OnePlus 7 review

09 July 2019

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  • hhj

Chanel, 27 Nov 2019Can I transfer my SIM card from my iPhone 7 to this phone?yes you can

Does it actually reach 642 nits ?? I turned auto mode but it doesnt reach that high limits i think. Is there any solution??

  • Ketki

My phone getting hang so many times. .i brought my new phone it get 3months only ...

  • Chanel

Can I transfer my SIM card from my iPhone 7 to this phone?

  • Lolololo

JavaJunkie, 30 Sep 2019I see mention of everything, except actual call quality. Can any... moreIts great

I see mention of everything, except actual call quality. Can anyone tell me how that is?

  • Hasnain

Can I use OnePlus 7 in Saudi Arabia? Does it work?

  • Greg

Doesn't this phone have a connection to connect the head phones?

  • Azu

mxdmg, 01 Sep 2019phone is absolutely rubbish. after two moths of owning I would n... moreMy one plus 7 not any issue ,this very responsible many other phones....this is fast absolutely fast.....other mobiles before I used..

  • Eddie

Nicolas F, 11 Aug 2019You can easily disable ads in MIUI's apps, as I did. So what are... moreIts actually the optimization its better than even samsung Ui

  • Abhishek Gohel

Is it worth to buy one plus 7 or should wait for 7t.

  • mxdmg

phone is absolutely rubbish. after two moths of owning I would not recommend it to anyone. since day1 it had issues, i have found at least 7 issues with it like: fingerprint scanner not working 70% of a time or scanning fingers 3-4 times to unlock... compass not showing exact direction and de-calibrating all the time, ghost touches on screen, useless in open sun as you cannot see anything, auto-rotate is not working in 50% of apps, no full screen on pics in apps like FB as it is cutting top edge of 5mm and side for buttons, issue with alarm ( if you set two, one at 5:00AM and another one at 5:30AM ) one will not ring, etc speaker is so loud that everyone can hear the phone conversation...
after two visits in service, they manage to scratch my phone and fix ZERO issues, I had to fight for replacement and still not fully satisfied from replacement but they refuse to send me a refund

Wanted 1+7,but found a great deal on Mate 20 Pro,for the same price!Took 1+7 against Mate and I'd take OxygenOS over EMUI,way every other aspect Huawei is much better,better display,WAY better cameras,better battery life.. except that ugly notch..but it comes in gorgeous emerald green colour..

does it show more brightness in auto mode than in manual mode?? my device is hard to see under direct sunlight. but as per the review by gsmarena oneplus 7 supports more brightness in auto mode. how can i get that? by rooting he device??

  • Seera

Anonymous, 20 Aug 2019100% is a great bargain. The cons listed are only rectified ... moreHi Jay! Are you using your OP 7 in the United States? I live in the US but due to this variant not being sold here, I can't find much information on this phone. I'm not sure which version of the 7 will work on the US.

  • sagar

I found speaker above the front camera is bit weird. This 2 inch lengthy speaker is loud n clear by right side only.
Can't property hear towards left side of the speaker.
Is it a manufacturer defect?
Please check & reply

  • Anonymous

Lapidus, 16 Jul 2019I bought it for usd 453, 8gb and 256 gb, i think it's a good bargain100% is a great bargain.

The cons listed are only rectified at the top end of Smartphones and OP released 7 pro which deals with most of the cons. It makes no sense. Its a con for the phone but not the company because they make another product that currently fills this void. If you want those features than buy that phone don't moan about this great one. Its even better with Gcam.

When I think realistically how much I need wide angle lens...its nice but not a need. Its a want and its still a really good camera. 90hz screen with curves? Nice but not a need. I need sunlight visibility not a 90hz screen where only in scrolling you see the difference and in the menus. Nice feature but not game changing like people make it out to be.

I need great battery life and this is better than the OP7 pro. 102 hours is good for me. Obviously the bigger the better but it is what it is. Don't hate, appreciate. Warp charge 30w would have been nice and I do feel annoyed its not there for Dash charging 20w in this model but its okay. Still one of the fastest standard out there until 1 year ago.

People complain too much and expect too much. Cheap fools.

No Card slot, no thanks - When do phone-makers realize that progress is not equal to looping good usable features

  • Rosa

Can it uses google play?

  • Anonymous

Kristof, 08 Aug 2019With oneplus you'll get beter software(its still android 9 but o... moreEven then in day to day usage you aren't going to notice the difference with UFS 3.0. It's only really applicable to when you're transferring large files or in benchmarks. Most people probably couldn't differentiate between UFS 3.0, 2.0 or even eMMC just by using a phone.