Oppo Reno 10x zoom hands-on review

24 April 2019

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  • naey

Huhulak, 02 May 2019Can you hear the low quality sound in video taken? Oppo did... more96kbps is really enough for good quality sound, already almost at mp3 beginning days, but definetly now with modern encodes.

..so, without listening to the vid, id say the problem is the microphone quality or size or... placement.

Can you hear the low quality sound in video taken? Oppo didnt learn from past I see. Who on earth would set the bitrate of camera audio to 96kbps only? Oppo would :)))

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2019This thing wont get any luck while P30 pro around...why? As it is most sensible notch less option for me, I will order it.

The camera configuration of this phone is a bit strange IMO. 1X, 6X and 10X, while 6X and 10X are only hybrid zoom. The general feeling of the camera is slightly inferior to P30 Pro. It has a beautiful screen, but inferior to Samsung's in some way.
Hope Oppo can push out even advanced phone that can ground-breaking.

  • hugh janous

oppo reno 10x zoom on youtube theres a girl getting naked shoudl really think around privacy with these phones instead of tryna make our technology too advanced

  • hugh Janous

the camera neesmore recognition on this phone, even though the phone is basically the one7plus

  • Anonymous

This thing wont get any luck while P30 pro around...

Brad, 25 Apr 2019Looks like soon optical zoom will be the next trend. I don'... moreI must say that is my last interest in zoom.. pay some respect to others please...

  • Lew Sasshole

oneplus 7 :?????

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2019Pop up selfie camera.. check. Triple rear camera... check. ... moreHardly a surprise since Oppo and OnePlus (and Vivo, for that matter) are all under the same company.

  • Anonymous

Pop up selfie camera.. check. Triple rear camera... check. 48mp main sensor... check.
Sounds like the Oneplus 7 to me haha.

  • mobileman

oppo reno want to be highend camera.. and also oppo want that it can use high price..but

itsn ot highend camera..i like only pop up front camera construction, i hope that kind or like oneplus pro kind coming many phones.

yes, oppo has middle high camera and price i shuld pay it is about under 550€

wireless charg must be
ip 68
butmoust bad oppo is that screen sunlight, its low.

looks also plastic phone,,, and that it is.
but, if i need make choice that oppo or samsung 10+ i take oppo bcoz it pop up camera.

right price is under 550$, sure oppo 'want' it more, but no...noway

no proper ip rating... no go for me.

It would be handy, when you review things like this, to include a list of regions it will and will not be available in.

  • Anonymous

P30 Pro Killer

  • Brad

Looks like soon optical zoom will be the next trend. I don't dislike it, yesterday I saw my friend spying on a girl in the next building of his apartment using p30 pro. I also saw some guy zoom-in girls on beach from his hotel in youtube. LOL I like where this tech going...

  • Anonymous

For this money I am getting either a new XR or a used X and I am assured I am buying a premium built, long lasting, long term updates, price retentioning device.

Mr. Electronics, 24 Apr 2019Wait so how does that green dimple help with the main cameras? Nothing to do with the camera, but the dimple is said to raise the phone a bit from a surface when placed, so no contact is made between the cameras and a potentially rough surface, preventing scratches.

  • Praveen

Does anybody notice the unlock screen time ? It changes from 09:59 to 10:01 directly lol :D . It takes 2 mins to unlock or some poor quality video editing .

It will be good alternative to overpriced not-really-a-flagship Huawei P30 Pro.