Honor 10 Lite review

26 December 2018
The Honor 10 Lite is an expected addition to the brand's mid-range lineup and it hopes to ride on the success of the original Honor 10. So how did Honor go about making a Lite version of a phone, which is already somewhat of a Lite version of the flagship Huawei P20? The feature set has been trimmed across the board but the Honor 10 Lite is still an embodiment of the great value phones we've come to know the brand for.

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  • Prince soni

After 8 months honor 10 lite suddenly switched off and not turn on please solve this problem

  • Mr Big Nosey

rajas, 27 Aug 2019does it have metal body?? No. Plastic only. It is an inexpensive phone after all.

  • Mr Big Nosey

Had this phone for nearly 4 months and I love it. I previously had the Honor 9 Lite (dropped it, broke screen, bad repair meant screen began separating after 3 weeks, took it back to repairer but shop had closed down) and the 9 Lite is great value for money so I didn't expect the 10 Lite to be noticeably different (I got it at a great price; same as buying another 9 Lite).
The 10 Lite is noticeably different, especially the camera, app speed and everyday gaming.
The Android 10 update means only the super intensive games like Fortnite are beyond it (and let's face it, Fortnite on the phone is crapola; it even aims for you).
I installed Roblox to play all the games with my Grandson when he's at his own house (he's especially mad on the Piggy ones) and the difference between playing it on the Honor 9 Lite and the Honor 10 Lite is very very noticeable. The graphics run properly with no problem lagging. On the 9 Lite my character wouldn't get to move until about the last 5 secs of the 30 seconds head start you get. Why? Because the 9 Lite lagged on the Roblox server. There is no such problem with the 10 Lite.

Here's my 'Readers Digest' version: A good mid-range phone at a budget-phone price. A great everyday phone that handles some of the not-so-everyday stuff too. Whether buying your first Honor Lite or upgrading to the 10 Lite, you won't be disappointed.

  • Ubo cat

I just bought honor 10 lite & using it for 5 days, honestly this smartphone is just magnificent for its price,

  • Anita Boame

I bought honor 10 Iite for 7months its got spoiled

  • Anonymous

Iam just bought this phone, its great camera is good enough with quick focus, great battery life and open apps quick too...
Just buy this for daily used... For browsing, email, light game, whatsapp...
Iam very happy for this phone

I just bought this for my mom for 70 pounds, it makes a great upgrade from her galaxy s3 lol

  • Anonymous

Bwst, 17 Feb 2019Huawei company didnt perfect this swiftkey feature, showing... moreInstall another keyboard

  • Anonymous

Sam, 13 Jun 2019Dear admin plz clear me Which one is correct? You mentio... moreCat4 150/50

  • Anonymous

rajas, 27 Aug 2019does it have metal body?? No, All plastic

I have a trouble with my honor 10 lite phone, the phone quit camera when I try to access to selfie mode.
Sommeone have an issue for me?

  • rajas

does it have metal body??

  • Sam

Dear admin plz clear me
Which one is correct?
You mentioned at phone specification column speed cat4 dl150 ul50. And in main review you said cat6 speed dl 600mbp ul 150mbp
This is very important for me pleas tell us which one is correct

  • Anonymous

Does it contains shutter speed option in manual mode in camera

  • Anonymous

Why My phone wifi speed can't get more than 6 Mbps ?? I connect any wifi it's can't take speed more than 6mbps . If take also it's can't working why??

  • Bwst

Huawei company didnt perfect this swiftkey feature, showing severe lagging, even after restarting as advised by experts. Keypad is the main issue as you may hit the virtual navigator whe typing fast which bring you down to the desktop, so annoying. Even if you remove the navigation bar lagging kepts on coming back.

I need your help. I'm upgrading from the Huawei smart p 2018. I ’m interested in the Honor ten lite. The key features I required are NFC, fingerprint sensor, 6+ inch screen. I mostly use business apps (outlook, Skype, WebEx etc). My budget is 200 to 250 euro. Can anyone recommend a better phone than the ten lite? Note NFC is a must. I can purchase in India if it helps.
I appreciate your time.


  • Anonymous

What about sound quality?

  • Tamer Egypt

Excellent performane, cpu, battery stay although with heavy games and browsing using, light weight, sizs and decent design

I love the steel silver to cold blue Gradient, looks slick