Samsung Galaxy A80 review

04 June 2019

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  • SangSuantak

Seems like everytime i open GSMA, samsung comes up with a new phone. How many phones are you going to release Samsung?!!!

  • Mes4

So IMX 586 is high tier sony sensor? or is there better? some S8 use Imx 333 and S9 use imx 345 and those are better quality than a80. Confusing hierarchy,

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2019By hearing the differences in audio quality.So most will likely have trouble telling them apart

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Jun 2019So disappointed the A80 camera doesn't match Zenfone 6.Did you even look at the camera samples?

  • JG51

When will the device be available for purchase? Especially in the U.S.

  • Anonymous

So disappointed the A80 camera doesn't match Zenfone 6.

  • DAIF

awesome mobile just needed more screenmaybe 7.2 inch like mate 20x
and bigger battery size and better camera usage and popup rotating mechanism should have been a slider for better life time damn huawie would have done this better

  • MrX

Zenfone 6 waaaay more better. DOA A80.

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 05 Jun 2019Is Gsmarena team now deleting valid comments that they don't lik... moreA80's camera is better than Zenfone's.

Price is way to high. I bought an Oppo Reno 10x Zoom for €635.

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 05 Jun 2019Is Gsmarena team now deleting valid comments that they don't lik... moreWhy is it bad ? If you like no name phones than fine. Stop imposing it on others.

  • Anonymous

LG Superfan, 05 Jun 2019How can you know if your USB C-3.5mm jack is passive or activeBy hearing the differences in audio quality.

Is Gsmarena team now deleting valid comments that they don't like or something?

I'll repeat myself. This phone is bad. The Zenfone 6 is better in everything except the display, and is also cheaper.

[deleted post]Ok buddy. OneUI, although has some neat features, is still filled with bloatware, even if it was reduced. The Asus, has none. The new Zenfone 6. It's 200 EUR less, or around that in other currencies, Specs area HEAPS better, other than the screen, in which the LCD is better for longevity. It also has top-of-the-line battery life that the Galaxy A80 completely missed out. The camera is also very much better, and selfies doesn't have the same issues as this one. As much as you could defend it, there's not really a lot to defend about. Like, a midranger not having a jack or a sd card slot, while it's competitor, the Zenfone, has all of these, while only sacrificing on the screen, and is cheaper. Not to mention that the Asus will go down in price as well, and the Redmi K20 Pro or the Poco F2 will always be an alternative of the same thing, and costs much less.

My opinion is that, this autofocus issue can be handled with a software upgrade... BUT only if Samsung wants to, which I doubt a bit.

But what can they do about the battery life? Will they actually decide to improve it by a margin?
S10 gives 79 hours on a 3400 Mah, and here we have 3700 Mah giving similar life on a less performing device!

As with Samsung, its always better to get an old flagship than a new midranger... hence proved. Even in camera, audio quality, battery, features, etc.
I bet S7/ S8+ owners must be laughing at this review... :D At least I would.

GSMArena Staff, Please post the Redmi Note 7 Pro complete review.... Its high time! :)

Why is the A series a cash grab? My s8+ with higher performing SoC lasts longer with a 3500mah battery?!

it's fix. no buy.

How can you know if your USB C-3.5mm jack is passive or active

  • cvastron

Whatever happened to the sunlight legibility chart?

  • Anonymous

"However, space was obviously at a premium as essentials have been scrapped - there's no headphone jack, and there's no microSD slot either. Boo."

You said it well for the lack of the essentials at this kinda price$$!! Look at Zenfone 6 (albeit IPS display) with almost same camera motorized tech YET keeping the essentials which EVERYONE NEEDS & CHEAPER in price overall.

"The Samsung Galaxy A80 does not come with a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter in the retail package, which meant there was no way for us to perform our audio quality test. We tried using a couple of passive adapters we had lying around, but the phone didn't work with either of them, suggesting that it might need an active one to work."

I will say this ONCE again. USB-C to 3.5mm adapters are mostly proprietary which differs in quality (passive / active) from brand to brand. 3.5mm jack is simply a MUST for the price Galaxy A80 offers.

"Performing a test with an active adapter wouldn't make sense though, as each of those has a different DAC and any results we obtain won't be representative for the actual output of the phone."

Same explanation as above.