vivo NEX Dual Display review

14 January 2019
The NEX Dual Display is nothing short of original, yet still surprisingly easy to understand on a conceptual level. In more ways than one, it is the sum of vivo's pre-existing efforts in coining a fresh new and more functional mobile design. One that clearly stems from the desire to maximise screen real estate and solve the selfie camera and sensor issue in a more elegant, notch-free manner.

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  • Bronxy
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  • 28 Oct 2019

I bought this in Ghana and i cant even change the country and region on this phone , Can anyone assist me with this please .

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    • 13 Oct 2019


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      • HXa
      • 17 Sep 2019

      Should I purchase this or the Xiaomi mi 9t pro?

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        • YQN
        • 15 May 2019

        Anonymous, 14 Jan 2019So instead of a small cut out on the front you pay for a co... moreNice

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          • Lavaado
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          • 28 Jan 2019

          Anonymous, 23 Jan 2019Nice concept.... you have a backup display by buying this p... moreJust tell me when to laugh.

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            • unknown
            • mpU
            • 23 Jan 2019

            so this phone have nfc ? or not?

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              • 5Ej
              • 23 Jan 2019

              Nice concept.... you have a backup display by buying this phone.

              If you break the front display, you still have the rear display so you don't have to go to repair shop. ha... ha...

                Hmmm, I think this is a rather ridiculous design, sorry.

                  Anonymous, 20 Jan 2019After watching this my review: Bezel-less device with fron... moreAgreed. Smartphone makers the one that create problem to make a bezelless phone.. for a "modern" looking phone. Bezel did nothing wrong..

                    Tired 😫 of seeing this review for long long 8 days, please 🙏 post another review

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                      • Peter
                      • jCb
                      • 20 Jan 2019

                      Nothing short of a Nubia X rip off. Hahaha!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • P$6
                        • 20 Jan 2019

                        After watching this my review:
                        Bezel-less device with front facing camera(and without notch) are still better.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • P$6
                          • 20 Jan 2019

                          why to make 2 display to make the device less durable?
                          as we already know phone dropping on screen is dangerous then have you think what should be the effect with this device?
                          Really it is termed as a Useless technology.
                          Why to swipe back and forth whole device for taking a selfie? hence while swipping if in-case we lost control in hands and drop our phone and whoaw! it will cost you few more bucks!.
                          Enjoy! its my review without handling this phone. I will not even think to buy this phone

                            There are still a lot of phones to be reviewed. Why vivo nex dd is hanging for a week?

                              the ugliest phone of 2019

                                The idea of this phone is really cool and hope to see it in more phones until front camera comes under the display

                                  Hmmm... I'm not sure about this kind of design. :\

                                    That back looks bad! its not pretty decent to look at

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • sa@
                                      • 17 Jan 2019

                                      Will it work on U.S. bands??

                                        Anonymous, 16 Jan 2019No point at all. wasteHaving points on a phone is bad design, it will crack more easily when accidentally dropped.