Oppo F11 Pro review

16 March 2019
Once a showcase of Oppo's selfie-centric tech, now the F-series has evolved into a fully-fledged mid-range lineup. And the new Oppo F11 Pro has a lot to show off starting with a notch-less edge-to-edge screen and a 48MP main camera, as well as a pop-up selfie camera and VOOC charging.

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  • Anonymous

meminieme, 13 Oct 2019only MediaTek Helio P70 without 4k recordings?why waist tim... moreWill you use 4K recording even if this phone is capable to do it? Or have you ever playing 4K video? Do you know 4K will waste more battery, more storage, and more data conenction? Can your PC play 4K video? 4K Video requires new graphic processor to play it and not all phone capable to play 4K Video, Youtube and Netflix sometimes are not offering 4K even on expensive flagship phone, so 4K is just for marketing purpose and the fact is 4K still a RARE video option until now

  • Anonymous

Boss, 30 Apr 2020Good fone. I hate the Bluetooth connectivity. It seems outd... moreThink it's fixed in April update.

  • Anonymous

Simple reset the phone android battery tracker

First drain the whole battery
Then again start up the phone and let the remaining battery to drain gain
After that charge the whole battery to 100 and then start the phone
Again drain the whole battery and charge it to 100

It will reset the battery problem for sure

  • Boss

Good fone. I hate the Bluetooth connectivity. It seems outdated and substandard. It can be very awful time and again.

  • Anonymous

OTG comparable for this oppo f11 pro...?

  • CMP

My oppo f11 pro is keep draining battery even if im not using it,
For example i have 50% battery remaining, in just a minute 53% without using my cellohone,
Anyone knows how to fix my phone?

  • Tikaram22

Upgradable to android 10 . Colour os 7

  • Rob

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2020The glass screen is no good. It could easy crack on the edgesMy six year old use since it came out very strong phone

  • Vasee

Os 7 not my phone

  • Anonymous

The glass screen is no good. It could easy crack on the edges

  • Viinz

Anyone tell me is this phone good on Mobile Legends? 4g Smart LTE. Thanks to those who answer.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Dec 2019F11 Pro's camera is lit. it has an excellent performance an... moreNot gud..video connectivity very bad vlarity

  • Anonymous

F11 Pro's camera is lit. it has an excellent performance and it satisfies me a lot. Kudos to OPPO for creating an amazing android phone that works like a thousand dollar phones

  • Dr. ATIL

Very good very nice 👌
Really I'm very happy to use oppo f11 pro

  • Surjit

Not upto the mark

  • Sahana

I bought oppo f11pro 3 months back.... n now my phone is hanging.......my money is wasted

  • Sai

When oppo f11 pro will get update of color os 6.7

  • sen

Krishna, 24 Aug 2019Hi there is notification light available or notno notification light.

  • meminieme

only MediaTek Helio P70 without 4k recordings?why waist time by a bad phone with many problem and bad update.better the you buy a Oppo Reno Z thats cost the same price and its a better phone....Helio P70 its so bad product for a new productt the old qualcom 625 still get you 4k recording...

  • Roger

I noticed a sensor embedded into the edge of the screen, to the immediate left of the top speaker grill; I guess this is one of the proximity sensors...