Asus ROG Phone review

21 December 2018
In more ways than one the ROG phone is a benchmark, a practical example of what a gaming phone could be when you really have the expertise, experience and technical prowess to pull it off and dial everything to eleven.

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  • Satya

Can we desktop dock for other applications than only gaming,like business, professional works, billing softwares etc/ can we use only the phone as PC with keyboard and mouse/ or with an external display/monitor without a PC.

  • Anonymous

Not worth it. I dropped my phone once and it was just about knee high and the display got broken. At first it was displaying some light in the screen but as time goes by it just displayed black screen. The touch sensor were still working but the display was not. I just wasted money. The durability is very low.

Muzungu, 13 May 2020Hello Everyone! Is it worth buying Asus Rog Phone 1 in 202... moreWhich 2020? Before or after Christ?

  • Muzungu

Hello Everyone!
Is it worth buying Asus Rog Phone 1 in 2020? For around $350USD? I play games but not heavy gamer!
And how is the battery? Does it last a full day? And any issues with the phone? And hows the phone for day to day use? I'm thinking should I buy Rog Phone 1 or Realme x2 (non-pro)?

  • Anonymous

i like the phone

  • Anonymous

Should be mentioned it in NA @ least might be version B only but due to the fact that zenfone v live is a year old no wonder why they never had the cdma radio certified in the begining but it sounds like their working on that which is good given in small pockets of US the cdma-less group is weak signal which is bad given that we have less than a year maybe 2-3 if their business customers arnt satisfied with the coverage yet

  • Anonymous

Does it support dng like other asus devices?

  • Anonymous

bayarfaj2004, 23 Dec 2018Great review, many thanks GSMArena. How much does the whol... more2299.99 right now but its regular retail is 2549.92 on the US asus store & its 512gb model(which for some odd reason has micro sd unlike the 128)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2018Pros -Unique look and amazing build quality. -Lavish pack... moreThe 512 does

  • Anonymous

bayarfaj2004, 31 Dec 2018Bro, relax, do you have any problem if I want to buy them all?is it support vr

  • Anonymous

ROG phone as a whole is a great phone overall with one flaw. Its screen. Due to screen refresh rate, even though you set it to a lower frame rate, really sucks the battery fast. But overall the phone is awesome.

This ROG phone was kind great phone, but not the best at all. I'm pretty praised with its model, which looks like badass gaming phone that like "look, look ! My phone is cool, You're not". I also loved when they really care about some ergonomic design that brings up performance to next pinnacle of benchmark--which has lot heatsinks and ventilation to prevent Snapdragon 845 thermal throttling.

But this phone come with one question. Who was this phone for ?

There are many alternatives in "gaming" phone such as a bang for buck phone Pocophone F1 with ridicolously low price, Huawei's best gaming phone, Honor Play, with same price as Poco F1 with Kirin 970 in it, or maybe some Razer Phone for it's simplicity of gaming phone, or Xiaomi Black Shark with it's cool design with great chipset too.

I think ROG Phone considered as the most powerful Snapdragon Smartphone in 2018, even competes Oneplus 6T. This phone is most likely for people who wants gaming experience to next level and durable for about 5 year span due great quality of cooling that prevent hardware degradation

  • Anonymous

bayarfaj2004, 31 Dec 2018Bro, relax, do you have any problem if I want to buy them all?On point. We have the resources to purchase the phone and the accessory and we love the product since it is quality vs quantity. Regardless of the price, the phone itself is to the highest level of it being premium. I love the ROG phone because you have no problem at all. Whatever people will say or post here on the comment section are all irrelevant for me due to that I have the phone and I know its my money's worth.

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2018Who needs that all? or have you to much to spend? Some ... moreBro, relax, do you have any problem if I want to buy them all?

  • Kalu

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2018Xz4 has a 240Hz oled from Sharp. Which xz4 u talking about?!

Yousef1, 24 Dec 2018I like this phone but it came too late with old processor, ... moreThe next one will be revealed in February and launched in November. That's how asus do it with flagships. Low and mid range are released shortly after reveal.

Was a s7 edge user for a couple of years and this is such a step up, amazing phone, a bit pricey but it fits all my needs!

  • Anonymous

One of the best gaming phone I've ever had. No issues at all when it comes to hardware and software as what you have seen on the previous posts here.

  • Anonymous

Got mine.. an upgrade from Note Edge

Played PUBG on it and the air triggers are literally OP.
Played Ragnarok M which the battery life is really something.
Uninstalled asphalt 9, controls are boring compared with the previous installments. not a car fan
Played Honkai Impact 3 on high settings, graphics are superb and no delay
Tried Dragon Nest, Mobile Legends and AOV. no latency on the buttons.

Downside that found on recent experience, ive noticed there is no native video or music player installed. and the side port cover is a bit of a worry since inserting and removing whenever il use an add on is is a hassle

I dont get it!
how come off if you put that air cooler on phone it preform worth than when it is not installed????
Really how they managed to do so?