Nokia 9 PureView review

05 April 2019
The Once and Future King of mobile photography - the PureView camera - is back! The Nokia's champion has lived through the twilights of Symbian and Windows Phone, to be once again reborn in the peak of Android era. HMD's Nokia 9 is the bearer of the next-gen PureView snapper, and it's not one, but whole six of them!

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S Yu, 11 Aug 2019The conclusions are wrong. Shoot P30P, output RAW and see how mu... moreConclusions are wrong? This website is doing this kind of things for decades.. yes you have heard right. When i was in 5th standard i found this website, now i am a post graduate with 3 years work experience. Before youtube came into existence, before you knew nothing.. so appreciate the work, because this is the only site who provides use completely unbiased review, no matter the brand or sponsor if any.

nokia could easily beat some of the today's flagships if they use or implement:
1. 48 sony imx586 with zeiss optics with OIS & EIS with variable aperture
2. A true xenon flash along with led flash like in lumia 1020
2. 5000 mah battery
3. Clear black Amoled display with 6.5' inch screen with better screen to body ratio
4. Ozo audio for stereo recording & playback
5. aluminium frame use like is nokia 7.1
6. 3.5 mm headphone jack
7. IR blaster
8. Chipset SD 855+
9. Finger print rear mounter or side mounted.

all this under 500 USD
if above all conditions satisfied, mobile will sell like hot cakes, atleast in my country which has one of the biggest smartphone market

if they did it in 2012 they could also do in 2019 when technology is so much advanced compare to what it was in 2012

The conclusions are wrong. Shoot P30P, output RAW and see how much worse it is than the Nokia's. The Nokia's is a stacked RAW, iPX's is a regular single exposure RAW, while P30P's is a "debinned" RAW that doesn't even combine adjacent pixels in that RYYB layout for additional DR and better color accuracy(though still poor), resulting in 40MP of very poor signal you'd expect from 0.8μm pixels, you'll get nowhere from P30P's RAW output, and I can't believe you never bothered to try.

  • Tae Mo baho

Jess, 07 Aug 2019Is this real? Or is this only a concept??Haha you can see the phone right?

  • Jess

Is this real? Or is this only a concept??

  • moo

They're on the right track, just sadly they didn't pull it off with this one.

  • Krizzy

Mw, 01 Aug 2019Absolutely gorgeous pictures I miss my Nokia 1020There's another one coming 9.1 is killer

  • Mw

Nor, 13 May 2019Hello Everyone, i took the Nokia 9 with me on my USA trip and... moreAbsolutely gorgeous pictures I miss my Nokia 1020

  • Anonymous, 03 Jul 2019This must have the slowest camera introduced since the last Pure... moreSlowest to process because it processes much much much details than the rest of phones available and you can produce the best photo not any other phone available could match..., 03 Jul 2019This must have the slowest camera introduced since the last Pure... moreSadly, all the Android One models are crap. Better to buy a Google Pixel or iPhone XS.

This must have the slowest camera introduced since the last PureView model by Nokia. All Nokia PureView models are slow.
And this doesn't even have zoom!
The only good thing about Nokia brand is that it contains almost pure Android, Android One.

  • digishit

sam, 17 Jun 2019people compare this phone with samsung S10 and others forgeting ... moreYou know that for a 1100 EUR you could instead have a quite nice second-hand car, right?

  • sam

people compare this phone with samsung S10 and others forgeting that it costs only £ 549 and the others almost double!

  • R

I am hoping for Nokia 10 to come. I still like this phone because of 6 cameras

Thankyou for writing a wonderful and helpful Information.

  • Ayesha

Excellent mobile

  • Lightning mcqueen

AnonD-860090, 08 Apr 2019I would like to appologise to all the persons who didn't underst... moreSo you are telling that Nokia 8 sirocco is better than the Nokia 9 in 2019? Then maybe you could be right!!!!

JuffeP, 22 May 2019False news. You should not believe everything you see in the int... moreIf that's the case, then shall I not believe the other failings of this device. Do not defend a company you like for doing something wrong

Lightning mcqueen, 22 May 2019Is the Nokia 8 sirocco now a better deal over Nokia 9? Pls let m... moreI wouldn't say that. The Nokia feels superior to that underwhelming attempt

JuffeP, 22 May 2019Why speakers? This phone is about photos. Especially RAW photos.... moreThen you my friend either haven't heard a set of good speakers on a phone, or just have unrealistic standards for a phones speakers. And even if the phone is meant for photography, that beautiful display would've been perfect with speakers, especially with a lack of a headphone jack