Motorola Moto G7 Plus review

18 February 2019
The Moto G lineup has come a long way since its first release in 2013. The original Moto G is still one of the most iconic handsets ever created as it jump-started a new era of mid-range smartphones. It was quite frankly the first budget phone that made sense with a fairly powerful SoC for the asking price, good battery life and clean, fast and clutter-free Android experience. But seven generations in, does the Moto G7 lineup still have it? Or the focus had shifted so much, it’s hard to recognize the new Motos, for better or worse?

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  • packersfan036
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  • 08 May 2021

Mhcal73, 28 Jan 2021This phone is 120. right now, which makes it a great deal (... moreit comes with a case

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    • Mhcal73
    • r$B
    • 28 Jan 2021

    This phone is 120. right now, which makes it a great deal (only problem is trying to find a case for it).

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      • adnan
      • ama
      • 09 Aug 2020

      Lalo, 01 Jun 2020I don't think this statement is accurate. I've had mine for... moreHow long are you getting now?
      Also, any slowness or breakdown happened since day 1?

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        • Laila
        • 4MC
        • 23 Jul 2020

        This phone is a great phone. I've only had it for 5 months but it's pretty awesome. It's kind of big so if you're looking for a compact phone this might not be the one for you; but overall great phone. Fast charging great features would totally reccomend.

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          • Lalo
          • PbB
          • 01 Jun 2020

          Francis.Attie, 03 May 2020Caution : it's a very good phone, but DO NOT USE THE 27w ch... moreI don't think this statement is accurate. I've had mine for one year and the quick charge feature is one of the best ones on the phone, it's really pleasant to plug your phone and 20 minutes later having 50% more charge. I believe your phone might be deffective.

            Caution : it's a very good phone, but DO NOT USE THE 27w charger ! It will overheat the motherboard and most of breakdowns are due to this

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              • Ric
              • 3SN
              • 11 Mar 2020

              I was quite happy with this cellphone for 6 months. After that period, the camera and flash stop working. I've sent it to repair, came back with that problem solved but with no autonomy (didn't endure more than 7-8 hours with a full batery and no usage), and also it shutdown everytime I tried to see a video. Also the vibration of it was really strange.
              Never had this many problems with a cellphone, I do not recommend it to anybody. But maybe this is just my bad experience.

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                • MkE
                • 06 Jan 2020

                SMcCarrick, 21 Jun 2019Bought one of these from (Spain). Chipset/proces... moreNo true, the moto g7 plus has the 636 Snapdragon. Confirm it wherever you like even Motorola official website

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                  • kuq
                  • 26 Dec 2019

                  DUSTINDUST75, 20 Apr 2019Everyone talks about there being a crowded mid-range space.... moreI've been using my Xiaomi Mi A1 and have had no problems with coverage/service. I live in Central Pennsylvania and running off AT&T towers

                    There is not android one so does that mean Android will never get updated ? how does this work ? Whos job is it to update the OS ?

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                      • AcL
                      • k2s
                      • 10 Nov 2019

                      Just got my Moto G7+. How to I enable the UI developer option? I was able to do that on my G5+. I want to put the battery status with percentage into the clock widget on the home screen.
                      Thank you.

                        Great review but one very important thing missing that could render the phone unusable. Everywhere they are reporting poor signal strength for the G7 and in some cases no reception, where as on previous models (G5 G6) reception was fine. I bought the G5 over the Samsung S7 due to this very reason, no signal reception on the S7 but 2 bars on the G5 in the same location.
                        It's a pity no comparison/test is made in any of the reviews on the signal strength of the phone. Without reception it's probably a useless device.

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                          • 02 Jul 2019

                          God speed you

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                            • SMcCarrick
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                            • 21 Jun 2019

                            Bought one of these from (Spain).
                            Chipset/processor is the Qualcomm SDM660- and not the SDM636
                            I realise its not a massive difference- its a 2.2Ghz chip instead of the 1.8Ghz chip- and it has better graphics. Just a heads up- if you look around out there- there are different variants of the G7 Plus to be found- it makes sense to try and get the better specs if you can find them.

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                              • Jas
                              • sxs
                              • 11 Jun 2019

                              I am really torn in choosing Moto g7 plus or Mi 9 SE. They have similar pricing, but now moto g7 plus is little bit cheaper. Both have good cameras. Mi 9 SE have three unique cameras. It has better night pictures and one camera features ultra wide angle; while moto g7 plus have more excellent photo quality for me, color-wise and it's more realistic. I love the sizing, display, and built of Mi 9 SE.
                              I am also an audiophile so I think the Moto g7 plus is ahead of the Mi. Mi 9 SE does not have 3.5 mm jack which may be problematic. Also its loudspeakers arent stereo. Thinking all the factors and my priorities, I might choose moto g7 plus. If only moto g7 plus have the same features of Mi 9 SE, then it would be perfect.

                                Very good speakers, good camera (the audio track when shooting video does not have the background hiss that the recent Pixels seem to suffer from), and the software additions are useful (shake for flashlight/torch; twist for camera, etc.). The battery is decent, it gets me through a day with no problem. No random restarts. At the current price of as little as $269, it's a very good deal.

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                                  • Danlo
                                  • nhy
                                  • 03 Jun 2019

                                  Where are the raw files (dng) so we can properly make a real judgement about the camera?

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                                    • XFG
                                    • 20 Apr 2019

                                    DUSTINDUST75, 20 Apr 2019Everyone talks about there being a crowded mid-range space.... morePeople in us are rich they don't need midrange phones and US is the one that bans every chinese company So it's their problem. In US you even consider the oneplus as midrange phone and not a flagship!! While in other countries it costs twice as someone's salary

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                                      • DUSTINDUST75
                                      • Q5T
                                      • 20 Apr 2019

                                      Everyone talks about there being a crowded mid-range space...well I'm here to tell you the is COMPLETELY untrue in the U.S. We can't use Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, Vivo, and Oppo to name a few. The Samsung midrange line is not made U.S. compatable either. So basically we have Motorola, and ????? It's either bottom of the barrel or flagship. I'm sure some people will say they have a Xiaomi or Huawei phone and it works fine...well not in my area. I bought a Honor 8X Max...complete fail where I live no matter the network.

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                                        • 29 Mar 2019

                                        Anonymous, 22 Mar 2019I have had AMZ send me a Note 7 and was quite impressed by ... morenot one gets me whe i try to explain that......

                                        people only focus on´s important of course but it´s not the most important thing

                                        With location/service off you can achieve one day moderate usage