Honor Magic 2 review

14 December 2018
The Honor Magic 2 is one of several recent handsets that mark the return of the slider - bringing back a level of tactile interaction almost forgotten in these times of incessant tapping and swiping.

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  • Anonymous

When it'll be released in Pakistan...???

  • Tonker

Im replying this on honor magic 2. Its a whole different & wonderful experience.

  • the validator

Matagalpa, 21 Dec 2018No 3.5mm headphone jack, no buy.valid point that dude

No 3.5mm headphone jack, no buy.

  • Pajson89

Looking at rewiev its bad phone ,but lucky im selling phones and i know this is great phone for great price .

  • samsheit

gam30to, 17 Dec 2018all that "innovation" to make it all screen. Could of just ... moreXiaomi tried that with their Mi Mix 2 series and it failed. Nobody liked having a selfie camera at the bottom of the phone because you needed to turn upside down the phone everytime you needed to take a selfie

I adore Honor
Really great devices

gam30to, 17 Dec 2018all that "innovation" to make it all screen. Could of just ... moreCan you?

  • gam30to

all that "innovation" to make it all screen. Could of just put that camera in that chin. What a waste

Amazing device, the best slider, problem is, it's a unicorn, nowhere to be found.
Maybe next year, when it will be fully outdated, it will appear in Europe...

Mollayyo, 15 Dec 2018I don't understand why gsmarena don't use performance mode ... morePerformance mode gives about 10% power gain, in exchange to 30 minutes of usability (thermal throttling) and up to 5 hours of use (more battery consumption)

In practical terms, people wouldn't trade a slight speed boost for less time of usage
Being inferior to SD845, well it's Huawei's fault already
It's their duty to make the chipset much better than SD845 in every possible way

  • Finophile

when you write: "the push for bezelless all-screen designs has forced engineers to come up with novel ways to arrange the stuff that typically goes above the display."

You need to recognise that such push has only come from the likes of you (reviewers), I do not see evidence that it has come from the buyers (and indeed forums where phones are discussed puts it low on the actual list of important). So well done you

  • Finophile

your opening remark is highly laudable "bringing back a level of tactile interaction almost forgotten in these times of incessant tapping and swiping" however to actually do anything on the phone (like type this) you will need to be "Tapping and Swiping" with no tactile interaction. The loss of the QWERTY phones (Nokia E and Blackberry) has caused a generation to never really grow up knowing how to deal with proper keyboards. That and *even still* the vast majority of the population just can't type means everything from phones to computers is intended to be used by people without any clue ... like driverless cars but without any driver.

  • Noor

very nice

I don't understand why gsmarena don't use performance mode for Antutu... It's misleading because people will think S845 is more powerful

Nick Tagataka, 15 Dec 2018Digital zoom that relies on high resolution sensor becomes ... moreDigitally zoomed images from monochrome sensor would look good because of its superior detail
The thing is, can the RGB sensor achieve similar level of detail to match the monochrome sensor?
Obviously, because the extra detail from the monochrome sensor would be pretty useless if it'll just end up being masked by the inferior detailed result from the RGB sensor
It does lower the noise, but that's mainly from noise reduction that Huawei applies to the images
If it was already that good, then why do we still use 3x optical zoom when a high resolution monochrome sensor could just do it without the hassle of a dedicated zoom sensor?

If Huawei really felt that people demanded for wide angle lens, then why do they have to sacrifice the monochrome sensor just for that?
I mean, if the monochrome sensor really makes a huge difference, then it wouldn't be removed so easily, unless they suddenly found a way to achieve great low light performance even without the monochrome sensor
Instead of removing, why not just add the wide angle lens and keep the monochrome?
Quad camera setup isn't anything bad, and besides, for bragging rights, this setup would be better
Admittedly, they just realized how useless it is on their phones, and that they're having a second thought of returning it back, ensuring that on that second time, it'll finally make sense and give a massive boost in image quality real quick

  • Anonymous

Nick Tagataka, 15 Dec 2018Wow, what a garbage set of cameras it has. So almost exactl... moreI think half the price for one of if not the fastest phone in the market is quite a steal.

Shanti Dope, 15 Dec 2018Let's say Huawei became more competitive in the camera game... moreDigital zoom that relies on high resolution sensor becomes less reliable in low light since there would be less and less pixels to be binned as you zoom in, which increases the noise level & reduces details. Digital zoom using monochrome sensor can deal with darker environment better as no matter how far you zoom in information from RGB sensor is always combined with information from monochrome sensor that carries far more luminance data. In this case noise level still increases if you start zooming in, but much less significantly so than simple digital crop.
Also if I covered the lens for the monochrome sensor on my Mate 10 Pro in low light, the camera wouldn't be able to resolve shadow area as much as it can when both sensors are used. Noise level would increase, too. The same can't be said for XZ2 Premium, which rather uses the monochrome sensor to simply improve SNR in extreme low light - That's why it makes the picture a lot worse unless ISO goes above 3200 on XZ2P, at 12MP, its monochrome sensor has lower resolution than the main 19MP RGB sensor. Less noisy, but a lot softer.

The reason why Huawei decided to ditch the monochrome sensor from Mate 20 Pro is that right now wide-angle camera works better for the marketing. In fact they answered in the interview that they are always seeking for a chance to bring back the monochrome sensor if necessary, and there's a huge possibility that it will make a return on P30 Pro given the rumour that it will have quad camera setup.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Dec 2018I really wanted to get this, in fact, I was saving up for i... moreGood choice, mate.

Nick Tagataka, 15 Dec 2018"Sony has shown to us how to use such setup" Like monochro... moreLet's say Huawei became more competitive in the camera game after the implementation, is the achieved result really what's expected on the setup to bring?

Monochrome sensor is supposed to improve light sensitivity in low light, not improve digital zoom, in which any high resolution sensor can easily attain
For all the years, they weren't able to bring some insane high ISO performance as good as Sony did? No wonder why people didn't like it
It didn't bring any substantial improvements for Huawei, but it did for Sony

Also, Huawei wouldn't drop the monochrome sensor on the Mate 20 series if they know that it's serving a major purpose on the overall image quality of their cameras