Google Pixel 3 review

31 October 2018
Bringing the small Pixel into the now with a tall display and less wasted space, we have this year's Google Pixel 3. Updated glass build and a couple of selfie cameras mark the other key changes compared to the 2017 vintage.

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Nick Tagataka, 01 Nov 2018In that case Sony Mobile is more like a fat smartass who has ric... moreLol nice try debunking what's already obvious as a fact.
You're trying hard to defend those copycat bullies against someone who's actually doing good.
We all know for a fact that Sony can easily take the 'W' if they intentionally do so. Their knowledge in camera is light years ahead of everybody, and they could also create a smartphone camera today that others would be able to match 5 years later on.
Their displays are easily one of the best. The general consumers approve this by choosing the XZ3's panel as their favorite, so all those DisplayMate BS you have are unwanted, because what the heck are accurate colors when you'd not even try using them? (I know for a fact that Samsung screens can also be as vibrant, but nowhere near the pop that Sony screens have to offer, in which even their XZ2 has better color pop than the Note 9).
In audio, if they didn't abandon the jack and actually improved it, they could easily have Onkyo DACs and blow the competition away, including the V40 ThinQ.

Again, they could do these incredible things, but don't wanna do it for the sake of those bullies to leave them alone in peace.

Studying a lot at home?? LOL, you mean they're browsing the net for the young boy's old ideas and try to recreate them with their names on it. They can't even do those things right, but their magical use of words make them believable and sound revolutionary.

Friendly to people?? I bet you know that there's a really kind person like the young boy, then there are 'fake' people who are only kind when there are other people around, but worse than evils behind the back, like those "good-looking" bullies.

Yes, there are reasons why they've got their hard earned money.
The young guy got it for working hard and using his real talent of creative thinking, while the good-looking guys got it from their spoiled parents and by "Ctrl C + Ctrl V"-ing the works of other people.
Good for them that the young boy isn't speaking about this yet, otherwise it would be the end of those bullies.

  • Anonymous

worst phone ever, gj google.. more cons then pros haha im so gonna buy this phone.... NOT!

  • Petr

Anonymous, 01 Nov 2018Sony is becoming irrelevant and not everyone will be able to buy... moreAs if Pixels were available worldwide... C'mon.

Who will buy this noisy photo phone ?

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 01 Nov 2018Ah, so this is why Google decided to underclock Snapdragon 845 i... moreSnapdragon 845 has some serious heating issue you need to check one plus 6 on YouTube heating issue even one plus 6T did the same .

  • Anonymous

Prabhat, 01 Nov 2018As usual, you posted a well balanced review of device. Howeve... moreSony is becoming irrelevant and not everyone will be able to buy a Sony phone.­business-closing-down-regions_id106135

  • Prabhat

As usual, you posted a well balanced review of device.

However I believe you should have compared this phone with Sony Xperia XZ 2 Premium as well.

  • Anonymous

MdN8, 01 Nov 2018Night Sight is impressive, in some other reviews even more than ... moreActually, Night Sight isn't impressive. It's a noisy and blurry mess. You can replicate it in any cheap smartphone which has manual camera controls (which the obscenely priced Pixel phone doesn't have). Set ISO to 400 (or higher) and shutter speed to 1 second.(or higher) depending on how bright the scene you want to come out.

Ah, so this is why Google decided to underclock Snapdragon 845 inside Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL: They skimped out on software battery optimisation and a proper heat pipe to save costs, so its battery performance would be simply atrocious and the chipset would throttle down to unusable level if they didn't underclock it. And GSMArena is kind enough to give it a score of 4.2 to this good-for-nothing(apart from its single camera) mess of a product. Seems legit.

  • Anonymous

The Pixel 3 is at the height of mediocrity in a flagship phone. 860EUR for a flagship phone that doesn't even have 4K 60fps, a dual rear camera, a micro SD card slot, a dual SIM, a 3.5mm headphone jack and a reasonably sized battery.

You might as well buy a Mi A2 lite if you're after fast software updates and fluid, pure Android user experience. At least the 200EUR Mi A2 lite comes with dual sim AND dedicated micro SD card slot (NOT hybrid), FM radio hardware, IR blaster (master remote), and huge 4000mAh battery at LESS THAN 1/4th the price of the obscenely priced Pixel 3 (860EUR). Now if you must have flagship performance, the 300EUR Pocophone F1 will be a vastly better phone with the same SD 845 processor, 6GB RAM, huge 4000mAh battery, dual sim, hybrid micro sd slot, headphone jack, FM radio and versatile DUAL rear camera system. Software updates will not be as superfast, but they'll be fast anyway or at least arrive in a timely fashion, knowing how Xiaomi even updates their entry level $150 Redmi 4x phones to a major Android software update plus timely security patches. There, another Pixel phone market flop in the making.

