Camera comparison: Huawei P30 Pro vs S10+, iPhone XS, Pixel 3, Mi 9, Mate 20 Pro

27 March 2019
Huawei's been bringing us some of the most meaningful camera innovations in smartphones over the past few years, experimenting with monochrome modules, image stacking, and night mode, off the top of our heads. The Huawei P30 Pro is now official and it's got a new trick up its sleeve - a periscope telephoto camera.

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star 5 jo, 06 Jun 2021Mi 9 is the best ... very strong phone Mi 9 strong phone ok but this is the camera comparasment not a durability test mate 😂 😂 huawaii rulez

  • Anonymous

I have the pixel 3 xl, wonder of camera is the exact same

  • star 5 jo

Mi 9 is the best ... very strong phone

  • Anonymous

harwey, 23 Aug 2019Ok,judging by this comparrison alone,seing most of the samp... moreYes, I actually have the mi 9

  • Anonymous

Dongju, 14 Oct 2019N8 is not the master..imobile 902 is a master piece of came... moreI heard about iPhone. What's imobile anyway?

  • Dongju

Bogdan, 02 Aug 2019Why you made this post? You wanted to show us how is teleph... moreN8 is not the master..imobile 902 is a master piece of camera phone...using ccd sensor far more superior..but unfortunately..the imobile 902 phone sooo sluggish

Ok,judging by this comparrison alone,seing most of the samples on my laptop,I can say that Xiaomi actually did least during the day,at night things changed a bit,obviously.A 350euro phone competing with phones that cost 2-3 times more...well done,Xiaomi!Some daylight photos taken with Mi9 are actually better then Samsung`s or even Huawei`s...

  • realProgamerX2

Nobody gonna mention the 48 MP camera on the Huawei Honor View 20?

YUKI93, 03 Aug 2019Delusional? Yeah right. - moreOk, I saw the videos, and am taking the contents at face value. P30 Pro has effortless low light sharpness with the textures, no matter which kind of ones. Almost all pictures have really low noise. I hate the pics of the pure view, so not going to comment on that. 950 has the most pleasing color balance, which brings out a lot of detail in night shots. Although I was disappointed with the overall softness of images, especially the cropped head of the statue in daylight, and it gets worse at the corners. Lens aberration or just not well-corrected algorithm-wise for that. Although the pics are respectable and i would rate them better than the p30 ones i saw in the vid.
Don't like the pics of the 1020. Only the strawberries were highly accurate. The night shot outside the ZIP store and the one with the statues was a deal-breaker. Why does this site then have so clearly-defined, almost-noise free pics of this hotel Vitosha in the samples for the P30, especially one where you can look into the reception entrance lobby from that far away?

22niro, 02 Aug 2019A bigger old-timer than you would say the N8 is a master. S... moreDelusional? Yeah right.


  • coolcity

Bruce, 26 Jul 2019If apple make 40 MP camera then you can zoom till the moon..Until it goes dark.

YUKI93, 19 May 2019Great comparison, but they still have a long way to beat th... moreA bigger old-timer than you would say the N8 is a master. Stop being so delusional, those 2 phones are utter rubbish compared to this, you already have evidence for at least 1 of them on here in their samples database.

  • Bogdan

Why you made this post? You wanted to show us how is telephoto is important?
It is already understandable without any articles!
But your compare article shows that Huawei has many work to do to improve his main camera. It is totally lose to almost all real compatitors

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 May 2019Actually, what sets apart phone cameras from one another is... moreDo you have any sample pics to show the differences?

  • Bruce

If apple make 40 MP camera then you can zoom till the moon..

Verm, 06 May 2019P30 Pro with GCam . Imagine Google image processing softwar... moreThat would be a dream. Perhaps Huawei's Kirin is not making it any less difficult for devs tp port the Gcam to Huawei flagships. Still waiting for Gcam on my p20 pro.

  • Anonymous

Ruskamyrsky, 03 Jul 2019"(Dual SIM, huge battery, storage expansion, IR blaster, et... moreThe P30 Pro's learning capable IR blaster enables you to control any appliance: any brand of TV's, CD/DVD/BD players, karaoke players, satellite or cable tv boxes, audio amplifiers/ receivers, air conditioning units, electric fans, etc. for as long as the appliance has a traditional remote control (operated via infrared - the signal generated by that led bulb like thingy you see on any remote).

Using a USB thumb drive for 'storage expansion' is NOT the same as built in 'micro sd expansion'. Firstly, because of the limited functionality of thumb drives (can't move phone apps to thumb drives, can't have them always attached as they are bulky and risk/accelerate damage to the usb port as the dangling thumb drive increases chances of inadvertently mangling the usb port); Secondly, because a thumb drive is prone to data loss, dropping/misplacement or damage and easy unauthorized personal data access (you can't encrypt it if you use it as OTG) and you cant encrypt it as adoptable storage) and lastly, because micro SD's now have 1 TB storage options (and soon, 2TB) with people buying micro SD more than thumb drives which have limited usability (can't be used in other electronic equipment like game consoles, camcorders, digital cameras, etc.). Thumb drives are becoming irrelevant to phone owners whose phones have huge micro sd storage.

  • Anonymous

Manran, 30 Jun 2019Huawei p30 is better than entry level Dslr cameras, but not... moreActually, no. No smartphone camera is better than an APS-C dSLR no matter how much YouTubers would like you to believe, not even by the wildest stretch of your or those YouTubers' imagination, unless if you only use the mediocre kit lens and don't know how to make use of a dSLR's full potential because you only use it in full auto mode when capturing photos and videos.

  • Jamesng

You forgot video. Huawei video is where near flagship worthy lol

  • Ruskamyrsky

Anonymous, 19 May 2019Actually, what sets apart phone cameras from one another is... more"(Dual SIM, huge battery, storage expansion, IR blaster, etc.) which the Pixel 3/3XL is sorely lacking given its premium price, but which the P30 Pro has".

What benefits does one get from IR blaster? What is IR blaster?

For backuping some files, Pixel 3 can perhaps be connected to a USB stick via USB port, but I haven't tried that with either Huawei or Pixel yet, as I haven't yet bought a USB stick that has the right type of USB connector so I could connect it to a smartphone!

I don't know can one also connect an Iphone to USB stick for backups?