Realme X review

15 May 2019

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  • Partha saikia

Does realme x support 5g? Please tell me

  • zac

I wish gsmarena review and specs provide more info on:
1) USB-C - Is it only form factor or has also USB 3.1 speed? Does it support usb-c charging spec? Lots of phones even flagships have USB-C port but support only USB 2.0 transfer speeds! Even companies officially in their spec don't provide information about that and you are left in the wild.
2) What's depth camera type? Is it stereoscopic? Is it Time of Flight type? What's resolution? What's maximum framerate? What's the quality of depth image? Does it have many holes and accuracy is not good 1m away?
3) What's maxium framerate of RGB cameras? Yeah good to know I can record 4K at 30fps but can I record slowmotion e.g. HD at 120fps? or VGA at 240fps? Sometimes high framerate is more important than resolution.

  • Kingz

sterijuanna, 21 Aug 2019realme x vs realme 5 pro? I am really liking the 5 pro but how i... moreSame confusion! You finalized something?

realme x vs realme 5 pro? I am really liking the 5 pro but how its display fare against the realme x? Is it good enough?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2019realme k20 Or redmi X

  • I

Zakir hossain, 10 Aug 2019Battery drain problemTouch long and then one time the charger

  • Anonimus

Re Zare, 22 Jul 2019Realme 3 pro vs Realme X. Who is better at the camera?The X is betyer for the rear camera while the 3 Prois better on the front camera

  • Shanawazway

Jerry, 28 Jul 2019Realme X (headphone) sound quality is excellent or average ?It is excellent I would say

  • Zakir hossain

Battery drain problem

  • Annonomus

Re Zare, 22 Jul 2019Realme 3 pro vs Realme X. Who is better at the camera?Relame x is bett'r

  • vgnshDm

It's very sad that these days call quality, network reception are not all being mentioned or ellaborated . It should have a separate section like other features

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2019Is FM radio available in realme x?YES

  • Jerry

Realme X (headphone) sound quality is excellent or average ?

  • Anonymous

Is FM radio available in realme x?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2019Does the realme x have nfc? no

  • Anonymous

FM radio not available..

  • Re Zare

Realme 3 pro vs Realme X. Who is better at the camera?

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2019please tell me whether there is risk of breaking pop-up camera? ... moreAs per a drop test by Gupta this popup camera can carry 20 kgs weight. But if somebody's hand is hitting it may break because that force will be more than 20kg definitely

  • pankaj


  • Amlan

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2019Realme X is the better it is the best mid range smartphone to pu... moreIf you go by price realme X price is also very high conceding it's configuration better you go for realme 3pro or redmi note 7 pro or Poco F1 if you are planning to buy a phone below 20k. These three phones are far far better than realme X