Nokia 9 PureView review

05 April 2019
The Once and Future King of mobile photography - the PureView camera - is back! The Nokia's champion has lived through the twilights of Symbian and Windows Phone, to be once again reborn in the peak of Android era. HMD's Nokia 9 is the bearer of the next-gen PureView snapper, and it's not one, but whole six of them!

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  • sam

people compare this phone with samsung S10 and others forgeting that it costs only £ 549 and the others almost double!

  • R

I am hoping for Nokia 10 to come. I still like this phone because of 6 cameras

Thankyou for writing a wonderful and helpful Information.

  • Ayesha

Excellent mobile

  • Lightning mcqueen

AnonD-860090, 08 Apr 2019I would like to appologise to all the persons who didn't underst... moreSo you are telling that Nokia 8 sirocco is better than the Nokia 9 in 2019? Then maybe you could be right!!!!

JuffeP, 22 May 2019False news. You should not believe everything you see in the int... moreIf that's the case, then shall I not believe the other failings of this device. Do not defend a company you like for doing something wrong

Lightning mcqueen, 22 May 2019Is the Nokia 8 sirocco now a better deal over Nokia 9? Pls let m... moreI wouldn't say that. The Nokia feels superior to that underwhelming attempt

JuffeP, 22 May 2019Why speakers? This phone is about photos. Especially RAW photos.... moreThen you my friend either haven't heard a set of good speakers on a phone, or just have unrealistic standards for a phones speakers. And even if the phone is meant for photography, that beautiful display would've been perfect with speakers, especially with a lack of a headphone jack

  • JuffeP

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2019So you are comparing the Nokia 9 with old phones by several year... moreI think you should compare price level too. Many flagship models costs over 1000€s (at my local phonestore). So they should be much better, but most of them are not. Nokia 9 is 599€ camera here. So is Sony Xperia XZ2, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and Huawei P30. iPhone Xs (with 128MB) is 1500€, Huawei P30 Pro (128MB) is 849€, so why compare to them? I don’t have opinion about iPhone or P30 Pro cameras, because I have kot teosten them, but Nokia 9 has marvellous camera. I don’t belive that any other 599€ phone has so good camera. Or cameras I should say. But it’s only belief. My newest phonecamera experience is from 2015.
So, I search my price level first, then I compare phones within that pricelevel. I came to conclusion that Nokia 9 is the best solution. I want to take good photos. For snappies I might use my old phone... if necessary.

  • JuffeP

.alpha, 07 Apr 2019Really? Of all the phone you have in office you grabbed a P30 Pr... moreiPhone Xs costs 900€s more than Nokia 9 (in my local phone store), so IPhone should be way better in every way I think... but it is not.

  • JuffeP

Hamidi, 12 Apr 2019Joker of the decade, a prof photographer use phone to capture im... moreNot so long time ago, everybody said that every pro photographer uses film cameras, never they use, or will use digital camera. End of story!
Hmm... what about now?
Maybe you are right just now, but who knows what will hapen in the future?
Meanwhile you can have pro quality photos without carrying your SLR camera with you... still, I have to say: Nokia 9 is not an action camera. Better with portraits and landscapes etc.

  • JuffeP

Raik, 12 Apr 2019Other phones give you a RAW output too plus better photos withou... moreThis is not for amateurs. And it is about the quality of RAW images, not just that you can get them. If you want it easy, don’t buy it.

  • JuffeP

Walter C. Dornez, 24 Apr 2019It also seems a pack of gum can unlock it. False news. You should not believe everything you see in the internet. Internet is full of disinformation.

  • Lightning mcqueen

Walter C. Dornez, 14 May 2019Yep. Nokia has work to do. Is the Nokia 8 sirocco now a better deal over Nokia 9? Pls let me know.

  • JuffeP

Walter C. Dornez, 14 May 2019Yep. Nokia has work to do. Why speakers? This phone is about photos. Especially RAW photos. With sound I use external speaker(s) or headphones. As I have always done with phones. I have never heard good sound quality from any phone.

  • JuffeP

Boeing 747-400, 30 Apr 2019Yep, but not only the fingerprint scanner, but also the speaker ... moreWho uses phone to listening without headphones or external speaker(s)? I don’t. So I don’t mind the quality of internal speakers.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2019Even with the raw, doesn't mean they get the same quality raw im... moreTrue! Nokia 9 raw pictures include much more information than other phones raw pictures! That is the point of this phone. The bad part is that you really have to use that raw mode to get those better than other phones pictures. It is not snap a phone and publish it phone... it is take your raw picture. Use the all possible data that those multible cameras offer and tinker the picture in the Lightroom and then publish it. You can get better pictures with this phone than with any other phone in the market, but you have to work for it! The automatic is utterly ”bad” at this moment. But the raw image that you get from this phone offer so much data that it allows you to make incredible good pictures. Not a phone to all Mr and MS Smiths. This is for pro photo enthusiast!

Boeing 747-400, 14 May 2019Are you talking about the Pixel 3a, Pixel 2 or the original pixe... moreYep. Nokia has work to do.

  • Boeing 747-400

Walter C. Dornez, 14 May 2019Exactly. They have the bezels, just place good speakers. Boom, n... moreAre you talking about the Pixel 3a, Pixel 2 or the original pixel because three phones have excellent stereo speaker quality with deep bass!!!!

Long before using the Nokia 9, i owned HTC M8 that has front facing stereo speaker. That phone i used from 2014 till 2018 ( Because my M8 suffered from liquid damage)

Boeing 747-400, 14 May 2019Definetly. I don't see why HMD don't put stereo speakers on most... moreExactly. They have the bezels, just place good speakers. Boom, now you got a device like a Pixel but cheaper