Samsung Galaxy A50 review

18 April 2019

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  • Thom

I love the look of this phone and it seems amazing but I'm not sure about getting it. This is the most expensive phone I can get at the moment so please someone responds quick saying if its a good idea getting one. :)

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  • 0F9
  • Nisar

Hk achakzai, 05 Dec 2019I m planning to buy a new phone but m confused wether to buy "sa... moreBro samsung is good at market + features are also easy to use and huawei market is down if you buy samsung at 1000 and then sell it again it will make 800 easily and if you buy huawei and then sell it it will make 5 to 600 hardly

  • Hk achakzai

I m planning to buy a new phone but m confused wether to buy "samsung a50" or "Huwawi y9"..plz guide me

  • Aaronwilz2p20

I just got my phone a week back and I noticed that the fingerprint sensor is pathetic. So I tried to find a solution to the problem by updating the software in which it said that the security measures will be improved. I updated my phone and when I try to register my fingerprint, it can't scan my fingerprint properly and

  • Kai Veeder

There's no water resistance!

  • Mian

emcel, 31 Oct 2019first heating problem later for almost 4months of using the phon... moreSame problem I am facing, screen blinking during phone calls and finish the calls also blinking and screen locks again and again,
Signal stability is poor and heating issues during calls.
I got repaired twice from samsung service centre but problem still not resolved, I went 3rd time then they kept phone almost 3 week and at the end said no issues found, I am still facing same issues. Very bad experience of A50

Hi, can you please tell me how you know that the camera defaults to 12MP? As far as I can tell, there is absolutely no option to change the megapixels; and when I chatted with Samsung directly, they said it was fixed at 25. I am concerned because that is an unnecessary amount of MPs that will actually lessen the quality of the photos (if used for social media and small prints). Not to mention that will fill up storage pretty quickly! Please if you could tell me where you got that info from, I would so appreciate it! Thanks in advance.

  • panos

Sunlight contrast ratio ?

  • sAilor

Battery is poor soon

  • Anonymous

Samsung galaxy S8

  • Anonymous

How can I change the language

  • Bootsauce

Cannot find the fm tuner on my a50

I have a 6gb ram/128gb memory. Took some pictures and compared it to my old Oppo F1f. Oppo's pictures are clearer while the a50's pixelated. Im not a pro photographer but i love to take pictures and videos. The sound/music from Oppo is is clearer than the A50 which i might say is quite scattered. And when I call, the voice/sound coming out is weak and unclear again compared to the Oppo F1f. The samsung A50 is not as user friendly as Oppo. It took me a while to use it. On a lighter note, the Samsung A50 is fit for the teens to 30s group but would have trouble with the older generation.

  • Mr. georgio T

Are we all discissing the same phone? 2019/9_os,galaxay,? I got one, colour great gloss shell finish, updates, on the reg.? Clear, sharp, oled screen, loud speaks, face, nox securiety, print, pattern, voice recognition, its very quick app&site connect. Soo much ram , data like over 100 apps, and that dont faze this phone& the phone? Quick, clear connections, and i can go on?. I love this perfect 0hone? Main /bad??. No cordless battery charging,? But come. On for a few hundred bucks, its rit there with the flagship phones, you really got to compare throughly to start to see the diffrences, &there not really any big diffrences, other than charging,? Close benchmarks oter than. Best phone ive ever had for 5hat range price . &Im in canada

  • Anonymous

Very fine mobile

  • Shaik

We have to try thrice for finger print , display is good , speaker quality is bit better but not up to the expectation , camera should have more clarity ckmpare to more and vive, all though if you want to buy them buy it in offer price kit from the store to find the worth of money

  • Mark

I have the samsung a50 a few weeks now, I'm not happy with this phone , phone freezes when someone rings me and I can't answer the call. Happened a few times. It also seems very slow compared to the A5 which I had before.

  • Anonymouse

Wally, 01 Nov 2019I'm using it since 2 months now and I found it perfect unless yo... moreDidn't work well right out of the box. My colleague got the same phone - same problem.

Made in Vietnam is better than others

  • Wally

I'm using it since 2 months now and I found it perfect unless you have to click little hard on the screen for the fingerprint...same time I found many bad reviews on the camera..???? It's perfect 100% but maybe you have problems in your software that you use... Try to disable the app you don't like or use and clean up your cache....