Google Pixel 3 review

31 October 2018
Bringing the small Pixel into the now with a tall display and less wasted space, we have this year's Google Pixel 3. Updated glass build and a couple of selfie cameras mark the other key changes compared to the 2017 vintage.

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Having trouble with incoming calls dropping out with the pixel 3 had this problem with the other pixel 3 and been replaced with a new one but still having the same problem ... any suggestions .... little disappointed in the phone.. my older phone didnt do this ...and it was a LG G6

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The Phone is having very low Ring Tone Volume. I sent the phone for service with in three days of purchase regarding the low ring volume issue. After a week , they are saying that they have checked the volume and it is as per the standard. I asked them what is their standard decibels but they dont know about decibel and they dont have any standard over that. The person told me that when he hear the Ring Tone it seems to be ok for him!! now they are sending back my phone. No replacement. My God! what a fool i am.

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What's the wallpaper above the introduction section someone tell me please!

Nope, not convincing. You can't list "good battery life" on the "Pros" list. 69h endurance rating is a bad joke for the price tag (what'd you expect for a S845 with OLED powered by a 2915mAh?). "Awesome camera"... Really? All the software trickery won't make up for specs when it comes to the camera. OIS is good, but won't do wonders.
Doesn't sounds like an honest review, to be honest.
A good phone at the €250 - €300 price range, but nowhere near adequate for current prices. (£639 here in the UK). Much better (camera, screen and battery altogether) phones to be bought at the price.

Kiyasuriin, 13 Nov 2018Because you're getting less preformance. "Duh!". why use the bes... moreAnyone here notices a lag or something like this on a pixel phone? If the phone is running exemplary... why you care about chipset frequencies? You know better than Google what is the needed frequencies?

Do you buy numbers or user experience and results?
Do you buy a phone just to press the "Test" button in Antutu?

If you want numbers... go to Huawei... first 7nm... 50% better performance compared to iPhone XS... this kind of advertising (FALSE advertising).

Dolanescu, 13 Nov 2018why not underclock the 845?Because you're getting less preformance. "Duh!". why use the best chip of Qualcomm if in the end you're lowering the peak preformance!?

Kiyasuriin, 31 Oct 2018Very disappointing endurance. And NEVER EVER underclock the S845. . .why not underclock the 845?

Lyndino, 05 Nov 2018I feel someone needs to tell you that no one gives a shit about ... moreYeah, that's really just your opinion or the opinion of typical customer sheeps. I'm sure you also think that Instagram is better than flickr and that your + $1000 phone replaces a real camera because it costs more than that. Those profit loving companies like Facebook, Google and Apple need customers like you very much.

Bad phone, it is ridiculous the score it gets with all these shortcomings. Huawei Mate 20 pro is so much better, even Xiaomi Mi8 is better which is much cheaper. Lots of better alternatives including iPhones, I don't really get the reason pixel get all the attention, they are just mediocre in everything.

  • fhdhsfdha

Entire review is full of apology for all the shortcomings. Compare this to review of the hauwei mate 20 and 20 pro.

  • dudecool

need help, in the audio quality section they said audio quality is below average for a flagship, is this all dependent on the USB-C dongle? or is this more from the phone?

so for example if I get a third party USB C dongle with a better built in DAC, the phone will be better sounding?

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google pixel 3 review
Very nice review by you. I really liked your review.

  • Sam Andrew

Such a shame! How dare Google asking for that price? Most unimpressive and unwanted award goes to Google Pixel 3/XL, for the price you can get nearly two phone with Snapdragon 845, for example Oneplus 6T and LG G7 etc. don't find anything special about it, Google is thinking that it will become apple by setting price like it? working with mobile retailer and not a single person buying pixel from us since announcement

  • Lyndino

Schlafwandler, 04 Nov 2018The leading camera? If you follow the reviews of paid YouTubers ... moreI feel someone needs to tell you that no one gives a shit about the 808 PureView. As good as that camera was it couldn't survive and didn't t, face facts dude.
More to a phone than a huge ugly bump for a nice photo. But that's just my opinion.

  • dudecool

Schlafwandler, 04 Nov 2018The leading camera? If you follow the reviews of paid YouTubers ... morewell silly argument as businesses have to make profit otherwise they don't survive.

lyndino, 03 Nov 2018You may not like the same camera set-up being used 2 years in a ... moreThe leading camera? If you follow the reviews of paid YouTubers and blogs it was "fantastic" and "brilliant", yes. If I compare it with the results of Nokia 808 or even Nokia 950 it´s just average picture quality. Googles HDR+ had strong artefacts with my Pixel 1 and 2 in lowlight and it´s still noisy with Pixel 3.

I´m not talking about Chinese companies, I´m not interested in those companies. I have general criticism about this industry. Google was lazy because before P20 Pro there was no competition? If true, this shows exactly that those companies are not interested in progress. They are interested in profits, profits, profits for their shareholders.

I'm digging the design, It's pretty much a shrunken version of the pixel 2 xl and sony xz3. Very clean and minimal. Deffo the best selfie camera I've seen on a phone, rear camera is on par with other flagships it's to close to call this year.

  • lyndino

Schlafwandler, 02 Nov 2018This phone shows the fraud of smartphone industry and those inte... moreYou may not like the same camera set-up being used 2 years in a row but it was the leading camera set-up of last year. And as for sticking with a tried / true system they didn't need to overhaul the camera. Now that Huawei improved on the p20 with the mate 20 and the iPhones take gorgeous photos I'm sure Google will once again put some r&d into the 'next camera to have' for the next pixel phone.
Also, you can't really compare the expensive flagship phones (Pixel, iPhone, S9, Mate20[partially]) with the inexpensive chinese phones just because they run SD845 chips. Build quality and top components go a long way.

Pixel 3 especially Pixel 3 XL is beyond pathetic. I don't know what weed the R&D is smoking to come up with overpriced crap like this. Their mobile department should be obliterated once and for all. The legacy of Nexus line is long gone.

I would rather buy a much cheaper OP6T or any SD845 Xiaomi phone and root it.

This phone shows the fraud of smartphone industry and those internet giants very good. Basically the same phone than Pixel 2 with other screen - but they charge again even more than last year..

Best example is the camera: We now have the same camera quality for years now. Google has billions of money that they could use for development and they own parts of HTC. But they use the exactly same camera hardware of last year. It´s a joke. There´s no real progress because they don´t use bigger, better sensors. Old Nokia phones had much better camera tech than those overpriced Pixels and iPhones. Stop buying such cashcows! Those companies maybe only change when their sales drop down more and more.