Android 10 Q beta review

22 May 2019

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  • cog

The Lack of your inspiration make us wonder why!

  • Yeti

Same mistake everyone makes GSMArena.

There is no reason 10Q couldn't be called quiche. The common mistake so many make is that it has to be a dessert. Android versions are NOT named after desserts, they are named after tasty treats, nothing says that treat has to be sweet, they just all have so far.

I'd argue that Jelly Beans, Kit Kats, Lollipops, Marshmallows and Oreo's are not desserts, they are confectionery...or in other words, Tasty Treats. :P

  • Essen

This is old school. But this nonsense of bezelless phones and gestue navigations must end. Have minimal bezels on the top and bottom, put hardware navigation buttons on the bottom bezel, enjoy true full screen experience, enjoy simple navigation.

  • Anonymous

I don't care for android Q because my phone won't get it
Thanks trump

  • Anonymous

LG Superfan, 22 May 2019Imo gestures should work like this divide entire bottom into thr... moreI used samsung's one ui gestures and I found that swiping from the right bottom and the left bottom is not a good idea it looks worse than onscreen buttons you get no advantage and it's not suited for one hand use I prefer the one in miui(so the same one as android Q) I use one operation hand+ app(the one in samsung phones) and swiping from the right and left for back is the best idea

  • Anonymous

sweaf, 22 May 2019So Samsung's One UI gesture then?More close to xiaomi

  • ms

it would be nice to see google play store in dark mode and a choice in the display settings to change the system font rather than the boring roboto font.

  • WhoMe

I see Huawei too in the Q program !

So Samsung's One UI gesture then?

So... Android Queer really brings nothing to the table, yet I bet we'll have a bunch of whinners complaining about slow updates from the likes of Samsung, these people don't ever seem to remember those so called latest Android versions from Google are always years behind any and every Android skin.

I don't want google to read all my notifications to check addresses and then make personalised advertisements for it...

  • Metal Fan

I wanted Google to focus onimproving the touch latency on Android, but they still haven't done that, every time I use my iPhone Xr and switch to my other Pixel 2 XL I still that Android is t as smooth as iOS

I really wanted Google to improve Android UX rending speed and increase the overall speed of Android , it's been so long that Android that was finally focus on speed, ithink it was Android 7

Maybe Android 11 will focus on speed and latency

  • Anonymous

Walter C. Dornez, 22 May 2019They literally copied the iOS gesture navigation. Google, steal ... moreNothing new, but hope gestures as smooth as iPhone.

Imo gestures should work like this divide entire bottom into three sections right middle and left
Swipe up from right bottom for back
Swipe up from bottom for home
Swipe up from bottom left for recent
Swipe up from bottom and hold for assistant
Swipe up with two fingers for split screen
Swipe up with two fingers and hold for screen pinning
Swipe up from bottom left or right to center of screen for mini view (if pixel has it)
Swipe left or right on gesture bar (or bottom area) to switch between apps

  • Trilulilucoder

Settings UI icons looks like Samsung's Touchwiz from 2014..
Well done Google (clap clap)

They literally copied the iOS gesture navigation. Google, steal from your own. That's the point of Android