Huawei P30 Pro review

26 March 2019
Huawei has completely blurred the lines between its signature Mate and P series by raising the bar higher and higher every six months. And it has done it yet again with the Huawei P30 Pro - now with an even larger AMOLED screen and a brand-new quad-camera setup that aims to become the new benchmark for the whole industry.

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  • Drobo

In every possible review for samsung phones you see the camera specs in 1.4µm main/1.0 1.0µm other 2 cameras. BUT NOTHING FOR HUAWEI!

Just say it main cam 40mpix 1.0µm with pixel binning its 2.0µm!

  • John

I understand the hype and excitement about the camera!!!!! Very impressive!
Does anyone have any comments about the smartphoneÂ’s performance and Apps, battery life, network connectivity issues, etc?


very good performance

  • NN

Please update how is the performance of P30 Pro?

  • User

heating problem and hardware problem.

Its impressive that the prices are abo

  • Mr Best

I need help and very urgent for that matter, My Huawei P30 Pro Doesn't play sound after video recording

  • Passing through

Anonymous, 06 Apr 2019Something even better than gorilla. It is secret and that is why... moreThe reason they are not mentioning this tech is that it is a US tech from the US department of defense. All I will say is wow! Never need to worry about dropping my phone on concrete ever again! Just waiting for US to make it more commercially available to the public. They got so many awesome tech you won't believe, did a check on China's self tech advancement got to say really disappointing their best is simplest an oversized Ariel drone that can fly 1 person under 25min. that drone looks exactly like the phone controlled cam drones that you can find in a tech store only bigger.

  • itz real yackskid

this must be portable I think.

Someone made a photo comparison video between the P30 Pro and the Nokia Lumia 1020. You just wouldn't believe on how the Lumia 1020 can still produce equally, if not better quality than the P30 Pro.

Dear friend
In one sentence:
If you think Huawei copy phones of iPhone (kidding) or lg or etc why this brands can't release best phone of this.
Plz thinking.
All materials available for all companies like Android and be open source.
Important point is which companies can use better of them.

  • Anonymous

awesome AF :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 May 2019I will never buy a Huawei phone until they stop copying iPhone i... moreThen don't. Why need to say it here? :)

  • Anonymous

I will never buy a Huawei phone until they stop copying iPhone interface and other android phone manufacturers design.

I will settle with Samsung and LG for high-end and Xiomi for value for money phones.

  • Anonymous

Dominique, 06 May 2019I am using Mate 20 and I am quite happy with its camera performa... moreIf you are happy with the Mate 20's built in camera app output for all photographic situations, then there's no problem. Enjoy it. I was just telling you of options which may provide you better photos than when using your Mate 20's built in camera app (assuming you know how to use and optimize those third party camera apps).

Anonymous, 05 May 2019What camera centric flagship phone do you have, and how do you u... moreI am using Mate 20 and I am quite happy with its camera performance either auto, manual or low light.
Why would I download apps that will affect the performance of the phone or will give me unnatural pictures?
I buy phone based on my needs and as an entertainment tool including for point and shoot photography.

  • Anonymous

Dominique, 04 May 2019I own a not so expensive flagship camera centric phone and I als... moreWhat camera centric flagship phone do you have, and how do you use it?

1. Have you ever used your phone's camera in manual mode under low lighting or under difficult lighting and difficult photographic situations?

2. Have you ever used other camera apps (Ex. 'Open Camera' app) that give you better manual control of photography settings (if your phone's camera app doesn't provide one) and better manual HDR options that your phone's built in camera app can ever provide you?

3. Have you ever used third party post processing apps (Ex. 'AfterFocus' app) that give you so much better fake bokehs/blurred backgrounds than your phone's built in camera app in auto or 'A.I.' mode can ever provide you?

4. Have you ever used third party HDR processing apps (Ex. 'Vibrance HDR' app) that give you better control over how multiple images/frames are merged together into one glorious HDR photo that your phone's built in camera/photoediting app can't quite give you?

5. Have you ever sideloaded Google's night sight camera app in your phone (if it is not a Pixel phone) for much better 'full auto' low light photos than your phone's 'night mode' in full auto can ever give you?

If you answered 'NO' to many (or ALL) of the questions above, then a 'midrange' (in your own terms) Pocophone F1 used in manual mode by an experienced user who has a good grasp of photography basics and has sufficient experience using external camera apps / external postprocessing software, is going to get way better pictures with the $300 Pocophone F1 than you will ever get with your expensive, $1,000++ (or near $1,000) flagship phone used in auto mode all the time.

So the question that begs to be answered:
Are camera-centric smartphones priced at $1,000++ truly worth it?

For the very few who don't care about money, who aren't bothered at all spending so much for a new phone (that costs more than a powerful Windows 10 touchscreen HP laptop, or more than a 65" 4K UHD Samsung smart tv), but which rapidly becomes passé/outdated in a year or so, for the very few who will never ever want to learn photography basics or bother learning about manual modes or learning to use third party camera/postprocessing apps outside their phone's built in apps, then YES, these $1,000++ phones MAY be worth it for them.

But for the majority, NO. Certainly not by a long stretch of the imagination--- most especially if that person(s) is/are willing go out of their comfort zone, to learn photography basics, and willing to explore and learn what third party camera apps and third party postprocessing apps can do or provide, which their phone's built in apps can't.

  • Zbbsjam

Fringen, 24 Apr 2019As a video professional this phone intrigued me at first. Coming... moreDark mode is present in Huawei amoled screen phones for past 3 years atleast, under battery settings.

Anonymous, 03 May 2019Yes, I know the difference. And yes, they're all hype and certai... moreI own a not so expensive flagship camera centric phone and I also know how to use it that I can tell its difference with Pocophone and the mid range ones.

  • Anonymous

Dominique, 08 Apr 2019Use those "hyped" camera centric overpriced smartphones then com... moreYes, I know the difference. And yes, they're all hype and certainly not worth $1,000++ unless you don't know anything outside full auto and the phone's built in photo and camera app.