet. If I remember correctly Sony has had it for a few years, but locked the feature, because it's not needed yet. So yeah some games may benefit from it, but only few.

  • foocko

Can you change battery? ohhh no? Phone will be useless in a matter of a year and a half.

  • Jucking Fesus

It looks like a Gorilla hand, srsly.

  • Anonymous

Patric, 11 Oct 2018Too many flaws for a game phone. Lack of gamecontrollers as acce... moreIf you don't like the device then you can check other brands. Dude, the phone is not made for your preference.

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 12 Oct 2018Too much bezel. Yeah bezel is too big and doesn't look good but there's a reason for it.

Kingslayer, 12 Oct 2018Too much bezel. For good reason

  • Alex

Kingslayer, 12 Oct 2018Too much bezel. This product is not for you!

s-pen pusher, 12 Oct 2018people are hating the big top and bottom bezels but it is there ... moreOh, that infinite contrast ratio completely makes up for that.

Too much bezel.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Fast charging itÂ’s the worst thing that kill phone battrey within couple of month do some research to understand how fast charging are really bad.