Xiaomi Mi 9 review

20 February 2019
An eventful Mobile Congress might be upon us and it's shaping to be nothing short of a blast. But the first flagship for year 2019 is now out and it's not coming from Spain but China - indeed, we are talking about the Xiaomi Mi 9.

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  • Anonymous

Im use this one since 2019 and no issue yet. Such a greatest mobile phone i ever use ❤

  • Sharing

Bobpeck, 04 Dec 2020When I was living in China one of the question I always fro... moreI assume your Mi 9 was a China rom. May I ask what is the problem with your Mi 9? I am using a global version Mi 9 for 1.5 years and so far no major problem.

  • Bobpeck

When I was living in China one of the question I always from myself was why chinese people get to used to buy other countries goods instead of chinese last year I got a MI9 not after one year because of some problem which I did not have with my last iphone 6 or with samsung galaxy I will switch to iphone again it is far from China for smartphone as their people believe. Like all of their products good appearance and low quality and they doesnot mean for a long time they are just temporary.

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2019Impressive, except no mirco sd card slot and no headphone j... moreAnd no ois

Anyone has the experience of Mi 9 face unlock working for Canada?

  • Krop

mi 9 user, 21 Apr 2019no jack ? - use 3.5jack to usb c include in mi 9 no wate... moreAbsolutely love your comment ♥️
If i were going to write a comment here it would be a copy of your comment.
I love my mi9

  • Anonymous

Sudip, 14 Oct 2019Can we get earphone in MI 9Yes you can there is even a 3.5mm adapter

  • JOSH V

GSMArena does not post photos and videos far from their office. I am starting to think they are actually in North Korea. Just kidding.
Also more night shots samples please.

  • Sudip

Can we get earphone in MI 9

  • Ged

krassi, 17 Sep 2019Gsmarena should take pictures of moving objects in the nigh... moreHow can you consistently take photos of the same moving thing every time though? At least they give you a good idea of how phones stack up against each other by using the same subjects every time

Gsmarena should take pictures of moving objects in the night like people. Not stationary thing's like buildings. People use they're phones in the evening to take pictures of each others, not buildings.

In the Mi 9 specification you wrote that front camera is 20 MP, f/2.0, 0.9µm. But in the Mi 9 review you wrote that front camera has f/2.2. Which one is correct?

BolaKing, 30 Apr 2019Guys, which is a better buy between xiaomi mi 8 6gb ram wit... moreMi 9 128gb for $379 (from gearbest)

  • Kaps1978

Just bought this phone. It's good but still lacking behind. Dream league soccer does not work properly. Issues. Using honor view 20 and Huawei mate 20 pro. Honor view 20 is the best in pricing and specs but camera is okay okay.
Any one knows how to fix issues for dream league soccer

  • Anonymous

Randz, 18 Jul 2019Good day Mi users..i am just want to ask if Mi 9 have multi... moreIt doesn't have multicoloured notification light, just white

  • Echo

How to fix checking info

  • cuteee_patootiee

Randz, 18 Jul 2019Good day Mi users..i am just want to ask if Mi 9 have multi... moreNo, it doesn't.

  • Randz

Good day Mi users..i am just want to ask if Mi 9 have multi color notification light?..please i want to know..thanks..

  • Anonymous

XXX, 12 Apr 2019Do you know what stacked cmos mean? The ''ultra fast memory... moreMi9 does not use DRAM inside the sensor.
This is regular CMOS.
The 960fps is just playback, not recorded at 960 .....
This sensor is not able to do it.
It is not motion eye type.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2019Are the cameras from Sony like K20 pro ?Main camera and UWA have sony sensor.
Telephoto is samsung sensor