Samsung Galaxy M10 review

29 March 2019

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  • Maria
  • 6cc
  • 30 Mar 2019

Just in case, this phone's price is max. US$50, it is the best-selling for sure.

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    • viano
    • 6mN
    • 30 Mar 2019

    Where is M10 launched outside India?

    and the price?

      Walter C. Dornez, 29 Mar 2019Yeah, the M20 is much betterI agree, there's no real reason to actually buy this thing.

        I won't judge the phone overall (although i DO judge Samsung) but few thoughts about camera. NO detail. Smudgy plasticy mess everywhere that is not a center. And obvious underexposing? This camera is worse than P30 Pro sound through earpieces.

          We're witnessing history here, folks - the biggest bang for the buck from a non-Chinese company. They're definitely far from Chinese standards but they finally did it nonetheless, off to a good start too

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            • Sean
            • 3Jn
            • 29 Mar 2019

            Why can't Samsung make a decent budget device like Honor does eg Honor 8X?? Useless device and shameful being released on Oreo

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              • Anonymous
              • B45
              • 29 Mar 2019

              For that price point, you're better off getting the Umidigi One Max (last year's budget phone). It has a 4,150 mAH battery, 128GB of hard drive space, 4GB of RAM, similar camera, similar SOC, NFC, global bands, and microSD slot.

                Yeah, the M20 is much better