Black Shark 2 review

09 July 2019

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Does gpu boost (*#*#666#*#*) improve gaming performance overall? Or is it only for bhenchmarking? Because i am getting frame drops with turning on gpu boost i dont know why tho. Please reply :(

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Karyah, 21 May 2020Which is best Phone for gaming ROG or Shark ? Tanx for the answerOf course ROG

  • Karyah

Which is best Phone for gaming ROG or Shark ? Tanx for the answer

DroidBoye, 12 Jul 2019Mobile phones were thermally constricted. If you only game ... moreYour comments is old but just wanna say that u have a great knowledge and what u r saying is absolutely true

Drideanu, 24 Feb 2020This phone has a 60Hz screen rate. The sensitivity is at 240Hz.Kindly take your time reading the one that I'm replying to before replying on the thread that has already been established.

  • Drideanu

DroidBoye, 12 Jul 2019Mobile phones were thermally constricted. If you only game ... moreThis phone has a 60Hz screen rate. The sensitivity is at 240Hz.

Zion45, 24 Jul 2019Anyone know the game on that phone screenReal Racing?

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Gaming phone without 3.5 jack - SD? And battery is very small for Gaming phone.
Asus ROG is coming...

Anyone know the game on that phone screen

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no trashy MUI ??? maybe I will give Xiaomi another try , hopefully they are made better than they used to be.

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Abie Cruz, 16 Jul 2019I have the 12/256 global... and its been a month since I ha... moreI have china ROM, loaded play store services myself but had issues, sorted it out over 2 days now it's working perfectly BUT, i don't know if it's a bug or a result of the china ROM but NO DOWNLOADED app will give notifications unless it's still in your recent apps list (eg whatsapp), i.e. apps only run in the background if they are indeed in the background.

Pros for china rom, i'm on the 6th version of the software (5 released updates), battery life is astounding (this coming from someone whose last phone was the redmi note 4 aka endurance champ), no bugs other than dark text with a dark theme rendering the text almost illegible. Absolutely no heating issues.

Try factory reset on your phone, or checking the battery manager for misbehaving apps.

I have the 12/256 global... and its been a month since I had the device. ive read many reviews that its better to have the China ROM, yet i persued getting the Global. Ive had about 2-3 update, and still the Phone is still plain and a lot of bugs arent being taken cared for by the Dev.

1. Using split screen is not easy to look for, if you dont have the patience to look. you wouldnt know that there is split screen in this phone
2. Knowing that there is split screen on this phone, it is useless as the 2 screens are not working simultaneously.
3. The full screen mode is unavailable, so you have to settle with the Pill.
4. It heats up like hell on data. LIKE HELL in the palm of your hand
5. A LOT of camera bugs on different and multiple applications
6. THERES A LOT of bugs but these 5 are most of what I need, that is working perfectly on China ROM.

Now Im starting to look for a China ROM user to swap my Global.

  • kio

Next will be called "mean black shark III "with blinking mean diod

Shanti Dope, 14 Jul 2019Battery degradation can be fixed by a simple swap of batter... moreI used to have an XDA II phone.
It had a bedside dock/desktop dock that would slowly charge your phone, and an extra battery. The idea is that, when you needed more battery life, instead of Wireless Charging it, or Fast Charging it, you simply swapped out the batteries. And at home, you always had an extra battery that was topped up and ready to go.

It's usually the intelligent consumers that want Removable Batteries, and construction that is strong for handling everyday stresses. But these consumers are not very profitable. It's much more profitable in making the batteries sealed, increasing the voltage and heat abuse towards the battery, making replacements more expensive, voiding warranties for third-party batteries, and putting it all-together in a Glass Sandwich (slippery, smudge magnet, fragile).

Eventually, it's the "common idiot" and profit-margins that win in the market, not us enthusiasts or developers.

s-pen pusher, 13 Jul 2019stop complaining about not being able to charge the device ... moreBattery degradation can be fixed by a simple swap of battery inside, but then comes these stup** OEMs making the battery non-removable and non-replaceable for absolutely ridiculous reasons.
Better water resistance? Man, the S5 was water resistant while having a removable battery! And while it wasn't the best example for it, I'm pretty sure there are far better designs to allow ingress protection without locking up the battery.
Using the phone while charging doesn't do any harm to the battery, unless you're charging in a magma chamber environment and heat the phone up. Wirelessly charging the phone's battery even does more harm than when it's being used while it charges conventionally.
Your reasons are simply flawed and completely illogical.

  • s-pen pusher

stop complaining about not being able to charge the device and plug in a wired headset at the same time with these phones that have no headphone jack. you run the risk of lowering your battery's lifespan if you game on the device while it is charging.

NoM, 12 Jul 2019Gaming smartphone with 60fps refresh rate? Are you serious ... moreMobile phones were thermally constricted. If you only game for at-most 5mins then 90fps on 90Hz display that's fine but on longer gaming sessions, 15 to 30mins, the passive cooling (assuming ambient temp of human palm 37 degrees C) will get saturated and would not be able to achieve that consistently. I think only an actively-cooled phone can sustain 90fps on a 90Hz screen consistently while gaming (assuming that the game supports that frame rate) for more than 5 mins.

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Yeah, with so small distance between the screen and the phone's edge...
Very "good" idea, accidentaly touches.. :/
Gaming phones should have big areas outside of the screen, like in older smartphones.
The grip / handling would be better.

  • hcrvelin

This month ROG is coming and so is MI 9T Pro expected as well (I believe India, but I hope this translates to Europe as well). Right now, phones in this segment all have something that seems to be a bit better then other one has so I guess we are still not there. 9T Pro I expect to be the same as K20 Pro so perhaps that one is better choice for those less gaming oriented while others might wait for new ROG and what it brings on table (though BS2 looks really nice and I don't mind frequency thingy - at least not for games I play, but most likely BS3 will have that addressed as well along with whatever new comes then like once again new CPU, more battery, changes to cooling). I'm more casual player, but in my case cooling plays important role as during the summer it is so hot outside then playing for couple of hours might just be impossible in some cases (not to mention phone responsiveness) so I look forward always to cooling and battery life.

  • NoM

Gaming smartphone with 60fps refresh rate? Are you serious Xiaomi? Good luck selling that sh.. !!! Yes you do not need 60fps to play game but you must have at list 90fps when you call phone gaming. Oneplas 7 pro is more gaming than this, how will buy this phone when redmagic is on market.