Oppo Reno 10x zoom review

30 May 2019
No, this review is not about some detachable Oppo lens as we are past the era of these crude workarounds - it's an actual phone and a proper flagship at that. But while this particular name isn't our cup of tea, the rest sounds beyond intriguing.

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  • 31 Aug 2023

Shivam, 23 Dec 20205G Yes NoOppo Reno 5g
Yes or no

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    • Mohammed
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    • 26 Sep 2022

    Is there two models for this device? Single sim and dual sim??

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      • Chintu
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      • 24 Apr 2021

      Shivam, 23 Dec 20205G Yes NoVery cost for me but like it

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        • 23 Dec 2020

        5G Yes No

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          • 24 Sep 2020

          Reviewing after 48 hrs testing and usage

          As soon as mobile is delivered I started unboxing.

          Very nice packaging and nice case included(which is definitely far better than r
          500rs case),

          Best thing is Type C headphones are included in box, as this is flagship mobile and dont have 3.5mm jack , this headphones saves your money to buy new type-c headphones or Bluetooth headphones.

          Vooc fast charger included which is very sturdy.

          Overall built quality and look of Mobile is good. I will give 9/10 at this price range.

          As soon as I turned on mobile , it has 40% battery. I logged in google and start backing up. It automatically installed my 127 apps from backup on wife . I was also testing mobile same time . It took 1 hr to complete backup as downloading and installing is heavy task ,mobile start heating up little. As soon as backup is completed i check for system upadate and color OS 7 was available with3.2 gb download. i update my os During this process mobile heat up little more and i start worrying about heating issue. But is was mentioned on on update page that mobile will heatup during update.

          After completing update i start downloading and installing pubg global. As its huge download and installation , i was expecting heating problem again but that didn't happen. It works fine without any heating. I watch few videos, listen music and finally my mobile switched of with low battery after 3:5hr continuous heavy use( battery was 40% at starting). I intentionally drain my battery, as it can improve performance if u drain your battery once .And I also want to check charging. So i started charging and exactly after 1hr I checked and its already 93%( its quite good).

          I started camera testing.

          Wide angle is good.

          48 MP is also nice but no zooming.

          Telescopic camera is 12 mp and gives good result between 6x to 11x. Not good after that. i observed that its not using optical zoom until 6x. so its not good, u cant get expected result. I am quit disappointed with zooming . Overall camera 8/10. But I was expecting more.

          I install Gcam from XDA and voila, night mode is too good with gcam. result was amazing. i will suggest that everyone use Gcam for night mode.

          Screen : Satisfactory. Nothing special except size(6.6)

          Gaming: I tried PUBG with highest setting. no lagging with highest setting but some heating is there. With medium setting i played for 3 hrs without any heating issue.

          Speakers: Too Good

          Multitasking : Smooth

          Network: Reception is good. Wifi works like charm. No 5G , but we are not expecting 5G for atleast next 3 yrs, so no need.

          Verdict: If u are looking for Value for money mobile with limited budget with nice built quality and performance. Its best.

          Tip: Buy only during offer:

          6gb/128gb 26000

          8gb/256gb 29000

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            • y$6
            • 31 Jul 2020

            The best and the most unforgotten reno series

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              • 03 Jun 2020

              How to enable Vibration while Answering or Ending Calls in Reno 10 X ....Pls help

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                • 21 May 2020

                Arun, 20 Nov 2019Waist phone according to me now i am useI agree with you still no Android 10

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                  • 20 Nov 2019

                  Waist phone according to me now i am use

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                    • 12 Sep 2019

                    I want the blue colour

                      Aierlan, 31 May 2019 I got mine (China 6gb 128gb version) about a week ago. So ... moreSell it away (cheaply) in Carousell Singapore. Provide free international shipping, within hours you will have more than 10 Likes and within a day or two your set will be sold off.

                      Remember to request buyer to make offer so you both can exchange reviews.

                      My advice is to get rid of things that you dont want or dont like. Change them away immediately e.g. for your this oppo phone. Or even things like your jobs wife maid car company boss etc.

                      That said nothing is perfect. We also need to adopt (adapt) a more 'heck care' attitude in life because world is not perfect and further more the world has transformed into Digital Age which will only get more messy than before.

                        Bobosong, 13 Aug 2019I totally agree, they should definitely review the call qua... moreCall quality is my biggest gripe with the phone (I have a few others). The earpiece is very tinny and not that loud and calls on speakerphone sound tinny and are not that easy to hear. Much worse than my previous Huawei p20 which had very good call quality and also better signal strength. Agreed that it should be reviewed. Would have avoided this phone had I known as I make a lot of calls

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                          • 13 Aug 2019

                          Sarwar, 20 Jul 2019Unfortunately Gsmarena does not review on the 'Call Quality... moreI totally agree, they should definitely review the call quality which is an essential part of the phone

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                            • Sarwar
                            • vkW
                            • 20 Jul 2019

                            Unfortunately Gsmarena does not review on the 'Call Quality' of any cellphone. AUDIO QUALITY they mean the sound quality from its loud speaker(s) only.

                            My suggestion is to introduce CALL QUALITY from now on... where we can understand the quality of Receiving Sound and Caller's Sound at other end. This is very very important.

                            In case of Oppo Reno 10X, there is no Earpiece visible at its position. So, where did they put it? How will be the experience of hearing other end's sound?

                            I do remember my own experience with 'Mi Mix' phone. There were No Earpiece in it. Sound used to come out by vibration of glass display. Xiaomi used to call the technology as 'Revolutionary'.

                            But in fact, it was useless! I could not hear other party clearly, very disappointing sound quality . Later on, in their Mix2 model, Mi has discontinued that Revolutionary(!) feature.

                            So Total Notch Free or Bezelless... these features, and ultimate phone quality should be tested by the clients first. No comment before that...

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                              • Sourish
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                              • 20 Jul 2019

                              Great to see a review mentioning the pricing at different countries.... In India, its a good bargain over the OP7 Pro which costs 9K more than the reno which translates to around $125 more....

                                AmericanCarioca, 06 Jun 2019I don't own the P30 Pro as it is a bit out of my budget ran... moreI don't bring my Mirrorless camera at all time, so the idea of shooting RAW from the phone is actually quite neat. After all, there's mobile version of Photshop and Lightroom.

                                  Rash, 19 Jun 2019Somehow, I never faced this issue. I am able to even reply ... moreAll Global is identical except China edition, he bought at China and China edition will have that issue.

                                    George, 17 Jun 2019I just brought the Oppo Reno 10 in China and use it in Euro... moreThis is due to it is China edition, all China edition phone from Oppo got this issue and Oppo never fixed this issue in China edition. This issue also happened in Find X China edition.

                                    Global edition wise will not have this WhatApps notification issue. I am from Malaysia and I am previously using Global edition of Find X, few days ago I just change to Global edition of Reno 10x Zoom, both don't have notification issue.

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                                      • 19 Jun 2019

                                      George, 17 Jun 2019I just brought the Oppo Reno 10 in China and use it in Euro... moreSomehow, I never faced this issue. I am able to even reply from Whatsapp notification. I am assuming the software is same for all. I am from India.

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                                        • George
                                        • 8mv
                                        • 17 Jun 2019

                                        I just brought the Oppo Reno 10 in China and use it in Europe.This phone has a lot of problems with Whatsup because it dont't show the notifications and the whatsup call.You need to open the app to show who text you or who calls you.. The Oppo team need to fix this problem because a lot of my friends wants this phone but they are unseccure because of this problem.