Shanti Dope, 01 Nov 2018"The number of Pixel 3s sold will very likely be a fraction of t... moreIn that case Sony Mobile is more like a fat smartass who has rich parents trying to act like a talented one when he really isn't. And those "good-looking guy" you mentioned are actually studying a lot when they at home(but you can't notice it because they don't show it to other people) so they do great in all tests, plus they are also super friendly to other people and that's what makes them so popular. There are reasons behind some being successful when others aren't, and those who are successful generally have worked really hard to earn their respective places. Sony Mobile haven't, but instead is trying to use their parents' name to be popular.

Theres nothing to excites about this Pixel 3. Same old same old.

"The number of Pixel 3s sold will very likely be a fraction of the major competitors' figures, but does that make the Pixel 3 a bad phone? We reckon not."

So why can't the Xperia phones that are similar in this situation also be treated nicely?!
I bet there will be more Xperia XZ3 sold than Pixel 3, and sales or not, the former is clearly ahead of the newest Pixel phones, with a display that's easily competing with the best of Samsung and Apple, and a camera that's as competent as the Pixel 3's, yet they don't get the love and attention that it deserves.
Sony is like that always-bullied super talented young boy in school, but the other students and teachers will always notice that one good-looking guy (Samsung, Apple, Huawei, etc.) with less impressive talent and inferior academic performance.

  • Anonymous

What the hell is happened with the Audio Quality?
Noise Level -71db, Dynamic Range 83db?
How can they be below 90 as a 2018 phone?

  • dudecool

Just not enough PROS for me to consider this phone..

I love the dimenions, pure android...

I don't like that the Camera has barely improved, battery life is pretty average, CPU throttling isn't great either since Android needs all the power it can get and means Google didn't want to spend any time coming up with a better thermal design, 4GB is pushing it IMO when we are about to enter 2019.

Its still a great phone, I think at 100-200 less both the 3 and 3 XL would price it perfectly.

And I felt like half of the photos shot on an iPhone XS were better than the Pixel 3, they had a more natural look, will be even better once they fix the smoothing issue.

  • Anonymous

I can't see the point of this phone, really. Average in all areas with a good camera and a price for which you can do a whole lot better.

Battery life. Google and their so-called optimizations. Pathetic! Never buy a stinking Pixel or iPhone! OnePlus all the way!

-Glass back - all have glass back now..don't know what are you talking...wireless charging ring a bell to you?
-Restricted wireless charging for non-google compliant wireless chargers - that's an wise decision. they can't tell if all chargers out there will not damage the phone, they need to be tested and certified. look at iphone will tell you that's not a genuine cable...and some it will ruin your iphone.
-Poor battery life - that's not true at all.
-Questionable hardware decisions like 128gb only, no mSD port, 3.5mm jack. they are pro cloud services they will give you unlimited space till 2022 what for you want more than 128Gb local storage? if you give 900 euros in this phone i bet in 2022 you will buy another phone so memory is not an issue here...again.
-And finally, the whole concept of a Google-branded phone - didn't get this one....

-Stock Android is still way more restrictive than Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi or most OEM Android tweaks - true, but still faster than the rest and will get updates sooner if you care about that..having 6month earlier than the rest or 1 year in most cases (pie only have 1% on android devices) of hundred of new features and tweeks that's a good thing not a bad thing in my book.
-Others have way better navigation and full-screen options than Google - that i agree, and normal. if not what's the point of tweeking an software if not for the best.
-Biggest con, update policy" - this you dont get it. they only give updates for 2 years because that way they are free to go in any direction of android in 2 years window. If they want to change radical android they can think ahead 2 years and make that decision and those decisions may not be compatible with existences devices, so will slow them down their decision. apple is same thing 10 years..same icons..90% same navigation (stole from BB10 swipes and meego) and it will be same thing 5 year more in this current update policy. so It will be same dull IOS that we all know and love/hate (that back button 10km away from the finger kills me).

Night Sight is impressive, in some other reviews even more than here. I hope other makers start working on their own versions, if they haven't already. It's the first camera-related breakthrough in a long time and it would be a shame if it remained available only on one phone.

  • T M

Charge a premium price, expect premium experience. Underclocked 845, laughable 4gb ram, and absurd battery life. This is such a lazy effort.