Sony Xperia 1 vs. Samsung Galaxy S10+

17 June 2019

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Quality never goes out of style...that's SONY

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    • 21 Oct 2023

    I am Sony boy from my childhood days. It tried and tried with many other brands...but experience with Sony is marvelous... Sony phone is like its something connected with your mind and body. Once you with Sony, You never compromise with quality and user friendly settings. Good luck Sony. You are outstanding man, SONY.

      MadeFromMetal, 04 Jan 2022Both have great processing power. I believe the S10+ has sl... moreyeah

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        • 04 Jan 2022

        Just meet , 10 May 2020which phone has a better and more stable signal between the... moreBoth have great processing power. I believe the S10+ has slightly better processing but the difference in CPU isn't anything to ride home about. But the S10+ clearly has more RAM so for multiple apps and productivity I'd say go with Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Samsung pledges to support it an additional 3-4 years from release date.

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          • 25 Feb 2021


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            • 10 May 2020

            which phone has a better and more stable signal between the 2 phones?
            which display shows the video content more clearly?
            as performance in applications are there large processing differences between the 2 phones?
            I'm not interested in the cameras of the 2 phones (if I want a photo I buy something dedicated to it: d, I'm not passionate about selfies and photos I don't abuse such content). Sorry for my english! Thanks!

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              • 27 Mar 2020

              Nick Tagataka, 18 Jun 2019That's false, S10 can also record video in Samsung's own HD... moreJust about every TV with HDR10 supports HLG even my cheapest Phillips crap. Do not assume things just because you do not know what it is. =)

                Livid, 19 Jun 2019S10 has HDR+. This is better than Sony and is becoming the ... morethere is nothing with hdr10+ , dolby vision will rule. and that's something samsung has refused to support, market is now filled with everything dolby vision to have that though you need a lg flagship phone.

                  Anonymous, 01 Jul 2019So it wold look just like bezel?Yes, hide the notch/hole it become a "bezel", but they have "choices" to choose "bezel" or notch, they are proud with that implement, very funny lol

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                    • 01 Jul 2019

                    Anonymous, 30 Jun 2019Disable the notch, problem solvedSo it wold look just like bezel?

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                      • 30 Jun 2019

                      Corporal Clegg, 24 Jun 2019I prefer to watch in the movies. When that's not possible, ... moreDisable the notch, problem solved

                        Anonymous, 23 Jun 2019Well, you enjoy watching your movie on a 6" screen, sitting... moreI don't see you bring a 65" 4K TV in the public or in an automobile. I can see many people bring the notch eyedrop waterdrop punch hole phone watching youtube video drama movie, they hide the "view blocker" as a bezel to reduce some display ratio. I also see many people use split screen (multiple windows) on PC, on phone are very seldom because they not enough space for display two app when less display area, that's why 21:9 display ratio has it merit on show more contains especially when watching youtube and scroll down the comment same time. Word editing on a smartphone (all brand) has very limited area so the taller display can have more paragraph and content.
                        Xperia 1 has 21:9 display ratio it is the standard and perfect ratio for movie immerse without harassing notch or hole, split screen run 2 apps more efficency, extra paragraph for word editing and reading, wider view field for gaming, display more content in one page to reduce swipe and scrolling, cinematic photography and videography, more view field on both window viewer when video chatting especially in landscape posture the phone.

                          everett2000, 20 Jun 2019Absolutely not from emotion, bar my personal indignation th... more"I know what it looks like when it doesn't. It didn't"
                          Or, S10's HDR was strong that it recovered almost all highlights which would've been otherwise blown out on other phones? It is also known that past Sony phones straight up fail to recognise the backlight scenes in some situations and leave highlights completely overexposed. I've seen a few cases on Xperia XZ, XZ2 Premium etc, but I'm quite sure Xperia 1 deals with scenes with dynamic lightings better than those. With that said, I still don't understand why Sony is even keeping HDR as one of its scene recognition options instead of a separate mode that works alongside the scene recognition feature. My P30, for instance, instantly recognises a scene that needs HDR as I fire up the camera app.

