HTC Touch review: Smart to touch the spot

28 November 2007
Introduced several months ago, the innovative HTC Touch is the device, after which the world of Windows Mobile will probably never be the same. Chic, smart and versatile, the HTC Touch brings together an array of communication, entertainment...

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  • patsm00re18
  • vaS
  • 16 Nov 2020

Do your research at Google

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    • Posh
    • NmZ
    • 17 Apr 2014

    Hi I have removed the whole window on my htc touchFLO so I want to know if its possible if I can buy it and replace it, plzz help its working but the whole screen is out

      • ?
      • Anonymous
      • Li3
      • 17 Mar 2013

      I want to know how does it match with bluetooth handsfree (model: JABRA BT2046)

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        • rao
        • 6P%
        • 11 Aug 2012

        Can it be change to anriod

          • M
          • Mark
          • fj2
          • 02 Sep 2010

          Great phone all i need for bussiness and fun!

            • B
            • Betancourt
            • Lrk
            • 12 Mar 2010

            Great phone, love almost everything about it, the camera quality could be much better though. And if u have a WHITE one the housing tends to chip and/or crack =/

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              • Taqi, Pakistan
              • Mf5
              • 23 Aug 2009

              It is an excellent phone. I just bought it and I'm loving it. Processor speed (201MHz) is not bad. Touch FLO (3D Cube) is superb. Camera is not up to the mark but I don't use it anyway. Picture quality with the camera is quite poor. Captured video quality is not good either. Size, screen and colour are remarkable. I'm in love with this phone.

                • J
                • JorCoVi
                • iBt
                • 12 Dec 2008

                I´ve bought this cell. In my opinion is one of the better mobile phone. There are many kind of phones but this is very easy to use, and if you are a windows user is the best option. The only thing that i dislike is the battery life... only two days.

                  • R
                  • Rock
                  • ijp
                  • 17 Oct 2008

                  I recently purchased HTC Touch i want to know one thing
                  Which free third party keyboard optimized for finger typing should be used?

                    • K
                    • Kushan
                    • PQZ
                    • 25 Aug 2008

                    i brought htc touch phone in six months ago. it is good phone. but only problem is camera quality is not good. it says it have a 2 mega pixel camera. but actually it wont show 2 mega pixel camera quality. other thing is battery stand by time is only 2 days. any body can help me resolve these issues. other than that this is very good phone to use.

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • p$1
                      • 17 Jun 2008

                      i am confused now the htc touch looks fun but alot of cons vs lil benifits

                      now i want to know 1-how can i ovwe clock it
                      and how meny hours will last with me this phone
                      specialy when been using WIFI or htc S710 is better
                      some one help me

                      2things to me is the most important
                      1-battery life
                      2-wifi use

                        • e
                        • elasar
                        • pkd
                        • 06 Mar 2008

                        I buy Touch one week ago. I look after a new phone on entire year, and this is, for me, exactly what I want. In the first place, Touch is simply beautiful. And I am very happy to watch on the 2.8" display my collections of "Star Trek" series (my job is very boring before this hapened :)). But:
                        - if you have big fingers... the stylus is your only hope;
                        - the battery is a nimphomaniac...she get a "plug-in" every night.
                        Except this little problems...and a two or three a very good choice.

                          • C
                          • Chirag (Mumabi)
                          • PIU
                          • 03 Mar 2008


                          I want to now about minus proint in this phone buecayuse i want to buy the phone in this month



                            • t
                            • toffeeclub
                            • F4p
                            • 20 Jan 2008

                            i m contemplating between the iphone n HTC touch. any one hv any comments? also i m using an ibook. will i hv difficulties connecting my HTC with the ibook? is there a HTC site where u can upload new software for the phone?

                              • M
                              • Manimal
                              • xg@
                              • 18 Jan 2008

                              If everyone could please write in proper English, alot of these questions would be easier to understand and thus possible to answere. If it is not possible for you to spell or compose a full sentence, why are you looking at such a complex cellular phone to begin with?

                                • h
                                • husain
                                • i4b
                                • 05 Jan 2008

                                hi...actually im not clear,how would the touch flow thing works?Is it similar to apple iphone??Plz can somebody help me here?

                                  • A
                                  • Aditya
                                  • TSF
                                  • 20 Dec 2007

                                  hi , i got htc last week , i learn all feature of htc-touch n m really enjoying a lot , it is superb mobile andvery easy to use with good audio sound n battery life . camera quality is also good. Finally it is look like Niche (high class) market mobile.

                                    • k
                                    • kiran
                                    • TRH
                                    • 10 Dec 2007

                                    can anyone tell me wot is the best option between nokia 61i, sony erricson p1i & HTC touch??

                                      • S
                                      • Simon B
                                      • iAC
                                      • 07 Dec 2007

                                      Go here, they have a HTC Touch (Elf) section


                                        • A
                                        • Anna
                                        • 2CK
                                        • 07 Dec 2007

                                        Where do you get this free software for this finger touch keyboard. i have this phone and i wnat to know where to get the software for it.