Huawei P30 Pro review

26 March 2019
Huawei has completely blurred the lines between its signature Mate and P series by raising the bar higher and higher every six months. And it has done it yet again with the Huawei P30 Pro - now with an even larger AMOLED screen and a brand-new quad-camera setup that aims to become the new benchmark for the whole industry.

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  • Xxx

Where is huawei p30 photo compare tool????

gsmarena as always 1st and the best !!!!

  • Anonymous

It has 1080p screen with similar area of a 6" 16:9. With 4200mAh 7nm cpu I was expecting to reach 110h.

Photos at 40MP are kind blurry and texture is poor. Look at the blue parts of the castle.

Why do their phones use such low bitrate for videos.

  • Anonymous

This phone just crushed the Sony xperia 1 so hard! oh wait Sony aint even relevant anymore

Now I think that Huawei ceo was right, Huawei really soon become no.1 in mobile industry, I'm much impressed with their progress and smartphones, now they have really some values and in my country it has higher value then Samsung, Samsung prices goes down early than Huawei, great job Huawei