Samsung Galaxy M10 review

29 March 2019

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  • Mira
  • rpp
  • 05 May 2023

I have it now for 3 years and it's absolutely good, I love this phone 😀

    I had bought the M10 and I feel that this phone was created to bolster the M20. All the marketing campaigns focus on the M20 and there's not a whole lot on the M10.

    Still, this feels way better than its Chinese competitors though I will say, the camera is a bit of a letdown. The performance is awful but it's very hard to notice in day-to-day use. The software battery features, however, do exceed its competitors.

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      • anurag
      • XSA
      • 17 Sep 2020

      superb phone. when i bought this i was upset for no fingerprint sensor, why i am not purchasing m20 , and always comparing with m20. because m20 is only 1k costly form this phone. but time passes and passes. after all average phone. but this is also awesome in it. in may 2019 i bought this phone.

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        • Jonshev
        • IWU
        • 27 Jun 2020

        This is better than iPhone x

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          • sam
          • N}4
          • 19 Jun 2020

          dnt buy this fon.. useless... i buy this fon last year in sep 19... aftr 8 month its screen os dead..

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            • Boki
            • pp}
            • 21 Apr 2020

            Very good phoen

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              • Saroj
              • L1q
              • 14 Mar 2020

              I regretted buying this phone specially the loudspeaker is worst, loudness is like 2014 phones,same price range the huwawi y6 2019 blown my ear,zoo loud,clear and bass same like my 32 inch lg tv

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                • Anonymous
                • gM{
                • 01 Nov 2019

                Dzemo, 01 Sep 2019my m10 mobile cant connect to gthe wifi while other mobile ... moreJust change your phone bro🤣🤣🤣

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                  • Jay Cee
                  • fr{
                  • 03 Sep 2019

                  Battery life is poor after software update.

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                    • Dzemo
                    • 3iH
                    • 01 Sep 2019

                    my m10 mobile cant connect to gthe wifi while other mobile phone connect to the same range wifi...........................................h­ow can i fix this problem


                      Your reviews are one of the best out there. There's no double thoughts of that.

                      But, they are read by both, advance tech savvy users and normal users.

                      Your comparison of a device (M10 in this case) with almost 5k expesive device such as Redmi Note 7 that too of a different memory configuration unfairly makes M10 look weaker than it actually is.

                      Few of your GPU tests are compared only with Note 7. Why?

                      Compare devices as close as possible with a price range 500 to 1k +/- of the device being reviewed. Any other comparison with higher end phone is unfair disadvantage and with lower end device an unfair advantage. Both of which are wrong.

                      You should have a different section where you suggest a different phone for a bit lower or more asking price but with considerable difference in performance where you can show the comparison.

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                        • layanlayanlayan
                        • IWS
                        • 25 Apr 2019

                        good good good phone!

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                          • Dan
                          • 2Wn
                          • 14 Apr 2019

                          Anonymous, 30 Mar 2019It's not they improved a lot but still not enoughThis would be a good budget phone back in 2015

                            Anonymous, 03 Apr 2019It cost double thoIt cost double then Nokia 1 and Redmi Go, but its performance is just marginally better. If it is compared to phones with same or slightly higher prices, it seems inferior and cheaper. Though these are my opinions and I do not have special love for this brand. If you support Samsung, it may be different.

                              Anonymous, 01 Apr 2019Iphone xr is in the bottom lineup why don't you compare it ... moreIPHONE XR is at the bottom line up for Apple phones in 2018 BUT it is positioned over mid-tier smartphones. Samsung M10 is apparently a budget, entry-level phone similar to the J-series of Samsung before. If you really want to compare it to any Apple phones, I think the old iphone 7 plus will be more suitable, yet iphone 7 plus is still much more powerful then Samsung M10.

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                                • bapi talukder
                                • 6p}
                                • 03 Apr 2019

                                Samsung Galaxy M10... Need My 1 Packed.
                                Now What Can I Do....Please tell me.thanku.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • NgB
                                  • 03 Apr 2019

                                  BelowAverageAndroid, 03 Apr 2019Mate, is your brain ok? Or is this a joke? Tell me it is....Sarcasm
                                  He was comparing this phlnes to other at galf the price just because m10 is the cheapest samsung phone

                                    Anonymous, 01 Apr 2019Iphone xr is in the bottom lineup why don't you compare it ... moreMate, is your brain ok? Or is this a joke? Tell me it is....

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • tDR
                                      • 03 Apr 2019

                                      xeroga, 01 Apr 2019As the phone in the bottom of lineup, I think it is really ... moreIt cost double tho

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                                        • mLd
                                        • 02 Apr 2019

                                        M10 6.22" !?
                                        M20 7" ?
                                        4.7" !