Samsung Galaxy A50 review

18 April 2019

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  • Anonymous

Pedja, 09 Jun 2021Phone is complite pice of shit,don't ever buy not even... moreWhy
Are you that used to paying £50 60 a month for the dogs and the cheap stuff is never going to fit with your tesla

  • nakazatogtr

Lili, 22 Apr 2021Any comments regarding sa update for android 11?Using one now. Remember that any phone having to upgrade to a newer android version (ie; Android 10 to Android 11) may BENEFIT a lot by factory resetting (after backing up data, ie; via Google Account) before even downloading the update.

My A50 is just three weeks old as of this writing. Updated upon first use. No issues, super slow mo is perfect, split screen usage is never laggy, (Note: YouTube app WILL lag and reverse-scroll, this is an app issue, not phone's OS.)

Not bad at Real Racing 3, and other mid to high end games.

  • Carl B

After much research I purchased A50. This is an excellent mid range smartphone with high end quality without the sticker shock price. I don't need a $ 1400 phone A50 gets the job done. I'm happy with A50. Thanks for the truthful and accurate review.

  • Pedja

Phone is complite pice of shit,don't ever buy not even take it for free

  • Gary

kik williams, 18 May 2021Phone freeze up while charging, after no problems for more ... moreThe very same thing happened to mines.....very disappointed

  • kik williams

Phone freeze up while charging, after no problems for more than a year. Completely unresponsive for hours now!

  • Anonymous

Sherry, 12 Apr 2021Had since march 2019. Less than 6 months hp suddenly off fo... moreVisit neatest care center

  • Lili

Any comments regarding sa update for android 11?

  • Sherry

Had since march 2019. Less than 6 months hp suddenly off for almost 24 hours, cannot charge and freeze. Next day it work fine. Now happening again. Suddenly went off since yesterday and cannot on until now. Bad phone.

  • Anonymous

Ivy Langat, 21 Dec 2020I've had the phone for a few months now and I'm v... moreHad mine since 2019 .. I love it... Good value for the money spend 2 years anniversary in a couple of weeks

  • fefwdwfdfffdfwf

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2021I used Samsung a50 for almost 2 years. It can't play g... moreMine is normal, I got it 2 years ago. Did you take care of it?

  • Manish arya

I love this mobile

Near 2 years old A50 and developed software issues about 8 months ago.
ie , freezing screen , jittering , call drop outs and data connection issues.
Have done software updates and replaced sim card but to no avail so I'm thinking it's just a bad apple from the bunch.
Hopefully the latest A50 software upgrade to Android 11 comes soon , fingers crossed it helps but I'm not anticipating too much comes from it.

  • Anonymous

I used Samsung a50 for almost 2 years. It can't play game anymore but still can undergo special meeting. Yet the battery is not efficient at all. Listening to music for an hour dropped 15 percent, meeting for an hour dropped 21 percent. PUBG smooth extreme for an hour dropped 27 percent and very hot.

GSMarena or someone please tell me what caused this issue to my phone.

  • Uike

verry good after 2 year

  • Jujhar singh

Samsung A50 Good smartphone excellent camera and pricessor quality 👌

  • Jatin Vashisht

Using this device for 1.5 years now and my experience only gets better. Easily clocking at 45+ mbps download/upload speed on wifi. Battery back up, fast charging, processing , touch is still in good condition. The only problem I faced was charging not detected sometime, but after cleaning the port its now working. Not to forget the slim and premium design is a head turner. A highly useful feature that even GSM Arena forgot to mention is the BIXBY ROUTINES. This features help me focus on my meetings, disables silent mode as soon as I connect my charger and a whole lot of things. In my opinion the device in its segment is a tough contender.

  • Anonymous

Mehdi, 14 Jan 2021Does it have 5G?No

  • Anonymous

Martin, 05 Feb 2021Very bad touch sensitivity, when you need to type a message... morePlease are you saying I should not buy Samsung Galaxy A50

  • Martin

Very bad touch sensitivity, when you need to type a message It's very difficult task because of touch screen problems,
Fast charging is not effective as it's expected, and very cheap materials...
It's not recommended at all !!