Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) review

05 December 2018
The latest iPads are the best tablets Apple has ever made, of course. But now they are also highly advertised as fully-fledged computers and the maker wants you to think they can do everything. Do they really? We grabbed the latest iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) to find out just that.

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  • uvA
  • 06 Dec 2018

Waw it is super ipad

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    • LEi
    • 06 Dec 2018

    Using tablets in 2018.


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      • PGq
      • 06 Dec 2018

      -Great display, 120Hz is a real treat
      -The most powerful mobile chipset in the world
      -Beautiful design, superb handling experience
      -Dependable battery
      -Outstanding quartet of speakers
      -Excellent selfie experience
      -Good all-round rear camera
      -USB Type-C port

      -No 3.5mm audio port as STANDARD (Please put it back to where it belongs as a CHOICE!! Based on the design, there is more than ENOUGH SPACE!!)
      -Renders all old accessories obsolete (PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE)
      -Apple iOS 12 still isn't suited for power users or heavy workflow (Power users would want useful x86, x64 applications for mobile computing use, which is by using Windows.)
      -The rear camera has lost OIS (What a bummer. What's wrong with OIS?? This is something that iPads themselves has stood out of the rest of the tablet market.)
      -No portrait mode for the rear camera
      -Expensive, with even more expensive accessories (PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE)
      -No microsd slot (Sure Apple does not have any, but it's almost a decade & you can't include that as a CHOICE?? Look at Galaxy Tab S4, it has expandable storage as a CHOICE & STANDARD)
      -No Touch ID (Touch ID is way MORE SECURE than Face ID which can be hacked so long one has the same face like the other.)
      -No home button (GESTURES for navigation?? If screen cracks / breaks at the bottom, you're f****d.)
      -OVERPRICED$$ (You can get a gaming laptop / desktop for that price or maybe lower & do the same things if you're a power user.)

      There, ed***, fixed it for you.

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        • Anonymous
        • PGq
        • 06 Dec 2018

        "With the addition of the Face ID and because of the shrunken screen bezels, the Touch ID sensor had to go."

        What a bummer. (Cr)Apple could have used in-display Touch ID to "justify" the high price of this iPad.

        "Yes, Apple has retired the analog port on the new generation iPads! Apple gave no apparent reason for ditching the 3.5mm jack support on the iPads"

        Reasons (TRUTH): PROFIT$$, Planned obsolescence.

        "Apple has never really needed one. You either deal with it, or you don't - this has been the company's way for years."

        Typical BS statement from (Cr)Apple. Why can't you be more like *cough Sam**** *cough??

        "The bad news is that it costs $139 and the worse - the previous Apple Pencil is incompatible with the new iPads."

        OVERPRICED$$ & another planned obsolescence. *cough Sam**** *cough Note 9 SPen is already compatible with the previous gen of Notes, save apart from newer features that can't be used. But writing it is alright though.

        "Then we tried the HDMI port. The iPad's screen was mirrored on the TV, as expected with black bars around the side because of the 4:3 aspect."

        Please follow Samsung's Tab S4 example & use the god da** 16:9 already without the annoying black bars!! Sure some may argue with me it's better for e-reading & all that stuff.

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          • Fayth
          • tEZ
          • 06 Dec 2018

          I want one, but my wallet says no

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            • TheIceMan
            • 0RP
            • 06 Dec 2018

            In terms of raw performance this thing is at least 2 to 3 years ahead of the rest . And everything else is also amazing . The only drawback is the price . Which is a little bit more than what it should've been .

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              • air
              • IWc
              • 06 Dec 2018

              so it's a computer replacement without cursor so you have to use pointy body parts for navigation... how exciting precision by fragile thing

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                • AnonD-558092
                • 45}
                • 06 Dec 2018

                Now can you guys do a review of the Tab S4?

                  What a joke of a te tablet. It's not a computer. It's a tablet running iOS. Overpriced, no audio port, no adapter from lighting to USB-C , gotta buy new apple pencil for 130 dollars lol
                  Jerry riggs everything bended this this tablet like paper. Haha

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                    • Hoffmann
                    • 8s{
                    • 05 Dec 2018

                    That performance benchmark is just embarrasing for other chipsets

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                      • Arsani
                      • CCY
                      • 05 Dec 2018

                      Gsmarena didn’t say much about it’s capability as a computer. It really is too expensive if you can’t use it as Laptop replacement.

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                        • Kirin
                        • r3H
                        • 05 Dec 2018

                        What a beast😮

                          IDK, this kinda sounds a little biased at times

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                            • 05 Dec 2018


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                              • 05 Dec 2018