Huawei P Smart 2019 review

25 January 2019
Larger screen with a trendy notch, newer chipset, bigger battery, and a current OS version - it sure sounds like Huawei has ticked a lot of boxes to bring an already successful formula to the year 2019. It's the Huawei P Smart 2019 we're talking about, the follow up to the smartphone that happened to be the star of one of our most read reviews last year.

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  • Anonymous

valentine , 09 Dec 2019i got same problem ive been trying to put set dual sim but ... moreThe slot for the second slot is situated on the space of a memory card,same size as the first one and it lays horizontally

  • valentine

Dammy, 09 Nov 2019How do I put 2 Sim? Have been trying it only one works i got same problem ive been trying to put set dual sim but it doesnt work

  • Dammy

How do I put 2 Sim? Have been trying it only one works

  • Alin

Low quality phone , bad sound and camera, i dont recomand, buy Samsung or lg better quality for price, after this phone i dont buy huawei ever.

  • Anonymous

Mary, 22 Jul 2019P smart doesn't have nfc either It does

  • Anonymous

Yavuz, 11 Sep 2019Ten touches5

  • Yavuz

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2019how many touch points does have this phone's touchscreen?Ten touches

  • Luu

Am not happy with the camera pictures looks like red can i change that?

  • Anonymous

how many touch points does have this phone's touchscreen?

  • Roy

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2019best camera everSuperb

  • Mary

P smart doesn't have nfc either

  • Anonymous

best camera ever

  • Placebo

Muni.Muni.Myaa, 25 Jan 2019I don't think this phone has 5Ghz WiFi. They need to add th... moreIt does support 5Ghz wifi, got my new phone today and it's connected to my home wifi at 390Mbps 5Ghz.

  • Anonymous

I got two I for me and one for the misses easy to set up I think they are really good phones I use to have iPhones I think they are better than iPhones easy to use

  • Anonymous

I just had mine in 7 days... It keeps ringing as if someone is calling and there's nothing on the screen, no calling no what. Don't know what's wrong with it.

  • Sani

Huawei mobiles good as battery wise internet speed wise .but camera wise not good very low Quality pictures gve you in midrange price mobiles

  • Anonymous

Trolls in comment section are the reason we will never be taken seriously. Why don't you just create your own phone and leave every other one since you bash every phone that's reviewed.

I wish phone itself was as good as it's ad in Turkey...

Ad is perfect but the phone is...


I just took delivery on my new hand set. I was very excited to have a hand set that has launched only 2weeks ago. So to me it has that brand new pioneering feel to it as it rightly should.
The sales person literally pushed me into this hand set, when considering the p20 light. Unfortunate fact is, then I did not do amazing gsm arena phone comparison at that time. Now when I got home I read up about the difference in features and I'm disappointed that I never took the P20 lite instead.

  • baboo

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2019Just had this device last night. Generally acceptable for t... moreIt's because of the aggressive power saving options.
You should go to Settings>Battery>App Launch>Manage Batch manually and you can select the "Run in background" option for the desired installed apps.