Motorola Moto G7 Power review

17 February 2019
Motorola's launch event in Brazil was quite the Carnival. We got not one, not two, but four different Moto G7 devices. We haven't been always keen on this kind of fragmentation, but when done right, the consumers are more than happy to have more choices. So, please buckle up, as today we will take the Moto G7 Power for a ride.

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So, I am in the market for a new device. I have had the Moto z2 Force since it was introduced. I love my z2, but it's starting to show wear and tear, mostly the touch screen. If they would keep updating it and I could just fix the issues, I'd not hesitate to just keep it, however, since that isn't possible, I am looking at the G7 Power and G7 Plus. They are both on sale here in my area right now. Can anyone tell me which is most comparable to the z2 Force? Thanks.

  • Robert

Kimba, 04 May 2020This phone speaker is lousy. I stream live TV and can bare... moreYou will feel different if you do what I did have the middle speaker cleaned dirt buildup happens over time I had mine cleaned sprayed with air spray a professional technical company cleaned it plus put some sticky tape and all kind of dirt came out of the middle speaker after this got all done I could hear things in the speaker like when I first got the phone it was like the speaker was brand new clean your middle speaker and you will be much happier with it

  • Robert

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2020The phone has problems in phone calls. If the phone gets a ... moreHave the speaker cleaned there is a buildup in there of dirt or something in that middle speaker a professional technical company cleaned mine also took some sticky tape stuff and a bunch of dirt came out and then they sprayed it with air spray volume is great now just like when I first got the phone .

  • sherif

this phone battery says 5000 AH but after 6 months foes not last full day. needs charging daily

  • Mia

This phone doesn't work in the US on Cricket nor T-mobile. I bought this: motorola G7 Power - Unlocked - 64 GB - Marine Blue (No Warranty) - International Model (GSM Only) in Feb on Amazon. Since it was too late to return it I use it for wifi use only. I can use the apps on wifi but to make calls or send messages I have to use wifi through apps and not the phone or messaging that comes with the phone and yes the battery last along time but what's the point if you can use the phone while traveling... So if you buy this phone hoping to use it in the states, I wouldn't do it!!!

  • Anonymous

Banna, 19 May 2020I'm going to buy a Moto G7 Power bcz it seems me a good bud... moreIt's a good phone. I have been using it now for one year with good battery life due to 5000 mah battery

  • Raymunt

Love this phone, finally a phone that doesn't have to be charged every 5 minutes.vits affordable , dual SIM and I cannot seem to fill it up.

  • Santu

Banna, 19 May 2020I'm going to buy a Moto G7 Power bcz it seems me a good bud... moreDon't buy it for daily use... because the phone is weighty and speaker sound we'll get poor in some days while watching video u have to switch of the fan or keep the speaker near to ur ear for hearing
The best thing is large display and good battery life

Timtomyourwrong, 03 Jan 2020You can change the screen time out in settings. I am typing... moreI'm going to buy a Moto G7 Power bcz it seems me a good budget phone. I'm buying it for daily usages. But I hate lags & hanging. Should I buy Moto G7 Power?

  • Kimba

This phone speaker is lousy. I stream live TV and can barely hear it or even you tube videos either. I've had this phone for one year and I'm ready to get rid of it. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

  • Anonymous

The phone has problems in phone calls. If the phone gets a bit more distance from the mouth/face the reciver doesn't hear you. You must talk loud to get heared.

  • Hyogga

How far was the speaker music volume measured at 75.2db?

  • Bcgiade

My Motorola G7power even inset SIM it Show's me no service

  • Anonymous

I have a medical condition which has made me dropped this phone over 60 times.No joke, I am so happywith the battery charge, pictures and size of the phone. Best phone I've had.

  • HateMoto

I previously had the Moto E5 and was a good phone. Upgraded to the G7 power and hate it. Will not hold a signal!!! Drops from 4 bars to no service constantly. Screen locks up and have to reboot at least twice a day. When I try to clear the cache partition chose the recovery mode option the little Android guy dies and blank screen, have to wait about 3 minutes and the phone will finally reboot. What a piece of junk!!

  • Darren

I bought Moto g7 power.worked fine for couple of days,then refused to charge when I plugged it in.luckily I got it at Argos,so no probs exchanging,got honor 10 lite instead.the honor is a wwwaaaayyyyy better fone for the money.

  • Anonymous

C.loveira, 22 Dec 2019worts piece junk ever buy.messenger start to stuped,apps to... moreYou must have received a lemon! Both my wife and I bought two back in October 2019 and they work perfectly. Fabulous battery life. Great apps. Absolutely nothing to complain about.
You should return tours if you're having problems. As I said, it's most likely a lemon!

  • Timtomyourwrong

BobMO, 03 Nov 2019Screen times out in 15 seconds. No changing. Had to insta... moreYou can change the screen time out in settings. I am typing this on the Moto G7 power

worts piece junk ever buy.messenger start to stuped,apps to get bloqued don't waste your time and money in that garbage .Also warranty from Motto sucks too

I want to buy 5.0 Wireless earbuds, are they ok? Will it work? Moto G7 power has 4.2 bluetooth. What should I buy? Thank you!