Huawei P30 Pro review

26 March 2019
Huawei has completely blurred the lines between its signature Mate and P series by raising the bar higher and higher every six months. And it has done it yet again with the Huawei P30 Pro - now with an even larger AMOLED screen and a brand-new quad-camera setup that aims to become the new benchmark for the whole industry.

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regs, 26 Mar 2019That's UK. Am I look like british?you said impossible. It's not my job to know where you live, you live in a decent city you will find one.

Nightmare101, 26 Mar 2019 moreThat's UK. Am I look like british?

  • Anonymous

Those shutter speeds for the night photos are looking good!

I don't know. It's a bit disappointing. Camera is good judging by review. No overexposure and oversaturation as was in presentation. Packaging is pretty bad. Cheap headphones, earbuds, comparing to in-ear AKG headphones in S10 packaging. S10 comes with 3,5 mm jack, OTG adapter, microUSB adapter and microSD cards. NM Cards and card readers are just impossible to buy. It just should have 256 GB card in the box.

What a blast! Nicely done review here on P30 Pro! My god those periscope camera is crystal clear! As it says on final thought, a true smartphone camera king indeed.

A new bar in photography has been set here, kudos Huawei! And thanks Sony for putting those big main new camera sensor tech but not on your phones lol!

  • Anonymous

They will not see my money again without unlocked bootloader. That is a huge dealbreaker.

Walter C. Dornez, 26 Mar 2019Or maybe even buy the Mi 9Xiaomi Mi 9 has a small battery 3300 mAH and high radiation 1.4 W/kg and costs about € 500,-. Redmi Note 7 has a larger battery 4000 mAh and acceptable radiation 0.59 W/kg and cost only € 150,-.

I wait for the day Huawei put serious effort on audio quality as it is in camera department.

When it has HiFi Quad DAC.....

  • Anonymous

I have to say, P30 camera pictures do look amazing. Even from up close. Great job in this area !

Whackcar, 26 Mar 2019Now haters will say it's a fake review. Truth is that Huawei ... moreA leader in the camera department for sure

Noncy, 26 Mar 2019I thought the phone was released today how come the review is al... moreThey were given it a few weeks back so that people who want to preorder will have a review ready to help them device

Modest Mind, 26 Mar 2019Nice review, thanks to the author! € 1.000,- ($ 1.130,-) dem... moreOr maybe even buy the Mi 9

  • Anonymous

proprietary memory cards in 2019. Why? Have they gone crazy or what

Nice review, thanks to the author!

€ 1.000,- ($ 1.130,-) demands Huawei, € 1.400,- ($ 1.580,-) Samsung and € 1.700,- ($ 1920,-) Apple for one smartphone? That's a joke! No smartphone is worth more than € 500,- ($ 565,-), no matter the brand! The smartphone manufacturers are getting on my nerves with their arrogance. I'd rather buy a Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 for € 150,- ($ 170,-) and I'd be just as good off as with other manufacturers, but I still have between € 850,- ($ 960,-) and € 1.550,- ($ 1.750,-) left for nicer things in life.

I thought the phone was released today how come the review is already out? I don't get it

  • Buggy

Hi. So i had this question in my head for quite a while now. If i bring down the resolution of a 1440p phone like galaxy s10 to 1080p will the gpu performance match a phone with the same gpu and processor with a native 1080p screen?

  • greg

from technical point of view this is good stuff. But considering their espionage involvement and strange move with promotion of non-existant memory cards they will have problems to increase significantly sales in future.

Now haters will say it's a fake review.

Truth is that Huawei is the new leader in smartphone space, and that fact is remarkable.

Not bad at all. Huawei has done really well with this one