Razer Phone 2 review

7 November 2018
The Razer Phone 2 is not your everyday, regular phone, in much the same way the Razer Blade is not exactly a conventional laptop. On the surface, this may sound like a straight-out praise, but in reality, there are many facets to such a device and more than one way to approach it.

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The problem with touch screen phone, lack of tactile feedback make it unsuited to a lot of genres, with Razer phone 2, the external controller at USD 135 is just a rip off, people may buy ps4 dual shock controller for usd 60 as you can use on various equipment, pc, ps 4, xperia phones even raspberry pi, but very few people spend so much money on a mobile phone controller only

I wanted to read this but then stopped at first page. Razer killed my passion to RP2 by killing project Linda. This was the only way they could win anything on the market. They could be first and sloppy phone design could be explained by option to put the phone to lapdock.
This year will be the year of shame. Apple(XR, XS), Google(Pixel3), Razer(RP2) and last but not least Blizzard with Diablo Immortal.

For gaming phone. Better go for Asus ROG or Xiaomi Shark Helo

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2018"Cons -Glass back is really slippery and the phone is real... moreIMO I need bezels on a phone not just for gaming purposes but also for daily use, I hold my phone a lot on the bezels, sometimes even in gaming, can't live without jack as well and sorry but cameras are not much needed if you want a gaming concentrated phone like ROG, Razer, BlackShark, and RedMagic

  • bshizzle

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2018Again bad battery life. Rly Razer. 4000mAh and 70h endurace. thats because the 120 hertz screen is a battery hoove if you did more research on the phone youd already know that nothing that razer has ever done about to these phones was to give you good battery life i use the first razer phone and it easily gets me through a day with the screen on 120 hertz

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-Glass back is really slippery and the phone is really not comfortable to hold horizontally for a long time.
-Bezels, bezels everywhere.
-ULTRAMOTION and 120Hz are really power-hungry and drain the battery quick.
-No 3.5mm audio jack.
-The Razer Phone 2 gets really hot, sometimes uncomfortably so during gaming.
-Few existing Android games can run at more than 60 fps.
-The Razer Phone's cameras are unimpressive in both photos and videos. "

How is having bezels everywhere a CON?! Can you tell me, edi**r? It should be under PROS!! Bezels help protect the screen from unwanted smudges. It also protects the screen from damage.

PS: Asus ROG phone is miles ahead of Razer Phone 2. If ROG phone had a microsd slot, it would be a perfect gaming phone.

  • Anonymous

No charge test? Just when I thought we would finally see if QC4+ lives up to its name, GSMArena decides not to disclose the results.

  • AnonD-429807

As an all time fan of Sony's Omnibalance design (particularly the Xperia Z5), I'll give kudos to Razer for making the design much closer to it with that glass back (not to mention they will also offer the "frosted" Satin Black variant that makes it "just" look like the Z5).

Asus ROG, Honor Note 10 & Mate 20X are better alternatives. Those are equipped with big batteries & liquid cooling for a long term gaming. On a budget side, Poco F1 & Honor Play definitely the best.

None competes with Asus ROG Phone and Mate 20X is a great alternate too

lahuevo, 07 Nov 2018xiaomi black shark helo is better, it has an amoled display... moreThe black shark has terrible LTE support. That's something Asus got right. Its also what Razor got right. Also Asus has the 3.5 jack. Something both Xaiomi and Razor droped the ball on.

Screens and battery are too small.

  • lyndino

ASUS ROG is going to annihilate this and Black Shark.

  • Anonymous

Again bad battery life. Rly Razer. 4000mAh and 70h endurace.

  • Sean

Never liked either of these Razer phones,boring & very ugly design,average cameras,not into gaming either. Hate that black border round the display too

The Razer Phone 2 is to Razer Phone 1, what the Pixel 3 is to Pixel 2. In both cases, they're just minor updates. No significant improvements in any field. Last but not least, they both cost more than their predecessors, and that too for no good reasoning.

On a positive note though, the predecessors were good phones to begin with, so the lack of a major upgrade is not that bad. It's just that if you already own a Razor Phone or a Pixel 2/XL, then there's no need to upgrade to the newer one. Aside from wireless charging, they don't offer enough to warrant an upgrade.

xiaomi black shark helo is better, it has an amoled display instead of a 120hz gimmicky display and it costs nearly half the price!!!