                          As for your photos, I would loved them if I didn't have a laptop and only used phones to examine those photos, and they indeed look excellent for SNS sharing. First of all I like the composition of your photos. Colors look natural which I think is definitely the strongest point of all Sony's phone cameras, and I would say the exposure is very even under good lighting conditions. However, sorry if I sound a bit rude, I honestly hate how literally everything is oversharpened from flower macro to landscape shots. In the cat photo, for example, I can't recognise any detail on the cat's fur.. I'm not even sure if the camera managed to get the focus or not because edge enhancement is way too strong. Low light shots are great but could be better in terms of highlight retention and lens flare.

                          Now, probably I need to show you the real life case of how oversharpening really affects fine details. I found those photos on the internet(so I don't own them) and they all should have exif inside the file, so go take a look at them yourself.

                          Xperia 1:
                          Galaxy S10+:
                          P30 Pro:
                          Pixel 3:
                          RX100 V:

                          Both Sony and Samsung are applying disgusting amount of sharpening which eliminates all the fine textures captured by both Pixel 3 and P30 Pro, though S10+ does considerably better job at resolving buildings in the distance.

                            everett2000, 20 Jun 2019 "A few sharpening artifacts? I would say it's tons, even c... more"Sony does sharpen and it brings in edge artifacts but it's less than early software P20 Pro shots"
                            Early firmware P20 Pro actually sharpens up things LESS than Xperia 1, though. The latter obviously has more sharpening halo around "+"s and in the low light studio scene shows more sharpening noise around subjects especially towards corners.

                            "clean and plastic vs. rough and textured"
                            My point is you don't have to amp up sharpening slider to the max in order to get "textured image". Too much sharpening destroys fine textures and emphasises luminance noise, so it's not desired if you're looking for natural detail rendition.

                            Finally, even if those scenes were chosen deliberately in order to give a bad impression to Xperia, it wouldn't affect the fact that S10 managed to a lot better in scenes with extremely complex scenario. Don't forget the cake shot where Xperia 1 crushed the deepest of the shadows in the cake and turned it into pure black.. and as you probably know already our eyes don't capture pure black in such lighting condition.

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                              • 24 Jun 2019

                              It appears that Sony Xperia1 is using 3 Samsung isocell camera sensors.
                              Its not 100% sure yet. Any info would be appreciated.


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                                • 24 Jun 2019

                                Anonymous, 23 Jun 2019Your arguments are totally Invalid and Wrong. "Livid" has ... moreDon't forget reviewers on Gsmarena are also human, so there is a possibility of bias. Professional or not, humans are subjective to preferences.

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                                  • 24 Jun 2019

                                  Sony X1 is flagship of the year 2019!

                                    Anonymous, 23 Jun 2019Well, you enjoy watching your movie on a 6" screen, sitting... moreI prefer to watch in the movies. When that's not possible, I prefer to watch on the big screen at home. When that's not possible, I prefer to watch on my laptop. When that's not possible, I prefer to watch on my tablet. When that's not possible, I prefer to watch on a smartphone without a screen scarred by some notch or hole.
                                    Did you see I can also beat around the bush like you, but in the end I don't try to create a diversion to the fact that a smartphone cinematic experience is better on a whole screen rather than on a screen missing some part.

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                                      • 23 Jun 2019

                                      [deleted post]Your arguments are totally Invalid and Wrong. "Livid" has never said everybody is wrong, and has never given his personal opinion. He has only referred to gsmarena results here in this comparasion forum. His evidence is here, the gsmarena content and results.

                                      You however, are just arguing because you personally don't like the results. Gsmarena is the Worlds most respected phone site. Your links are unrespected and unproven.

                                      Gsmarena has clearly said...Video Winner: Galaxy S10+ for most everything, Xperia 1 for low light. Gsmarena has clearly said... Portraits, Selfies winner: Winner: Galaxy S10+. Gsmarena has clearly said... Camera Quality, stills, daylight, low light Winner: Tie.

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                                        • 23 Jun 2019

                                        Livid, 23 Jun 2019Hmm, lets far I've corrected you about HDR+ displa... moreYa, why don't you do that..... in the process... also see this...

                                        At least I am not arguing with you for just arguing's sake..... at least I am providing evidence and you are just blabbering without any context or result....