Razer Phone 2 review

7 November 2018
The Razer Phone 2 is not your everyday, regular phone, in much the same way the Razer Blade is not exactly a conventional laptop. On the surface, this may sound like a straight-out praise, but in reality, there are many facets to such a device and more than one way to approach it.

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  • user7791

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2019A gaming smartphone but dont have 3.5mm jac, WHY???It's the Bluetooth craze. Google has it now. To me, the lack of a 3.5mm jack was the deciding factor to NOT purchase a Pixel 3.

  • Maxx Skywalker

I've owned this phone since December, and while I love it to bits, there are some issues worth noting.

Primarily, if you go commando, foregoing a protective case, the black finish on the edges wears away, revealing the silver aluminum underneath. This ruins the aesthetic a little bit, but it's not horribly game breaking. It's just that it started wearing away rather quickly soon after purchase, soiling its "newness" factor just a bit. For an $800 investment, this is unacceptable, but I can deal with it.

The display, when showing it brightest is really nice, but from time to time, I notice that the brightness automatically dims at seemingly random times. This is with the automatic brightness setting turned off.

The built-in alarm clock has this nifty feature that requires you to slide a little clock icon from the left side of the screen to the right. This doesn't always work, however as it will often require me to fumble around with the phone, with the alarm still ringing, feebly trying to dismiss it by sliding, tapping, and depressing the icons.

Other than these things, I really love this phone, probably one of the best phones I've had since the HTC Incredible.

  • Afshin

Does it have clock on screen saver?just like amoled version?

  • Anonymous

A gaming smartphone but dont have 3.5mm jac, WHY???

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2018LG uses mono. DAC only works for headphone jack, not with wi... moreThe audio quality chart does include phones with headphones plugged in. And even more, it includes phones with 3.5mm jack.

If they fix the battery life in the next version it looks like what the next Sony should have been except for the silly light on the back.

Such poor endurance rating for a 'gaming' phone , 120hz refresh rate is not ready to be rolled out yet

  • Anonymous

Melissakis, 08 Nov 2018One of the first things to look for when I buy a phone is audio ... moreLG uses mono.

DAC only works for headphone jack, not with wireless.

Razer made a lot of subtle improvements to the Razer phone 2 and while it may not be a major upgrade from the Razer phone it is the better choice.

Customer, 08 Nov 2018Agree with you! none android games are properly optimized for t... moreMaybe more devs are willing to develope for android if the hardware is there? THere are shield exclusive games as there are nvidia once.

One of the first things to look for when I buy a phone is audio quality. So, when you review a flagship-grade phone, I think that it would be very helpful to include LG's flagship phones on the charts, which are really good at that aspect.

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2018Why should I pay $600+ for an android for gaming since most of g... moreAgree with you! none android games are properly optimized for that matter! Once android games reaches the serious standarts for gaming, that'll be awesome!

The battery life is very underwhelming for a 4,000mAh capacity.

  • Anonymous

Why should I pay $600+ for an android for gaming since most of games on android not optimized well?. Better get an iPad or x box for that price.

  • this phone is a pro

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2018really crappy and hideous looking phone.. i can imagine the targ... moreplease get the basics right. this is a gaming phone with high end specs. Not the one which becomes a hot rod or the one which explodes. sleek and powerful.

Owning many razer úrodicts i can honestly say it will be perfect ideal phone.

  • Anonymous

really crappy and hideous looking phone.. i can imagine the target audience is what, 12 year olds who like bling bling phones? no serious adult would touch this garbage.....

  • 123

I believe gsmarena was too critical about camera qualities. I see it well above average and close to flagship quality. maybe they don't want to promote this phone for some reason.

The problem with touch screen phone, lack of tactile feedback make it unsuited to a lot of genres, with Razer phone 2, the external controller at USD 135 is just a rip off, people may buy ps4 dual shock controller for usd 60 as you can use on various equipment, pc, ps 4, xperia phones even raspberry pi, but very few people spend so much money on a mobile phone controller only

I wanted to read this but then stopped at first page. Razer killed my passion to RP2 by killing project Linda. This was the only way they could win anything on the market. They could be first and sloppy phone design could be explained by option to put the phone to lapdock.
This year will be the year of shame. Apple(XR, XS), Google(Pixel3), Razer(RP2) and last but not least Blizzard with Diablo Immortal.