Samsung Galaxy A50 review

18 April 2019

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  • Alex

Is it just me, or the screen is really yellowish.
Also the battery isn't that good after some usage.

Poppyboy, 18 Jun 2020No problem with my A50 128gig and 6gig ram fantastic phone... moreOuch. Sound like a spoiled kid, fortnite and all. Well why did you own a midranger if you have 1000€ to buy an s20 ultra? And your mom an iphone. I don't belive you actually owned this phone. It is a great phone for me. I owned it (and still put my sim from time to time in it) and it served me well. Camera was great but when it came to low light you better forget it even was there. Performance on the other hand was great, low-medium on pubg with high frames and it went on and on with very minor fps drops. I would say that this phone performed, on low with high frames just as my black shark 2 on hdr with extreme frames, which for a midranger is perfect. Battery life was good-very good too. So I think you either owned a lot of flagships in the last 2 years and made you think everything must run perfectly or you didn't own this

  • Swat

Nightstar, 05 Jul 2020My A50s (3 months old.) Is suddenly draining more than usua... moreEven mine has the same issue. Any quick fix?

  • Nightstar

My A50s (3 months old.) Is suddenly draining more than usual. Before it took 7-8 mins for 1% . Now 5-6 mins. Is this normal. At this rate it's taking almost 9-10 %per hour

  • Anonymous

Hi there
I bought my A50 2019 Dec and it is still firing and I love it

  • irshad

My A50 is now getting switched off by itself intermittently. Any solution for this?

  • Anonymous

Priya shah, 14 Jun 2020Yesterday after updating new software I am not able to take... morePress volume down and power button quickly

  • dangthatsalongname

@Gramma Most for me, the fingerprint works. Maybe you should show it to some sort of technician?

  • Poppyboy

ParsaBerry007 , 07 Apr 2020This is one of the worst phones I've ever tried. It's slow,... moreNo problem with my A50 128gig and 6gig ram fantastic phone, fast as good camera best phone I have had.

  • Priya shah

Yesterday after updating new software I am not able to take screenshot.... what should I do?? pls help me ....

  • GrammaMost

Not a completely useless phone. But nothing impressive either. What really bothers me is that the fingerprint sensor is totally useless. I've tried half a dozen times to get it to register my fingerprint. No joy in Mudville.

Alex10, 09 May 2020For my personal experience this phone is great, everything ... moreTotally I agree with you
I have been using this phone since 2019
There are no problems

  • Aliavast

Help me My device (A50) not work in the PubgMobile Check it please 😭

  • P

My A50 phone switch off automatically and when I switch on it is showing your phone gets heat due to ap open . How to sort out this issue

  • Sweety

Worse experience first time buy samsung phone .I will never buy again samsung phone. So bad services and so bad experience.

Rahul, 16 May 2020While shooting my videos get blurred (phone fixed on tripod... morebro try adobe rush app , it can even record 4k 30fps

  • Anonymous

Leart, 07 May 2020Worst phone ever. Mine is Galaxy A50 SM-A505FN, which ha... moreAgree. Poor in data and wifi connection also very slow when you playing games like ML.

  • Rahul

While shooting my videos get blurred (phone fixed on tripod) continuously after few seconds. So the quality of the videos get spoiled.

Pls suggest what should I do.


  • Anonymous

Plaan , 19 Apr 2020Fingerprint response is very slow . And one of the wrost ca... moreI can relate to the fingerprint thing it's kinda slow but I can play pubg at the highest graphics and fps available with no lags at all. Maybe you need to lean up your junk on your phone or something

  • Alex10

For my personal experience this phone is great, everything is working perfectly, the screen is wonderful, the camera is super and the pictures are beautiful , connections no problems, fingerprint and face recognition are also working very smoothly, maybe I got lucky ? I read of some of the comments and I can't understand people complaining about it...great smartphone!