Google Pixel 3 review

31 October 2018
Bringing the small Pixel into the now with a tall display and less wasted space, we have this year's Google Pixel 3. Updated glass build and a couple of selfie cameras mark the other key changes compared to the 2017 vintage.

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  • Francklyn
  • jCe
  • 04 May 2023

I have a google pixel 3 it just fell in my hands and the screen won't turn on. I want to know what to do

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    • Romik
    • fCB
    • 28 Apr 2023

    Pixel 3 in Japanese model esim facility is there

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      • Anonymous
      • kmG
      • 26 Apr 2023

      I have a Google pixel 3 .And I can't make or receive calls it's fully unlocked by the manufacturer but is it ?

        So besides the microphone not working on phone calls, I am happy with my Pixel 3 but which Pixel would you recommend if I wanted something more recent? (With a working microphone) One attribute that I love is the compact size of the 3 - I am not a giant phone person. Thanks!

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          • Anonymous
          • n@7
          • 24 Sep 2022

          I am not sure whether the 49 megapixel mode performance is better than the 48 megapixel AI Ultra Clarity mode of the Huawei Honor View 20 in good light conditions.

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            • Flash
            • rJV
            • 07 Dec 2021

            Jack, 30 Sep 2021Battery is way more sucks than I thought. 🙁My friend has the same problem

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              • Sab
              • d%v
              • 12 Nov 2021

              Excellent processor support. I would add on to my previous message.

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                • Sab
                • d%v
                • 12 Nov 2021

                I bought Google pixel in 2021 to check how it goes so that I can think about pixel phones in future. I would rate it 4 out of 5 . Nice camera, nice resolution , good speaker. I would definitely go for the pixel 6 next year insha ALLAH.

                  • J
                  • Jack
                  • AJj
                  • 30 Sep 2021

                  Battery is way more sucks than I thought. 🙁

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                    • lp
                    • 0aP
                    • 22 Jul 2021

                    the phone is ok but it needs a largest font size the original font size is to small for someone with bad eyes so beware of that otherwise the phone is great

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                      • Just another guy
                      • gMK
                      • 27 Jun 2021

                      Anonymous, 05 Oct 2020I loved my Google pixel 3 until this last update, now I can... moreVolume down + power button at the same time . You can write a comment here but can't Google it?

                        • S
                        • Steve
                        • gMK
                        • 27 Jun 2021

                        Pixel 3 SUCKS, 30 Dec 2020This phone sucks. The hardware for the camera is awful. I p... moreBlurry ? Bruh. This phone still takes the best photos than any other phones.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • KI$
                          • 14 May 2021

                          My pixel 3 dont have option for e sim. Can any one help. Its updated on android 11

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                            • Pixel 3 SUCKS
                            • YH0
                            • 30 Dec 2020

                            This phone sucks. The hardware for the camera is awful. I purchased my Pixel 3 phone on October 21 2018. In July 2019 I started experiencing issues with my camera being super blurry and out of focus. I tried all the steps to fix it that Google recommends under the help section. Nothing worked. Luckily my phone was still under warranty and I was able to order a replacement on July 13, 2019. On December 22, 2020 the camera on my replacement phone started experiencing the same issues as before and it was very blurry. Thanks to Google I could not take photos during Christmas. My phone is no longer under warranty so I am looking at other manufacturers like the One Plus 7T. I tried all of the steps to fix the issue and I even did a factory re-set on my phone but it did not fix the issue. The camera on the Pixel 3 was not made to last and it is super disappointing. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE.

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                              • pixel-trash
                              • 4Rx
                              • 19 Dec 2020

                              my gf has a pixel 3. fast buy from verizon impulsive. recently bought a couple chromecasts and have a hard time connecting them. phone is great for use as a phone and nothing else. cant stream...multiple issues with the usb-c port no headphones charging issues yada yada. google continues to roll out junk and verizon continues to shove it down the publics throats. these phones are good if thats all you want...dont expect media capability...its far far behind the curve. my advice stop buying junk and thes3 people will be forced out of the market. way to late incoming anyhow. samsung s9 user. 64 gb. torrent dls usb c to hdmi converter streams casys video games. not even iphone does all that. i streamed and casted a cfb championship game with this phone at a year old and tried on a buddies brand new iphone 11 wich couldnt do the task kept pixelating black screening timeouts and network drops. samsung makes the best phones. sure the money is more but the things do exactly what you want.

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                                • M.
                                • uWC
                                • 01 Dec 2020

                                Can anyone tell me about the audio quality through the dongle? I'm not looking for world class, but is it at least crisp and noise free?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • nEH
                                  • 17 Nov 2020

                                  Michelle, 11 Nov 2020I can not figure out how to screen shot after the update. I... morepress Power key and down volume together

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • Q61
                                    • 14 Nov 2020

                                    Michelle, 11 Nov 2020I can not figure out how to screen shot after the update. I... moreScreenshotting is pretty easy, just press the power button and the lower volume button at the same time

                                      • M
                                      • Michelle
                                      • Q$w
                                      • 11 Nov 2020

                                      I can not figure out how to screen shot after the update. I've googled how to do it and can't figure it out. Maybe I'm stupid? But it was so easy before. Hiding down the power button and it would come up to screen shot. Love my phone but this is frustrating.

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                                        • MeZoP
                                        • k4M
                                        • 20 Oct 2020

                                        Anonymous, 05 Oct 2020I loved my Google pixel 3 until this last update, now I can... moreLOL just because of a Screenshot dude??