Samsung Galaxy S10+ review

27 February 2019
Punch out a hole in the display, add an extra camera on the back, do the mandatory yearly updates to the internals and you'd end up with a Samsung Galaxy S10+ - that is, if you started out with an S9+ if it wasn't obvious. Only that would be oversimplifying it, and we'd rather explore the nuances.

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Sunshine, 31 Dec 2020After talking for only 15 minutes the S10+ gets very hot in... moreexynos variant?

  • Lotus

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2020Solution: download 'Notification light LED S20 S10 - aodNot... moreIs s10 plus worth buying please?

  • Emo

Rudy, 10 Mar 2021S10+ or the galaxy a52 4g (the march 2021 model)? Getting ... moreGalaxy s10 plus for sure

  • Anonymous

Rudy, 10 Mar 2021S10+ or the galaxy a52 4g (the march 2021 model)? Getting ... moreGet the S10+.

  • Rudy

S10+ or the galaxy a52 4g (the march 2021 model)?
Getting it for roughly the same price

  • Anonymous

How to improve the face and finger print scanner
No protector has installed

  • Sunshine

After talking for only 15 minutes the S10+ gets very hot in why is that

  • Anonymous

A man, 04 Dec 2019iphone xs max or s 10 plus? which phone is better at all aspect?S10+

Nebula, 29 Apr 2020Can you tell me about Huawei's app management? Does your go... moreNo it'll not shut down your opened apps not unless you do it manually.

  • Sunil

After my great experience with iphone 5S, I got Samsung Galaxy S10+.Now i am getting ear pain while attending phone calls!!!?.is there anybody have same problem?

  • Kok

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2019My problem with S10 is that its doesn't hv display Blinkin... moreit supposed have notifications light on called "Edge light " or something like that, you can enable it from quick setting panel or under screen settings section.. but unfortunately after update it got a problem and not work for all supported apps as before , but still work for SMS, whatsapp , telegram

  • koko

Idk, 26 Dec 2019S10both are great ,
iPhone looks more premium or maybe it is just the branding thing i don't know .
S10 is great and not behind, it is actually better for the money, beautiful premium ,fast clear audio, great screen, bigger internal memory with the ability to expand it with SD card

  • Koko

MirzaSohail, 18 Sep 2020 Samsung S20, S10+ or S10 lite or iPhone Xs Currently usin... moreHI , IOS is more stable than android , and UI is beautiful and straightforward, i really don't understand the point of having a clear home page, with just two apps or two folders with apps within, and open folder or app drawer for launching apps, why people install so many apps anfd use them once or twice and then hide them rather than deleting them until it is an important app and rarely used,
the phone itself is very premium .. and is great in almost every aspect..
Android is more flexible and you have much more control ..
SAMSUNG is now are more modern designs " compared to iPhone " and are very beautiful too , very premium as well, and feels nicer in hand , the One UI is better than "Nature UX " , but they still have the same " unfexing update problems " me myself update my phone and after this I noticed that Dolby atmos not work right all the time , and there is a problem with Always on Display notifications , not working for all apps as before ..
The S20 is fantastic , and S10 Still great phone , the S10 lite which I bought for about two months now is a great phone too and lower price than all of the others , and honestly it is great phone in every way , it is very fast never stutter, the screen is amazing and sharp enough , the battery is great too , the 25 w charging is very fast the in-ear audio quality is excellent, the blue and white are beautiful, the only thing I hate about it is that its back is too easy to scratch ...
So my advice is , if you want a smart phone , powerful , premium and " just works " and never mind paying more to get a fast charger go to iPhone
If you on the budget side and want a great phone with very fast chipset great screen , beautiful but less premium back and can live with an ugly case on it go to GALAXY S10 Lite
If you want the best SAMSUNG then S20 .... or if you can sacrifice with the fact it is a year old now but still one of best available options withe great performance, premium look and build so the S10 plus
If I were you I well go pick GALAXY S20 ..

Samsung S20, S10+ or S10 lite or iPhone Xs
Currently using Sony Xperia XZ since 2016,
Now want to upgrade device, between i never own any Apple device.
What you guys recommend should i try iphone or stick with Android.i am a medium user not a ge freak.

  • SuperM

I have question about front camera the main one is it 25mm or 26mm equivalent?

  • Draugr

Qaiss, 29 Apr 2020S10+ how remove frpWhy, did you steal one? If not you just need your Google account login and password

Pupone, 24 Apr 2019I hesitated longly between S10+ and P30 Pro to buy it as a ... moreCan you tell me about Huawei's app management? Does your go killing apps without your say so

  • Qaiss

S10+ how remove frp

  • Yogi

Oneplus 7 pro samsung s10 plus better

  • Kundan

Sad no SD version in India .. won't buy until it's there..