Oppo F11 Pro review

16 March 2019
Once a showcase of Oppo's selfie-centric tech, now the F-series has evolved into a fully-fledged mid-range lineup. And the new Oppo F11 Pro has a lot to show off starting with a notch-less edge-to-edge screen and a 48MP main camera, as well as a pop-up selfie camera and VOOC charging.

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  • sen

Krishna, 24 Aug 2019Hi there is notification light available or notno notification light.

  • meminieme

only MediaTek Helio P70 without 4k recordings?why waist time by a bad phone with many problem and bad update.better the you buy a Oppo Reno Z thats cost the same price and its a better phone....Helio P70 its so bad product for a new productt the old qualcom 625 still get you 4k recording...

  • Roger

I noticed a sensor embedded into the edge of the screen, to the immediate left of the top speaker grill; I guess this is one of the proximity sensors...

  • Naren

I want to know that, while testing headphones output
Was Dirac ON or OFF???

  • Dip

Does it have screen mirror

  • Anonymous

It is very good

  • Krishna

Eric, 14 Jul 2019Im satisfied with F11 Pro, fast charging and good camera. Cant ... moreHi there is notification light available or not


micro phone not working after 10 days

  • LJ

Seems like there's no proximity sensor and it's bothering when having a call

  • Anonymous

No zoom option for 48mp cam

  • Jeff

is f11 pro required to connect to c fly dream

  • Eric

Im satisfied with F11 Pro, fast charging and good camera.
Cant wait to have also RENO

  • Terminal 69

Oppo is Poop, 10 Apr 2019Before buying anything from Oppo, you should read on Xda how ann... moreOppo has locked down the bootloader of their new devices from somewhere between 2018 and 2019. I can't root or install TWRP. Can anyone help out on this problem? I will be testing any method suggested. (if this is wrong place to post, please someone help me move it to the right place. I searched but couldn't find the place this goes.)

  • DG

since it has 2 sim cards can I have 2 WhatsApp accounts at the same time ? The Samsung note 9 has this option

  • Anonymous

Oppo F11Pro is not useful for dual SIM it is waste because SIM 2 slot not working properly

  • Akash

AR, 03 Jun 2019Does Oppo 11 has search option in setting menu?Yes it does have

  • AR

Does Oppo 11 has search option in setting menu?

  • Anonymous

Maha, 17 Apr 2019Opportunity f11 pro have very poor voice qualityRight

  • Chinly

I want to know how to solve the problem why it always restart during playing Mobile legend.

  • Anonymous

Supar oppo